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20 minutes ago, mattdangerously said:

I am hereby banning Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan from coming over to my apartment. Nick Hogan, too. Brooke can still come over anytime she wants. Holla.

This is like if you typed up a Steiner promo, the entire thing was flagged for advanced spellcheck, and you corrected it.

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10 hours ago, NikoBaltimore said:

Oh, so THAT'S why Rippa mentioned it earlier. Not like there was a chance of them showing anyway but that is still a humorous reaction. 

I said that about a decade ago when this company TNA was kinda gaining steam on cable. I said it 8 years before that when WCW died and the WWF was the only game in town.

One thing I've figured out about Hulk Hogan is that if you say there isn't a chance of him showing up, it's like practically summoning him. The second you hit 'submit reply' a phone somewhere in Jacksonville started ringing, brother. 

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