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  1. Hadn't checked this thread in a few days, so I kinda missed the "customs" conversations... When I was working the Ohio indies hard from 2007-2011, customs were a big thing that the females did, and a select few of the guy did. When Cody Hawk was in charge of HWA, they were absolutely using their arena to shoot customs. I was never involved so I don't know how risque they got with them, but what went on was pretty secretive. I think Lady Victoria was pretty heavily involved with setting things up. HWA also had a pretty strong drug culture, and I always kid of assumed that went hand in hand with the customs stuff...
  2. I'll say this... Rosa makes Deonna's submission look like the most painful submission I've seen in a good long time. Deonna does a good job of selling the move herself (and wrestlers selling their own offense is a lost art), but when Rosa was fighting to get to the ropes while in the hold, it looked brutal.
  3. Speaking of hoss battles, hear me out for a second. Joe & Cobb vs Gates of Agony
  4. I've noticed recently that when coming to the ring, FTR have been announced as "Dax the Axe and Cash Wheeler"... I wonder if that along with the long tights is somewhat of a soft rebrand for them?
  5. Except for a one-off like a Gran Prix or Fantasticamania type show, CMLL doesn't typically just bring in folks from outside; That was typically AAA's type of thing. CMLL has shown recently that they are willing to book an outsider if they are going to be around to relocate, or at least work multiple shows (Romero, Andrade, Flip Gordon), but is Ricochet willing to do that if CMLL even had an interest?
  6. Going to NJPW full time and working AEW in between tours would probably be the best thing if he wants to get his career reinvigorated. But, can NJPW afford him right now, if he is expecting anything close to WWE money? Would he actually fill a hole NJPW has right now as a main event level gaijin? Would AEW overpay him just to add another toy to the sandbox? If they could afford him, and if they ran shows more frequently, AAA would be an intriguing option. He might be able to work as "Prince Puma", and he could instantly be their top gringo that AAA has traditionally built their big shows around.
  7. I think GoA are massively under utilized. Give me those two dudes running roughshod over the tag division. I don't hate Private Party, they're alright. But they've been given a ton of opportunity and haven't been able to capitalize on it (mostly because of injury) in the same way that a team like The Acclaimed has. I'd rather other teams like GoA, STP, Bear Country, Top Flight, etc get those opportunities now. I mean, are they even a top ten tag team in AEW, kayfabe or otherwise?
  8. Saraya & Harley would be a perfect old school heel tag team. Harley just oozes charisma, and Saraya has character work and working a crowd down. They would be perfect to run roughshod over a ladies tag division, cheating their hearts out and stealing wins.
  9. I liked the LU gimmick with the "Gift of the Gods" title, where when you won all the medallions for the belt, you could cash it in for a title shot. They should've ripped that off where TK or someone puts 11 mcguffins in play, and whomever has them when the CC starts get in the tournament along with whomever holds the title.
  10. Simply advocating on behalf of the Devil here, but how do you know that Punk isn't like that backstage in real life? Yeah, he's being over the top, but all he is really did in those vignettes was go around and give everyone unsolicited advice, as if he were an expert in everything. Certainly sounds like Punk...
  11. Oh man, how could I forget about the late Chip Fairway!?! I worked shows with him!
  12. There used to be a guy working the Cleveland indys that did a baseball gimmick by the name of Isiah "Mr RBI" Bonds. He worked in a full-blown pinstripe baseball jersey, but didn't do anything else baseball-y. Not soccer, but there were two dudes out there doing Rugby gimmicks. "Rugby Thug" Trent Baker worked IWAMS, and was doing like a rugby hooligan gimmick. A guy up in the Pittsburgh area named Stryder just was a rugby player, and carried a ball to the ring. Was it Cru Jones that did the high school football star gimmick down in Wildside?
  13. I agree with this times a billion, but the problem with it is that in this day and age the titles move around so much that a guy in that spot kinda loses credibility if they don't win the big one at some point. Like, if guys like Tito, Muracco, Arn, or Tully were working in their prime from like 1997 thru 2017, do you think they would have a combined zero world title reigns, when guys like Jake Hager, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler were multi-time champs?
  14. I just saw on Twitter that Indy wrestler (and DVDVR favorite back in the day) Jermaine "Dirty Money" Robinson has passed away.
  15. I remember when the first ROH tapes started getting passed around the lockerroom, and this was the big criticism. The mystique of ROH was certainly seeing the "super indy" guys like Danielson, Low ki, etc all in the same place, but there was a lot of stuff that were no-name guys that just went way too long. And since this was a very small time production, the matches were worked repetitively with the same moves being spammed over and over. Yeah, you could just watch Daniels vs Danielson vs Low Ki or Super Crazy vs Guerrero and walk away thinking "wow, that was great", but sitting thru a 3hr show with a lot of matcjes Ring Crew Express vs Cheech & Cloudy for 20min could be a slog. I think at the time groups like Wildside and JAPW actually had a better product. But, ROH had the distribution thru RF.
  16. So, for those who do not pay a lot attention to CMLL, CMLL is running "Fantasticamania Mexico" on June 21st in Arena Mexico. This essentially a NJPW vs CMLL show. The big expectation for that show was Hechicero vs ZSJr, but they're ZSJr is in a tag match, and Hechicero is not on the show at all. From LuchaBlog: Hechicero vs ZSJr in San Jose? NJPW is running "Fantasticamania USA" on July 9th in San Jose, which is essentially the NJPW Strong version of this same CMLL/NJPW show. If NJPW is planning on ZSJr vs Hechicero being one of the top matches tin San Jose, I don't see AEW running that same match a week before on PPV. That, or AEW is going to do it at the PPV, and that is why CMLL isn't doing it themselves at Arena Mexico?
  17. The AEW moment that still makes me scratch my head was when they had the big 5-on-5 elimination match between the Dark Order vs Elite, and Hangman just ate the last pin and went away for a bit. Now we know Hangman was getting some paternity leave, but it just made no sense at all, and it pushed the Hangman title win back a PPV cycle, when Kenny was being held together by duct tape and chicken wire. I would've wagered that the plan for that match was for the Elite to ultimately go over, but the "big moment" was going to be that Page was going to kick out of the OWA, and cause Kenny to start to doubt himself, while Page grew more confident. When Page just ate the pin I pulled a Taylor Twellman and said "What are we doing?!?"
  18. I'd say those are fair guesses. Which means that the Owens/Zayn/Styles/McIntyre level guys make $2-$3M?
  19. So, there is a report in this week's Observer that the WWE has raised the minimum main roster salary to $350K per year. So, I did a compare/contrast with some quick math... I'm counting a total of 126 wrestlers on the "main roster" as listed on Wikipedia (Raw & Smackdown only, no NXT). 126 x $350K = $44.1MM per year. WWE's total revenue for 2003 was $1.32B in 2023, according to a quick Google search. The major professional sports leagues in the US (NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL/MLS) all split revenues with the players at around 40%-50%. So, if WWE talent got a split in the same ballpark (say 45%), that would mean around $594M to the talent per year. If you divide that by 126, that is roughly $4.7M per wrestler, per year. Of the 126 wrestlers on the WWE roster, how many do you think actually make $4.7M per year?
  20. I don't understand the point of mixed tag matches at all, if you aren't going to have men and women fight each other, let alone having titles for it. But, if you're gonna do it, Orange/Willow, Trent?/Stat, King/Hart, Sammy/Tay, Cole/Baker... and that's without any deep cuts like Strong/Shaffir, Fletcher/Blue...
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