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  1. Google Fiber will save us all from our new cable overlords.
  2. So Kurt Angle or Mick Foley - who is the last man standing* in ten years? *Stipulation Match: No Walkers or Canes Allowed
  3. Best Wrestling Observer Radio tidbit of the moment: RVD showed up at RAW to see if they wanted him for WrestleMania and went home before the show started. From how they described it, I can only assume that it went down like this...
  4. I kept trying to buy guns for a 15-Rank girl so we could do Survival and deal with the two idiots that kept randomly shooting at us, but I'd drop them - she'd pick them up, and then it wouldn't let her use them. That was a fun way to drop $20K on replacements for guns I already owned. Then we got separated, and couldn't get into the same room again, because we both kept getting bounced offline. Had the same thing happen a couple of days ago too. The new DLC was a disappointment. I got a couple of pairs of pants, but good lord is most of that stuff hideous. I'm ready for the 1950's Mad Men update, so I can get a Don Draper haircut and then maybe I can finally stop wearing hats to cover the ugly hairdos. WHERE'S MY GTA:GLITTERATI DLC?!?!?!?!?
  5. Seems like a waste of salary - how many people does Belichick really need to go get him coffee?
  6. I'm on PS3, but I haven't played online in a month or so. I was running into the same problem where I couldn't find any crew to play with and got tired of venturing into public rooms. Playing solo online just isn't that much fun. I'm only level 15 or so, but if you want to crew up this weekend I should have some time on my hands. My PSN is BurroOul I've made six friends in the past week or so just by driving up to random people that were all alone on the map and not shooting them. This tactic seems to work well with female characters, but I set my Wanted Level record with a guy who drove up to me and I just jumped into his car. We ended up with a 4-star Wanted Level in the desert, without hiding out, for over 5 minutes before we finally died. I was shooting tires out while he was crawling along with blown out wheels - in some crap car we stole. There is pretty much always someone on now that I can play with, no matter what time of day I get on.
  7. DeathMatches drive me nuts. My Kill/Death ratio is always close to 2.0, and my partners are usually in the the 0.50-0.75 range.
  8. Get out of my dreams! There's a trailer...well a teaser. Either the film was made and they couldn't find distrubution or it never got beyond some pre-production. And Hogan was the killer...BROTHER. Reported: Spoiler
  9. The Crossfit-looking gal I did missions with yesterday was on again yesterday, and I earned another $200K+ with her doing missions, survivals and randomly being gifted bounty or convenience store money by her. Her friend was also there for most of the evening, and that girl's favorite game appears to be "let's do a bunch of missions together and drive/fly around together, and then at random intervals I'll try to shoot/shank both of you." Then I found out that they were both from Australia, and the random acts of violence made more sense.
  10. You earned a 'Like' because I'm an idiot. I don't know why I confused you with Ax. Other than because work has slowly eroded my sanity away for today. Time to take a time-out.
  11. Not sure what level he is, but I'm a mid-50's rank. I've noticed that it seems like they're segregating the rooms more, with regards to rank. Mostly because every time I go into Ax's room it's filled with 100-level people and I get sniped every two minutes.
  12. Is there a DVDVR PS3 roll call? I usually see Ax and Havoc (though he's in a different crew), but I don't think I've ever come across anyone else online in 3-4 months of playing. I barely see Neil either and he started the crew. What - do all of you people have jobs and lives? The only other DVDVR member I ever saw was the Waiter, after I unsuccessfully tried to gift him stolen, err, borrowed money during the huge glitch in December. PS3 crew members are just a bunch of lone wolves.
  13. I made over $150K last night doing missions with a character that was dressed up as a Crossfit Girl. Some 12-year-old got mad after I blew up his car during a mission (shouldn't have parked it there) and then he flipped out - so she ran him over and killed him. To be fair though, his voice was hilariously shrill as he whined over the headset - so I can see why she did that. He went into Passive in Free Mode, otherwise we would have killed him until he quit. Tormenting annoying kids on GTA is what brings people together.
  14. The podcast host? Why is that a big deal?
  15. I saw this thread and figured something big was happening. So I started fast-forwarding. I stopped briefly for the Shield/Wyatt staredown, but I kept moving because I figured something big was happening after the Cena match. I am still fast-forwarding, waiting for something big, but it appears to just be a Robocop promo.
  16. Now we're really starting to get into the mindset of the type of person who wants to be fake dropped on their head and back for a living.
  17. Just won a 2-on-2 Deathmatch to 20 where my team started off down 10-0. It was originally 3-on-2, but thankfully the loser who died four-straight on my team, without a kill, quit. Edit: And then I lost a 2-on-2 Deathmatch by a score of 18-13. But, to be fair, my partner had one kill and 12 deaths. Edited again: Playing with the 100-level people is great. Especially when you shoot them in the head twice and they sell it like Goldberg shrugging off a jab.
  18. AJ is Punk. Right down to the weird cult-like following she has.
  19. The best HHH theme song is this one: And you 'Ode to Joy' fans can eff RIGHT OFF with that nonsense!
  20. Mr. Tito, Hyatte's Mop-Ups, the nWo B-Team (slapjack SUCKA) and Scotsman made up the bulk of my high school and early college wrestling reading. It's been almost ten years since I found this board - all thanks to a dildo blender.
  21. Sting is willing to sign, but WWE doesn't view him as a big deal and no one is really in a big rush to sign him. Dave seems to think that the earliest they'll do a match with him is next year's WrestleMania, and by then he won't be that big of a deal anymore (because of how they will book him, of course). He painted a pretty bleak picture if someone was excited about him coming in and being similar to what he was as crow Sting. Sounds like the plan is to use him as a comedy guy/GM, and it'll sort of be a waste.
  22. What kind of level are we talking about here? I got a crate and then went into Passive mode because my wife was talking to me about something. Out of the corner of my eye I see these two 30-rank guys fly up in a huge chopper, and after they get out and look for the crate that is no longer there - one pointed his gun at me. Then he started throwing sticking bombs at me and my precious Vader, so I moved away from them and briefly mourned the death of my motorcycle. My wife leaves, I pop out of Passive and killed the guy who killed my bike. Then I rounded the corner and killed his friend. Then I blew up their chopper with grenades. Normally I can't hear people talking on the headset, but for some reason I could hear these punks freaking out and screaming "get him!" at each other as they think one is closing in on me. Next, I shotgunned one guy in the face. His buddy popped back up and tried to engage me in a fist fight, so I dispatched him with ease (useless talent!). Then I SMG'd both of them. Then I ran to the top of the hill and picked them both off with a rifle. They finally sped away in a speed boat, or I'd have killed them all night. Then there was a few days ago when a guy screwed me out of delivering a vehicle to the docks. I was trying to kill him, but every time I did some other guy kept sniping me. This happened twice before I shot the guy an "eff off, I'm trying to kill the other guy" text. So he backs off - I shoot the other guy in the head... and then I sniped the jerk I texted, who was leaving me alone, for good measure because ...well, eff him. And for my final story - I hate to fly. All of my stats are maxed out, but my flying is at a 20 still. So I'm doing this mission where you have to take a chopper to deliver a crate that is down by a river. I am sniping all of the enemies, while the guy I was partnered with ran to get the chopper. He dies (twice!), so after I finish killing everyone I reluctantly get in the chopper and fumble around with the container before saying 'screw it' and killed myself. Well this didn't sit well with the other guy because he starts flipping out on the headset. So instead of replaying the mission, we both go into Free Mode, where I proceeded to keep killing the guy until he quit. This game is a lot more fun when you're not as terrible at it.
  23. www.grantland.com/hollywood-prospectus/heroes-and-villains-the-indignity-of-the-george-zimmerman-dmx-boxing-match/ Good lord.
  24. That 'Four Trailers' mission is a POS. Twice I was paired up with a guy and we failed because the container fell off the truck and tipped over. Then I was stuck doing it again with six people and we failed because someone accidentally(?) blew one of the containers up. It shouldn't take four attempts to pass a mission where you're driving 0.5 miles, and there are no enemies around. After that though I got paired up with these two people who only wanted to do missions and it was awesome. We made almost $100K and I ranked up three times by the time we finally separated after our second time through the 'Prison Thugz' fight. That Prison battle was 4-on-4 and my team won the first round 10-7 (I had a 4-1 kill record), and then I almost single-handedly won the second round (we lost 10-9). I had a 6-2 kill record - one of those deaths was because I got ran over by a bus, and the second happened because of a simultaneous killing. So of all the things to be good at - I'm best at hand-to-hand combat, which is a skill that is almost useless in this game.
  25. I tried a ton of different diets from 2002-2010. At this point, I've been doing the same thing for the last four years (fasting diet - eat all of my calories in a 3-4 hour window at night), but it's still constantly evolving. The key to success is finding a plan that you like and can stick to. I was a psychotic dieter from 2002-2010, before I met my wife and she introduced me to the world of Mexican restaurants. Now I eat more junk than since before I started working out, but I always plan it so that I work out before I eat "junk." That's not going to be possible for everyone, which is why "dieting" is such an individualized thing. No one will know how your body is going to respond better than you do through tinkering with different plans, and finding something that makes you happy. Right now I'm combining parts of four different diets, which I've tried over years and years, and I have my ideal physique - so I'm happy. If I didn't like how I looked, or what I was eating - I would fail. The thing that no one in the fitness industry wants to acknowledge is that there is no quick fix. It takes years to figure out what to eat, how to train and how to avoid injury. That takes time, and no one is interested in investing time when they want results NOW!
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