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  1. rainmakerrtv

    Oscars 2018.

    Ah, the devious workings of the criminal mind!
  2. rainmakerrtv

    Oscars 2018.

    Hey, a clean sweep! I didn't watch a single Oscar winning film from the last year! At least all the acting Oscars went to people I liked.
  3. rainmakerrtv

    R.I.P. Dennis Edwards

    For my money, the best Temptations singer. David Ruffin was an amazing performer, but Dennis just had the tear through the speakers intensity. RIP.
  4. rainmakerrtv

    Most Obnoxious Celebrity that You've Met

    I've met lots of musicians, a few wrestlers and a smattering of other performers (mainly Canadian stand up comedian Lorne Elliott and Samantha Bee, who was in the same University theatre program as I was). Most of them were very nice, I cut a lot of slack for not being overly friendly given they were likely busy or tired and nobody was particularly obnoxious. Zia McCabe from the Dandy Warhols was a bit abrasive with the guy in front of me (fair play to her, he was staring at her tits the whole show), but she was friendly with me when I got her autograph (she dots her I with a heart). Nicest musicians I've met are Jacob Moon, John Wesley and Tony Levin (have met Tony 3 times, he autographed a setlist "Hi, Fiona!" for my then wife when I told him she couldn't make the show because of work.) Julianna Hatfield is extremely soft spoken and gentle, and Jewel is very sweet and spectacularly beautiful in person. Of the wrestlers I've met, the nicest have been Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Low-Ki (surprisingly) and, of all people, Dasher Hatfield, who at two different shows went up to me to chat and ask if I was having a good time. Just met Keith Lee over the weekend, he is an absolute Teddy Bear, just a complete sweetheart. The one obnoxious celebrity story I have happened to a friend of mine, who was back stage before a music festival where Styx were performing and Lawrence Gowan freaked out at her for briefly resting her drink on the arm of his chair. The mid 80s were a long time ago, buddy, you just aren't that big a deal anymore.
  5. rainmakerrtv

    Most Obnoxious Celebrity that You've Met

    Dumb question, who is this particular Wayne Jacobs? I went to high school with a Wayne Jacobs who was QB at UTEP as well as playing in Europe and doing coaching clinics, just wondering if it is the same guy.
  6. I've been looking for a bright spot this week. I get this. I will take it.
  7. rainmakerrtv

    Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Small correction, wouldn't that be George H. W. Bush, father of George W. Bush .
  8. rainmakerrtv

    RIP Grant Hart

    Great musician, incredible songwriter. RIP
  9. rainmakerrtv


    At work, so no access to Youtube for links. Anyway, was in my living room getting ready for work, when I heard a car stereo from outside playing "Tuesday's Gone" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. At first I thought, "Cool". Then I thought, "It's 7:00 AM! How can Tuesday be gone already?" That's what is stuck in my head.
  10. rainmakerrtv

    IN MEMORIAM 2017

    I had no idea Richard Anderson was in Gettysburg. He was also, of course, in Kitten With A Whip. RIP
  11. rainmakerrtv

    IN MEMORIAM 2017

    Harvey Atkin also did a bunch of voiceover work, including Leon's ads in Canada and Sam in the all too brief Sam & Max cartoon.
  12. rainmakerrtv

    Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Littlefinger is Stane.
  13. rainmakerrtv

    Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    The amazing Wilko Johnson (from British pub rock legends Dr. Feelgood) was Ser Illyn Payne. He had to leave the show because he thought he was dying. Fortunately, he wasn't. (He was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but it turned out to be operable.)
  14. rainmakerrtv

    Random music thoughts

    Oh yeah, they actually have a very strong family resemblance . I might give the nod to Anthony as being the superior singer, although Murray was all kinds of awesome in the original cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar.
  15. rainmakerrtv

    Random music thoughts

    Oh , cool, I had no idea Oteil was touring with them. Apart from Dave's Picks and boxed sets, I am behind on keeping up with the Dead and their variants, I only just ordered Fare Thee Well recently.