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Anyone know what this is from?  That looks like Steve Bradley


It's a dark match from 2001 (white "WCW" ref shirt gives it away) that someone uploaded.

Someone tells the story on a shoot or podcast but basically every now and then the agents at gorilla position will give the referee instructions in his ear piece to do something ridiculous (cartwheel, dance, etc.) during the dark match to see how/if the guys in the ring react to it, or something like that. Whatever it was that the reason allegedly was sounded like a flimsy explanation for the agents just wanting to goof off during the match that nobody cares about.


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So I am not the only one going "Who...?"

That's not Pitbull.


I thought it was A Pitbull.  The one tattoo/scar by his temple made me think of the Halo spot between Shane & Gary Wolfe


Is Gary Wolfe still alive?


Yeah, he still does indy work. Did a run-in at one of the Extreme Rising shows.

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