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"We talked about doing flips and jumping off cages."

OK, we need:

  1. An episode of Table for 3 with Teddy, Shane and Shawn Michaels asap.
  2. Shane to make his way back onto TV with Samoa Joe potentially attacking him leading to a Hell in a Cell match in which Teddy runs in to save Shane and does a moonsault on Joe from the top of the cage (before vomiting in the ring!) leading to the Teddy and Joe feud we never got before.
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31 minutes ago, Eivion said:

Its odd. I know of Teddy Hart, but have either never seen any of his matches or seen so little of him that I couldn't actually recall what he looked like.

Watch his feud with Homicide. I was praising those matches some months ago in the Indy thread and Phil and the Segunda Caida crew just hopped on and are praising those now, too.

Great, great stuff.

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