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  1. One of three SNL cast members to come from my home town of Ottawa (along with Dan Aykroyd and Mark McKinney). RIP
  2. Possibly the greatest pure vocalist in British Progressive Rock. RIP
  3. I thought Vaughn was a lot of fun in the British TV series Hustle.
  4. This is old, old news, of course, but I just love that this is today's featured article on Wikipedia : "From The Doctor to my son Thomas"
  5. I had no idea Hanson also did The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. LA Confidential is a strong contender for my all time favorite movie.
  6. I don't have the ability to view or post clips from work , but while there are plenty of scenes that make me weep, the most intense is from Dear Frankie, where Frankie says the only words he directly speaks in the movie : "Are you coming back?" Made even more intense from Gerard Butler's expression in the earlier scene where Lizzie tells him, "Frankie wasn't born deaf. It was a present from his dad."
  7. I thought it was officially declared that the most badass name in the world was Staff Sgt. Max Fightmaster.
  8. Frick. Polito was amazing, one of my all time faves Hidden classic performance of his was on the Chris Isaak Show where he showed up as Rhonda, winner of the Win A Dream Date With Chris Isaak contest. First time I ever saw him was in The Freshman and he was brilliant. "These men are FIENDS, Mr. Kellogg!"
  9. I took a cursory scan of Marvin Kaplan's bio and he didn't seem to be in anything I had watched. Then I noticed he played George on the show Alice and I felt very sad.
  10. "Justice was done. Take the rest of the week off, Jack" "...... It's Friday, Adam" "So it is. See you on Monday, Jack." Possibly the best actor on a show (Law & Order) that had more than it's fair share of great actors working on it. RIP, Steven Hill.
  11. I quite liked Sharon Stone's performance as the single mother in The Mighty. Not a lead (although I think they put her front and center on the video box), but a warm and sympathetic portrayal.
  12. I loved his work in the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
  13. David Huddleston just kept randomly showing up in stuff, I completely forgot that he was Lebowski. That being said, I always enjoyed him when I did spot him. RIP
  14. I'll always remember him from Fraggle Rock.
  15. Only saw him once, years ago, in the Down From The Mountain review. In an evening of some folk, country and bluegrass heavyweights, he by far had the most impact (and yes, even at the first time I saw Emmylou Harris).