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  1. 1B/DH going forward. And probably heavier on the DH until he decides to get his flabby ass into shape. Shaw's frustration is that he can see the condo he bought during spring training a block away and he can't go there. Is what it is
  2. So called world class fighters don't usually get drubbed out of the ring like he was. You live in some bizarre world where suddenly Wilder is going to suddenly develop even marginal boxing skills all of a sudden in his mid 30's. He put Fury down but he got up. Again don't know why you figure well next time Tyson won't get up. George Foreman knocked everyone out until he ran into someone he couldn't and then he was a guy that threw undisciplined haymakers that got stopped and though he won a couple more fights before he retired he wasn't the same. Fury knows what to do to negate Wilder's 1 skill and when it comes to the psychological aspects of this Fury is in that driver seat as well. When you know you can kick someones ass a good chunk of the fight is won already.. Wilder isn't going to become Ali in a few months when he has a Rocky 3 moment with Apollo Creed. He is going to be a guy that tries something for a round or two that will look awkward and won't look good then start chucking. Fury will just get inside his power again, push him around lean on him and enforce all of his size advantages on him. 50 pounds is a lot of weight to give up to someone. Wilder flat out doesn't have the frame to handle an inside fight and lacks the skill to do anything on the outside. I have undersold Fury for his whole career. He knows what to do in the ring and fully knows what he does best and how to use his advantages. He was the one that brought something new to the table for the second fight. So unless Deontay pulls a Foreman and comes back and comes back balder and huskier but more disciplined in 10 years he won't change and that Wilder loses 10 out of 10 times to Fury. Well maybe 9 times with a gift draw thrown in there
  3. Against a better fighter he got his ass kicked last time out and looked out of his league. You don't want to hang your hat on winning rounds thing fine. Problem is you need to win rounds to win fights because eventually you run into someone that negates your power.
  4. Don't count on it. The blueprint was drawn on what to do to beat Wilder. Not many can actually execute it but a larger, stronger better boxer like Fury should eat his lunch no problem again since Wilder lacks the ability to adapt and change his style. Is Wilder 40+ fights into his career going to be able to suddenly out fight a guy that has arguably bested him in 17 of the 19 rounds they have fought. I guess if Tyson walks into a haymaker but then you have that playing on Wilder's psyche. Fury is the one guy that has ate his power and got up twice and not succumbed
  5. LT only wanted out of the deal when he found out the Giants deal was worth twice as much. Someone in the NFLPA sent LT to Trump and told him to go without representation. LTs agent at the time wrote a great book years ago. Trump got $750,000 out of the Giants. He probably was holding out for a percentage of the team
  6. Was this around the same time he signed Lawrence Taylor away from the Giants then sold him back?
  7. Yeah that's the story I have heard in interviews. Shultz was pissed he was moving down the card and was moved out in favour of Orndorff so he decided to try and start something with Mr T to kick start it. Supposedly he kept yelling come on D vs T. Being Shultz probably called him boy a bunch of times too. Probably pissed Mr. T off. You can't undersell what Mr. T brought to that promotion. The Cyndi Lauper connection got them on MTV then in the WrestleMania build up it got Hogan and Mr T on Saturday Night Live as the guest hosts for an episode. Shultz was a little too wild for his own good. No way Crockett would use him once they were on TBS. Ted Turner would have popped a brain vessel if Shultz did a promo saying Dusty Rhodes has AIDS
  8. You assume they have done 180's as opposed to saying what they are told too buy whoever is cutting the paycheque and keeping personal opinions out of it.
  9. The villa in France Belzer bought with Hogan's money is a bit more than a slap on the wrist. Plus Belzer literally asked to be put in a hold. Stossel was just a smart ass that was asking to get slapped but didn't actually verbalize it. Don't know how it is hypocrisy. The top guy on the card versus a guy moving down the card aren't treated the same? Quelle surprise. It's like complaining the Quarterback and the backup Left Guard aren't treated the same. Like being surprised that Ric Flair and Denny Brown wouldn't be treated the same
  10. Story is only 24 years old. Should have held off until next year and done a 25th anniversary post
  11. Well I'm shocked but it's the smart move for Tampa
  12. That poor man when he is 40 with two bad knees and messed up back.
  13. Different than any job in what way? I now report to a guy with 5 years less senority, not a better work or attendance record than me, less education than me but he is a smoker like the top manager and they hung out everyday on the smoking deck. When the requirement came up for someone to oversee our shift came up who was asked? I'm not saying this will kill anyones push. I am explaining a potential mindset a segment of the talent may have right now. A bit of I am doing this now to help you so don't forget who bailed you out when times are better. Besides no one likes sitting around the house. The talent wants to do what they do because it is what drives them.
  14. Wrestlers are people. People need to make income. People generally can be wasteful with money and run short and don't have something to cover their asses if a disruption happens no matter what they make. I have not missed a day of work since this started since we are considered an essential service and were told we could take an unpaid leave of absence or a furlough and try to apply for EI or the CERB the government is offering. 1 person took it because they have child care to worry about. The rest of us are washing our hands like mental patients, have people taking tempratures doing what we can to be safe and working because we want income. Wrestlers are no different. Highly unlikely anyone is being forced to work now. Thing is most are probably scared too because they fear a lack of push after or being a victim of out of sight out of mind
  15. It's Vince's way of putting the belt on Tom Brady
  16. Given the level of meatheadedness in wrestling I am sure if they unionized they would be less effective than the NFLPA
  17. It was on Canadian Netflix awhile back if it was the same one. And I can't see multiple Iron Shiek docs being made
  18. Don't think Black Saturday. They seem to look for stories where crimes happened. Breaking the hearts of Southern rasslin' fans isn't a crime on the books yet
  19. Probably could be a good story made from this as the whole ordeal drove his mother to bankruptcy
  20. Pretty sure a lot of the names released yesterday were going to get the post WrestleMania future endeavours treatment anyway. Honestly once the fuck Vince crowd calms down there is really only a couple of head scratchers on the release list
  21. Should have kept as that but they never have patience if something doesn't pop the quarter hour right away. Lio is a guy I could see in AEW since he doesn't have the long time WWE employee stink on him. AEW doesn't need and shouldn't sign too many more talents or else you will just have a glut. If Ryder is really Cody's bud I could see him. Maybe Spud because of the video as a feel good. Everyone else mehhhh. EC3 maybe since by physique alone he would stand out. I just have never been a fan
  22. People would have patience with Lio if he wasn't the size of me when I was in the 3rd grade. In an era with a lot less hosses he looks fucking tiny and you really got to match him carefully.. As loathe as anyone here is to agree with him I actually agree with Cornettes assessment about him. Make him the smart ass mouthpiece for a meathead that can be his protection. And have him work in tag team matches so he can do the work and make the rest look good
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