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The Non-Wrestling Scripted TV Fights Thread

John from Cincinnati

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Drama or comedy, live action or cartoon, and anything in between: This thread is for the roughest, toughest, most memorable knock-down, drag-out brawls in the history of the small screen.


I'll start us off with Dan Dority vs Captain Turner (w/pre-match build):




Tony Soprano vs Ralph Cifaretto:




Shane Vendrell vs Tavon Garris:



Pete Campbell vs Lane Pryce:



Burt's line takes the last fight from good to great. 

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Roddy Piper vs Keith David from They Live. Thread closed.


Oh for fuck's sake if you're going to make a They Live crack, the Cripple Fight from South Park is RIGHT THERE.


The fight in the baseball episode isn't bad either. . . 

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