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For some reason I thought about the Iron Sheik earlier. This is before I started watching Andrew Zimmern in Dubai. 








(wow, dude honestly really WAS movie-star handsome in his youth)


Shit, the more I look at that... you know exactly who he looks like in that photo.

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I wasn't alive/conscious yet, but I've seen some tape and done some reading over the years, and from what I understand, he and Eddie Murphy had a huge hand in SNL afloat during the non-Lorne years in the '80s. I wasn't a huge fan of his, but then again, I could see some of the topical humor going over my head cause of my age.


Personally, I'm still hot Eddie Murphy didn't do the proposed spot as Cosby during the SNL 40 special (or anything resembling comedy). And really, in wrestling parlance, Kenan deserved that fuckin' pop anyway, he's been doing Cosby since he was 12.

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Piscopo did a solid Reagan and his Sinatra was even better than Phil Hartman's

The one skit where he interviews a young Muhammed Ali (played by Murphy) was great (of course Murphy killed at the end with "I made you Cosell!")



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