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  1. Also from the Stiff Records tour (with Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Nick Lowe and Wreckless Eric)
  2. Love the first 4 Scott Walker albums, a truly unique artist.
  3. George Morfogen, who played Bob Rebadow on Oz, has passed at age 85, according to Wikipedia.
  4. The last 3 Talk Talk albums are breathtaking works of art. It always broke my heart that he stopped making music so early on.
  5. Something I never clicked to until the past few years ... much as I love Silver Age comics, take any given line in an issue of JLA from the early days, and it could have been said by anyone on the team. (Green Lantern? Aquaman? Batman?) Meanwhile, over at Marvel , you certainly weren't going to hear Reed Richards say, "It's clobberin' time!" If he had made no other contribution to comic book history, the medium owes a substantial debt to Stan for his contributions to dialogue alone.
  6. You are thinking of Mike Samples. They are talking about late period WCW mid-carder "Above Average" Mike Sanders.
  7. I loved her in the film version of Hair, even though I don't think she had any lines.
  8. I maintain that, when is isn't making loony faces, Byrne is a legit handsome man. I've long joked that the reason Tina Weymouth always seemed so pissed off was that she married the third best looking guy in a band with three guys in it.
  9. Or if you eat them as part of poutine.
  10. The question remains : will Eric Roberts dressszzzzzz for the occasion?
  11. Ah, the devious workings of the criminal mind!
  12. Hey, a clean sweep! I didn't watch a single Oscar winning film from the last year! At least all the acting Oscars went to people I liked.
  13. For my money, the best Temptations singer. David Ruffin was an amazing performer, but Dennis just had the tear through the speakers intensity. RIP.
  14. I've met lots of musicians, a few wrestlers and a smattering of other performers (mainly Canadian stand up comedian Lorne Elliott and Samantha Bee, who was in the same University theatre program as I was). Most of them were very nice, I cut a lot of slack for not being overly friendly given they were likely busy or tired and nobody was particularly obnoxious. Zia McCabe from the Dandy Warhols was a bit abrasive with the guy in front of me (fair play to her, he was staring at her tits the whole show), but she was friendly with me when I got her autograph (she dots her I with a heart). Nicest musicians I've met are Jacob Moon, John Wesley and Tony Levin (have met Tony 3 times, he autographed a setlist "Hi, Fiona!" for my then wife when I told him she couldn't make the show because of work.) Julianna Hatfield is extremely soft spoken and gentle, and Jewel is very sweet and spectacularly beautiful in person. Of the wrestlers I've met, the nicest have been Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Low-Ki (surprisingly) and, of all people, Dasher Hatfield, who at two different shows went up to me to chat and ask if I was having a good time. Just met Keith Lee over the weekend, he is an absolute Teddy Bear, just a complete sweetheart. The one obnoxious celebrity story I have happened to a friend of mine, who was back stage before a music festival where Styx were performing and Lawrence Gowan freaked out at her for briefly resting her drink on the arm of his chair. The mid 80s were a long time ago, buddy, you just aren't that big a deal anymore.
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