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I don't know how I'm alive. At noon on the fifth day, a Lockheed Ventura swung in low and he spotted the main event. You know that's the time I was most frightened. Waiting for the Becky Lynch. Anyway...we delivered the bumb. I'll tell you one thing. I'll never put on a Mania during the pre-show again.


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Guest Edwin
2 minutes ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

You can't always get what you want, but we did get what we wanted today!



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When it looked like Sarah Logan had won I was happy as she deserves it, but then Carmella had to drag things down. At least winning either the men's or women's BRs hasn't lead to much for anyone over the years.

The men's BR was about what I expected. That elimination spot with Harper and Ali was brutal.

Raw tag titles match was a solid outing. As much as I like The Revival, I'm not mad at them dropping the titles here.

CW title match was good but brief. I think Murphy and Neese have a better match than that in them but after some of the overly long and forced epic matches at Takeover it was what it needed to be. Hopefully Murphy gets called up soon.

I was expecting to see Brock wrestle the same old match he always mails in, then they did an abbreviated version of Brock/Bryan only with Seth coming out on top. If there's any justice in the world, we won't see Brock again until he gets an HOF induction.

From a technical and storyline standpoint Orton/Styles was perfectly fine. Too bad I'd need an electron microscope to find a fuck to give about Randy Orton.

If you're going to do a multi-team clusterfuck match then the SD tag title match showed the right way to do it. There were tons of crazy stuff going on with everyone getting something in without it being overly contrived. 

Miz is a lousy face but I can drum up some sympathy for anyone who has to try and make Shane look decent in the ring. We all know it's going to end with Shane falling off something, just do that and get it over with.

The women's tag match was pretty sloppy. The Iconics getting the cheap victory was pretty expected and if the champs were going to drop the belts, even though Bret coming out with Nattie and Beth made it seem like a sure thing they would win. If Bayley and Sasha had to drop the belts, better to them than one of the other teams.

I had no emotional investment in the world title match. Kofi is a decent wrestler who fell into an incredibly hot angle and push but I've never felt that him getting a title run would have legs. That said this was easily the match of the night. Everyone played their role perfectly and laid out the match just right.

Rey/Joe was what it needed to be. As much as I'd like to see them have a long match, a quick squash the best thing to do here.

It was pretty clear Roman was going to win his big comeback match against Drew. They had a hard hitting outing and while I liked the match I wish Drew could have gone over.

Elias deserves better than this. 

At this point the show had been coming along at a reasonable pace and I thought they might have learned their lesson in pacing Mania the right way. It even seemed like the recap packages had been significantly pared down. Of course then HHH and Batista come out to hog almost half an hour. They were both gassed right out of the gate and put on the standard WWE garbage match in front of an indifferent crowd.

Kurt is way past needing to hang it up, but he should have had a better sendoff than being stuck with Corbin in a heatless match.

Neither Finn nor Lashley are guys I have any interest in but the two of them put on a nice sprint of a match.

I was against the women's title match being a three way from the get-go and still think it would have been better had it just been Becky and Rhonda, but the three of them put on a fantastic match. There was a lot of quality limbwork, vicious fighting, and a good amount of shit talking among the three. Becky winning was a high point of the night. It's a shame the crowd was totally spent at this point. Michael Cole has to have full on laryngitis by now. Finish was a little weird, I don't know if that was a botch or they're leaving it open for a rematch.

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Everything up through Kofi/Bryan was really fun except for the women's fatal four-way which is pretty bleh. I almost tweeted about how it's "another show where the card looks terrible that turns out to be great." But I didn't want to jinx it.

But some other motherfucker must have tweeted that because O Lordy grace save us all everything from that point on until the main was...excruuuuuuutiating.

 Hell the reason fashion watch is so long is because that goddamn HHH/Batista match went on for like an hour and I had nothing better to do with my attention but look up Dave and Busters prizes. And then, just as I started to snap out of it...I heard Corbin's theme. And then a half hour later after my wife injected me with in the heart with a syringe of Pez dust, I stumbled up...and heard Lashley's theme....

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Bloated epitomized this show. It's time to stop with the eight hour WrestleManias. Half of these matches could've been cut. 

And yeah that finish was clearly botched. Graves pointing out it was botched with Cole and Young trying to cover it up. Graves asking for an angle on Ronda's right shoulder and they didn't play it. 

The main event didn't need Charlotte at all. She added little to the match except a bunch of sloppy ass spots. 

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Anybody feel like they gave away the result of Kofi/Bryan when before the match we caught glimpse of what was obviously the other belt under the crushed velvet sheet?

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