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The feud that would not end in 1991.


I used to have a Warlord tribute page on Geocities back when I was in college in the late 90's. It was intended as a joke but I actually got a few legit emails from Warlord fans and got an email from a guy named Chasyn Rance that Warlord wrestled at a Florida Indie show. Sadly it's down now but I got the html and all that before Geocities shut down.

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Here's an email I got from a guy who said Warlord was his inspiration during his fight with cancer:


Subject: An inpiration during my battle with cancer
I was always a POP fan and admired the Warlords strength and wrestling ability.
I always felt that the Warlord was a quiet achiever. During my battle with
cancer in '91 at age 16 The Warlord gave me the inspiration to confront the
illness head on.
I met the Barbarian in June last year at Wrestleriot in Melbourne Australia and
I was shocked to learn that the Warlord had suffered his own personal set back,
relating to the car accident which unfortunately has ended his wrestling
 I was wish him all the best for the future and I personally  congrantulate him
on the arrival of his child 5 months ago.

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Was WCW trying to turn Jindrak into 1 of those shitty GI Joe Characters that never got screen time in the cartoon?

Really you can't see an episode where the Joe's challenge Cobra to a game of four on four, and Basket Case is highlighted? Or how about an episode where Basket Case is sent by the Joe's to help out at a Boys & Girls Club event, and we learn the origin of Basket Case(with guest stars Dr. J, and Harold Miner)?

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Of course but following his feature episode he's never ever seen or heard from again.



I quite frankly disagree. I could totally see him be the go to character for "Very Special" episodes. 


"Oh no, the inner city kids are hooked on a new drug called Clank. Looks like our heroes might need the help of the only Joe that can not only score with the urban youth, but also from downtown. That Joe is, Basket Case." 

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