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Just now, jaedmc said:

Did they just say Graham Gano was the first kicker to hit 3 50+ yard FGs in a single game in the Super Bowl Era? That's something.

That's at least one hell of a fantasy day

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1 minute ago, Brian Fowler said:

It was horrific.

And after he couldn't come to terms on an extension and was playing on the franchise tag. Fucking hell. He might've just lost ~$200 million.

Basically what I thought. Might be stuck on another 1 year deal next year if he is even able to go

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21 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

It is kinda the best of both worlds.

Look like a competent football team for a decent chunk of the game all while still maintaining draft position

I know it was the Cowboys D, but Devonta looked like he still may have some gas in the tank.

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19 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

Or they will announce it tonight

GM is out also

Feels two years late, honestly.

Of course, I was kinda hoping the Lions would use this week to do similar.

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