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  1. What's irrational about it? Those kids suck. I hate precocious kid commercials anyway but those take the f'n cake. Also, what kind of parents gives kids that phone in the first place? Or I am I just out of touch? Sadly, you're out of touch. For most people the landline has gone the way of the dodo, which means that when kids get to the age where they need to call their parents, they just get them their own phone. And you know how kids are - they get made fun of if they don't have the newest phone. It is actually kinda hard to find a decent non-smart phone these days too. My wife teaches middle school, and she is constanly taking away iphones and whatnot from 8th graders.
  2. I think that "Ali" did an inferior job of telling the story as compared to "When We Were Kings", a documentary from around the same time frame. I thought it did a vastly superior job of illustrating what Ali meant to the people of Zaire/Africa. As far as Ali being hated... he was definitely hated by white America,but to Black Americans and internationally, he was beloved for standing up to the establishment. The Foreman fight was his baby face turn in a lot of ways, because Ali an the fight with his brain, and he did it in front of a crowd that he was already a hero to. Americans love a winner, and it was getting hard for white America not to admit he was the best. The Greatest even!
  3. Shane vs Tray on from the Shield is highly underrated. Crystal vs Alexis in the lillypads from Dynasty: PfVYaK7VFOY
  4. JT, what are your thoughts on Rush? I don't think it is too bad, but I can't see the premise working long term.
  5. Flashpoint is like the Canadian NCIS.
  6. I was in college, had just bought my first PC, and discovered the wonders of an Ethernet cable when Napster came on the scene. Sounds like this doc would be right up my alley....
  7. I never really found Williams funny as a comedian, but I thought he was an amazing dramatic actor. Being Human is a guilty pleasure of mine... and he was great in One Hour Photo, Insomnia, Dead Poets Society, What Dreams May Come...
  8. "A History of Violence" was a comic book adaptation as well. This might be an interesting topic, if you left mainstream Marvel/DC adaptations out of it.
  9. Tina Fey as Venkman Amy Poehler as Rae Maya Rudolph in the Egon role Melissa McCarthy as "Winston", the "fat" Ghostbuster. Kristen Wiig gets the Moranis gimmick, and John Hamm is Dana. Book it.
  10. I think that guy looks like Bill Alphonso, if Fonzie cleaned himself up a bit.
  11. This is being filmed primarily here in Cincinnati, and has been going on for at least a month or so. Cheadle has shown up at Reds games and a few other things plugging the film. I believe the title is Miles Ahead.
  12. BBC America has the premiere episode of "Almost Royal" up on-demand. I laughed my ass off.
  13. Wasn't that a Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah movie?
  14. SovietShooter


    I thought the finale worked perfectly with everything else in the show. If they do a follow up, I want it to be about whatever the hell happened to Lou back in '78.
  15. I prefer Briscoe/Green myself, but as long as the top ranked duo include ol' Lenny, I baby argue against it.
  16. If you can get past Blade not being Snipes, the show wasn't too bad at all. Jill Wagner was smoking hot.
  17. Am I the only one that thinks the "Married" show on FX w/ Nat Faxon looks pretty funny?
  18. I don't give a shit what his skin color was, Michael Clark Duncan was perfect as the Kingpin. Perfect. JK Simmons as JJ Jameson level perfect.
  19. If what I read was accurate, Marvel isn't looking to outright cancel FF & X-men titles, they are just going to minimize the crossover with those characters, and the rest of the Marvel Universe. So, as long as Fox owns the FF, I wouldn't bank on something like a big crossover epic like "X-men vs Avengers", or a Thing solo book.
  20. SovietShooter


    The shooting scene w/ Malvo in Fargo kinda reminded me of Cagney's scene in "The Public Enemy". The shootout in the snow in the last episode was aces, too. Great fn show.
  21. The number of people that will go see Ant Man due to it being a Marvel character by far trumps people that would go because it was directed by the guy that made Scott Pilgrim. In fact, most people that see Ant Man will have no idea what Scott Pilgrim and/or Edgar Wright are. I'm not saying Ant Man will do a billion dollars, but the drawing card is the Marvel name, not Ant Man or some hipster director. Edgar Wright ain't Scorcese.
  22. Fargo brought the goods last night.
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