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  1. Oh yeah, they actually have a very strong family resemblance . I might give the nod to Anthony as being the superior singer, although Murray was all kinds of awesome in the original cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar.
  2. Oh , cool, I had no idea Oteil was touring with them. Apart from Dave's Picks and boxed sets, I am behind on keeping up with the Dead and their variants, I only just ordered Fare Thee Well recently.
  3. Who is in the current line up of Dead & Co.?
  4. I was always surprised they didn't do more with UNIT, seemed like the most sure fire spin off. Possibly Nicholas Courtney's health issues and eventual passing held it up. It looked like they might give it a go with Ruth Masterson and Charlie Sato, but nothing ever came of it, and it pretty much stayed in limbo until Kate Stewart and Osgoode came along.
  5. I once put together a guide for a friend of mine of some of my favorite episodes that I thought would be good starting points. I will spoilerize this for space. (Pardon the somewhat flowery language, this is how she and I write to each other.)
  6. Oddly enough, when I would hear about the Seattle Sound in the few years before the Grungequake hit, the band name that would come up most often would be Soundgarden. I'd hesitate to say that they spent time as my absolute favorite band, but Superunknown has definitely been my go to album a lot of times. Cornell was a big part of the Pearl Jam documentary and came across as a kind, chill and genuinely thoughtful individual. RIP
  7. I seem to recall reading that Tennant said he would only do Volume 1 if he could do it with Tate. Glad to see he is a bit more open minded now.
  8. Were you able to pick up the planned release date for 10th Doctor Vol. 2? I've been having trouble getting to the Big Finish website.
  9. Tom "Tiny" Lister in Dark Knight. "You don't want to die, but you don't know how to take a life. Give it to me. These men will kill you, and take it anyway. Give it to me. You can tell them I took it by force. Give it to me... and I'll do what you shoulda did ten minutes ago."
  10. I'm going to throw out an obscure one : Phillip Baker Hall in Say Anything. He took on a short role as an IRS agent and managed to make him both brutally blunt and compassionate at the same time.
  11. Oh, they've played all sorts of old music during the breaks and over the closing credits. "Sidehackers", "Creepy Girl", "Patrick Swayze Christmas", and more that I can't remember because I am at work.
  12. Sadly, this didn't come as a complete surprise. I always heard about her in terms of her having completely dropped out of sight and the rest of the cast being concerned for her.
  13. I'd dare say that Starcrash is the one classically bad movie in this season. The others all are great fodder for riffs, but Starcrash is the real breakout.
  14. I've gotten all the way to Wizards Of The Lost Kingdom 2 and so far my favorite riff is : "So, I guess we're rooting for ... Beige?" "Go Beige!" "BEIGE! BEIGE! BEIGE!"
  15. I won't say that it definitely won't be Kris Marshall (although I hope it isn't), but the article is pure click bait. The fact that it was the Sun and was picked up by the Mirror pretty much robs it of all credibility . The fact that the information has been credited to that bastion of integrity "a source" and right at the very end of the article it briefly mentions that the BBC have denied making a casting decision says everything you need to know.