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  1. I cam back for a minute to say that WCPW, WhatCulture, as the troglodyte's that frequent r/squaredcircle and actually accept this schlock are a fucking embarrassment and a joke. I certainly do hope that if you found that waste of time and talent enjoyable that you do something more productive. Like perhaps catching AIDS, or whatever it takes for you to jump off this mortal coil. Back with your dumb memes, your stupid chants and your jokes that haven't been funny since 2010 (Rellik is killer spelled backwards) People like you make people like me vote Trump and hope for the bombs to drop. There's no hope for humanity. I no longer fear hell. For I have seen WCPW. Em nab is Ban me spelled backwards.
  2. Based off his backstage actions and what other people say about him I don't think he's trying to work you. There's a difference between being a mental case and being a heel. Acting like mental case doesn't make you a heel. It makes you the boogeyman. It's not an anger inducing reaction. It's just sad. The fact that you try to combine the two as if they were the same thing says a lot more about you than it does about me.
  3. Okay DVDVR. Real talk. What the fuck is wrong with Austin Aries? He comes off more like a F4W board poster than a star. Between his attitude, opinions no one asked for and his Twitter meltdowns the guys a mess in more ways I can count, and I can pretty much count to infinity.
  4. Or it could be GFW. Same song different chorus.
  5. TNA and ROH merging sounds like one of my TEW games. Real talk though. That would be a good move on Sinclair's part. As in an actual business plan.
  6. Bayless is going to Fox Sports apparently. If that wasn't clear.
  7. It's a shame that this is seemingly TNA's final solution. Rippa I'll take the banning. I deserve it for that one.
  8. Tanahashi is way better because he has more than one type of match.
  9. So like Raw is the majors, Smackdown is AAA, NXT is AA and EVOLVE is A? Did they do that with the brand extension where ECW was AA and OVW/FCW was A? It's not a bad idea.
  10. Any good promotions out of Canada worth checking out? (I know this is the US Indies. Thread but I didn't know where else to post this)
  11. NXT's biggest problem is that it serves two purposes, developmental and touring. It's hard to do one. Let alone both at the same time. My honest opinion is that Smackdown and NXT should be combined into a new show, called "NXT" Give NXT the Thursday time slot on USA and just go with it.
  12. Is Grado still working for TNA? I need to know if that TNA website with the idiots commited mass suicide yet.
  13. The first American F1 team in 30 years debuted today. 12 seconds off the pace in FP1... Hoping for better in FP2. Maybe if they get some actual dry laps in we can see them get to 5 seconds off pace.
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