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  1. I guess I'm the only person who finds those CF movies fascinating. I just keep poring over them, trying to figure out what is going on and, more importantly, just who the hell are these people? I also seem to be the only person in the world who understands the meaning of "Flag on the moon ... how did it get there?"
  2. Finally going in depth on the Paste article and the criminally low ranking of the Coleman Francis trilogy tempts me to say it robs the article of any shot at credibility.
  3. Kind of odd that Chuck Barris and Chuck Berry died 3 days apart.
  4. My favorite riff that nobody else I know would get was in Wurwilf when the grounds keeper shows up : "Leland Sklar : Survivalist!"
  5. And Overdrawn At The Memory Bank is chock full of delicious CanCon. Maurey Chaykin! That guy from Polka Dot Door insulting anteaters! The surly old bald-headed guy from the Wayne & Schuster specials playing a gangster! Oh, so Canadian.
  6. Roadrash from Hobgoblins was also Maynard (the pawn shop owner) in Pulp Fiction.
  7. Just stumbled across this thread and found this entry hilarious with the benefit of hindsight.
  8. More than McGann? Withnail & I was a fair sized cult classic. For that matter, Capaldi had The Thick Of It going for him, I might put him on at least equal footing as Davison. I *really* hope it isn't Swinton. Regardless of her talents as an actor, a) she is far too brittle , completely lacking in the charm and likability that even the most abrasive Doctors have shown, and b) I find if hard to imagine the BBC would cast a female Doctor quite so androgynous looking. If they are going to take the plunge and cast a woman to play the Doctor, I would figure they would go with someone a bit more traditionally feminine.
  9. Aha, didn't know that one. Good enough.
  10. Not wanting to drag this out, but how would Elizabeth Olsen not be eligible? She is a) a celebrity and b) still alive.
  11. Did you not have the 133-135 arc before? I really enjoyed those.
  12. You missed Christopher Eccleston and Elizabeth Olsen. For shame!
  13. My first "Prog" album was the Asia debut (Prog Lite, granted, but it was the gateway drug) and soon after I became a huge King Crimson fan, especially Mark III. For me, John was one of the Three Kings of Prog Bass (along with Chris Squire and Tony Levin). I knew he was sick for a while, so this is not a complete surprise, but still very sad news to lose such a great musician.
  14. Given that a) Eddie Redmayne recently won an Oscar, and b) actors pretty much have to put their lives on hold to play the lead in Doctor Who, I think we all need to put Eddie Redmayne out of our thoughts. Given that I am sure the BBC will apply pressure to boost ratings, I am thinking conservative choice : youngish, unconventionally good-looking, white male Doctor.
  15. One of three SNL cast members to come from my home town of Ottawa (along with Dan Aykroyd and Mark McKinney). RIP