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Just saw it and it is one of the better Marvel movies I've seen. It's hard to believe that so much of the previous movies actually built nto and lead to this movie. Of course, I'm surprised that Vision or Quicksilver aren't back (since I think one of the Stones put into Vision unless it went into the Tesseract or maybe the Cosmic Cube).

The ending with Captain America was a bit of a "FU" to the audience and very out of character for Cap. To me, he would have accepted not going to back to Peggy Carter and maybe just said a final goodbye to her. I think him 'taking the long way around' to get back to the Prime Earth would have been a better ending -- it would have written out of the future movies but left the door open for him to return. Maybe Sam finds the shield by the bench and a note from Cap saying he'll be back before Sam knows it.

But the ending with Iron Man was perfect and a great conclusion. He got everything he wanted (a life away from being Iron Man) and still made the selfless sacrifice others weren't sure he could make.

Not sure what they could do with Black Widow -- her ending given everything Marvel threw at her (making her sterile due to the Red Room, having a relationship with Bruce, etc) was a disappointment and I really wanted her to fight in the final battle somehow. Heck, I even wanted Red Skull, Mandarin, Ronan the Accuser and Loki to show up and fight Thanos too.

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Saw it a third time now. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite movie ever. If nothing else, this is easily my favorite franchise ever.

And our movie going experience this time was the best yet. We saw it yesterday and theaters were still selling out. This time though, instead of going to the expensive theater with the motorized loungers, we went to the cheaper theater the next town over. It was awesome. This time theater was full of kids and these kids were so fucking into it. Directly behind my wife and me were this little boy and his two sisters and they knew all of the characters by name, they'd excitedly tell each other stuff like, "it's Ebony Maw!" or "it's Captain Marvel!" when Carol did her run in at the end or "Shuri! It's Shuri!" Hearing those kids completely geek out for every character warmed my heart. And our theater went nuts for everything. Cap wielding Mjollnir and "AVENGERS...assemble" still got the wildest reactions, but everyone was into everything. This time though, there was so much more sobbing when Tony died. The girl to my wife's left who was probably in her 20s sounded like she was in the verge of breaking down. Like, she nearly had a really loud cry.

This is just the best shit ever and I may see it one more time by myself.

The only bummer was that my wife and I really wanted to go see Long Shot, but we were completely wanting to see Endgame together again so badly that we forgot about Long Shot until we got to the theater. Oh well, it was all worth it in the end.

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1. Captain America:  The Winter Soldier 

2. Avengers: Infinity War 

3. Black Panther 

4. Iron Man 

5. Avengers: End Game 

6. Guardians of the Galaxy 

7. Captain America: Civil War

8. Marvel's The Avengers

9. Spider-Man Homecoming

10. Ant-Man 

11. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 

12. Thor: Ragnarok

13. Ant-Man and the Wasp

14. Captain America: The First Avenger

15. Thor 

16. Doctor Strange 

17. The Incredible Hulk 

18. Captain Marvel 

19. Iron Man 2 

20. Thor: The Dark World 

21. Iron Man 3 

22. Avengers: Age of Ultron


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Hmm. So this feels like Sony might be trying to have its Spider-Verse cake and eat it too. 

Also, the trailer gives up a hell of a lot. There's a MJ moment in there that is a funny soundbyte but that would have played better in the theater.

You can definitely see how it might close out Phase III though.

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In particular, I love how it's setting up Spidey as the heir to Tony Stark's throne.

Still not sure I trust the bit about Mysterio being from a different dimension. I'm guessing he somehow fooled or duped Nick Fury. I just can't believe that Mysterio is a good guy in this.

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2 hours ago, Matt D said:


Stop.  Taking. Off. Your. FUCKING. MASK.  

Otherwise, yeah, they're giving up a lot of the story, but I think they're doing the trick where they're showing stuff out of order so Mysterio's heel turn is more "shocking" or whatever.   Eh.

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The trailer is great thought it definitely reveals too much, especially that MJ scene. Does seem to potentially open the way though for the X-men and F4 depending on how they handle things by the end of that one.

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I'm not buying into Mysterio coming to that dimension from another one. I mean, it's Mysterio. Clearly he's full of shit. 

While the trailer did show a lot, Marvel Studios is usually pretty good with not giving everything away so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Other things I noticed or things that might be notable: Looks like we're up to Spider-Man wearing 4 different costumes (Iron Spider, Red and Black, Stealth/Black, Classic), Flash gets cup checked, and Maria Hill is back.

We still have no clear understanding if those are real Elementals or if it's some kind of trickery by Mysterio, no Vulture sighting (I'm guessing he pops up at some point), we don't know what the actual mission is  that Peter is being sent on, etc.

And I'm on the fence about the mask stuff. This is about the most un-masked Spider-Man has been. I tend to agree with Dolfan that he's removing the mask too much, but maybe this is just a Marvel Studios thing where his secret identity just isn't that important. I mean, it should be. He especially shouldn't be unmasking himself to Mysterio and Peter should have a basic understanding that people knowing your identity means your friends and Aunt May are put in harms way. Or maybe it's just that in 2023 having a secret identity is damn near impossible when smartphone cameras, security cameras, and dashboard cameras are everywhere. It might be weird to let this annoy me, but I was slightly bothered when Peter jumped out of the bus in Infinity War and just started slinging webs when there's a line of traffic behind the bus that would clearly see that that kid is Spider-Man.

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12 minutes ago, Craig H said:

I'm not buying into Mysterio coming to that dimension from another one. I mean, it's Mysterio. Clearly he's full of shit. 

I just read that in the comics Mysterio had technology that he used in regular Marvel to control a robotic avatar in Ultimate Marvel. 

I know that sounds silly. But it all sounds silly written out like that. 

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9 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

Do we know whether this Mysterio is a Hollywood stuntman/FX man or not? 

One of the things we'll have to wait for the movie to come out to see.

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Re: Suits, I'm less bothered by Peter without his mask than I am by the Iron-Spider being in this thing. I'm over generic CGI wipes and "nanotech" masking and unmasking. Give me a hero putting on and pulling off his cowl the old fashioned way. Or if it is going to be CGI, at least give me some moving plates or something. 

Remember when Black Panther had a helmet? 


What happened to your helmet budget, Marvel?! 

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On 4/28/2019 at 8:51 AM, nate said:

At the Stark funeral - and this was my only complaint - it was painfully obvious that Cumberbatch was inserted via CGI that it kinda took me out of the moment.  Once I saw him and noticed he wasn't moving and seemed to be standing at an odd angle, I watched his face.  He never blinked during his entire camera pan time.

Turns out Cumberbatch was there. He must just be an unusually still person when he sets his mind to it.



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6 hours ago, Eivion said:

Does seem to potentially open the way though for the X-men and F4 depending on how they handle things by the end of that one.

Or Miles Morales, considering it's because of Mysterio that 616 Peter and Miles first met before everything was merged together.

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1. Winter Soldier

2. GotG 2

3. Infinity War

4. Captain America TFA

5. Iron Man

6. Civil War

7. GotG

8. Endgame

9. Age of Ultron

10. Spider-Man

11. Black Panther

12. Avengers

13. Ant-Man & the Wasp

14. Doctor Strange

15. Hulk

16. Thor Ragnarok

17. Captain Marvel

18. Iron Man 2

19. Thor

20. Ant-Man

21. Thor 2

22. Iron Man 3


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14 hours ago, Bustronaut said:

I wanna say that Mysterio is doing dupes of Fury and Hill, and that it'll all come undone when Peter listens to the Voice Mail that Fury left.

Oooh, that's good. That may be too good...

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