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  1. Oh, they've played all sorts of old music during the breaks and over the closing credits. "Sidehackers", "Creepy Girl", "Patrick Swayze Christmas", and more that I can't remember because I am at work.
  2. Sadly, this didn't come as a complete surprise. I always heard about her in terms of her having completely dropped out of sight and the rest of the cast being concerned for her.
  3. I'd dare say that Starcrash is the one classically bad movie in this season. The others all are great fodder for riffs, but Starcrash is the real breakout.
  4. I've gotten all the way to Wizards Of The Lost Kingdom 2 and so far my favorite riff is : "So, I guess we're rooting for ... Beige?" "Go Beige!" "BEIGE! BEIGE! BEIGE!"
  5. I won't say that it definitely won't be Kris Marshall (although I hope it isn't), but the article is pure click bait. The fact that it was the Sun and was picked up by the Mirror pretty much robs it of all credibility . The fact that the information has been credited to that bastion of integrity "a source" and right at the very end of the article it briefly mentions that the BBC have denied making a casting decision says everything you need to know.
  6. Not sure Charlie and Rick James are ending up in the same place.
  7. For some reason, it took me a while to twig as to just who he was in The Jewel In The Crown. That was a scorching performance.
  8. That was the reasoning behind the movie Hail Hail Rock & Roll. Berry was pretty much half assing it and showing up to cash the checks, grabbing whoever from gig to gig. Keith Richards wanted to have at least one documented performance of Berry with a well rehearsed, first class band.
  9. Dumb question who is the guy in the coat between Aquaman and Sgt. Rock?
  10. I guess I'm the only person who finds those CF movies fascinating. I just keep poring over them, trying to figure out what is going on and, more importantly, just who the hell are these people? I also seem to be the only person in the world who understands the meaning of "Flag on the moon ... how did it get there?"
  11. Finally going in depth on the Paste article and the criminally low ranking of the Coleman Francis trilogy tempts me to say it robs the article of any shot at credibility.
  12. Kind of odd that Chuck Barris and Chuck Berry died 3 days apart.
  13. My favorite riff that nobody else I know would get was in Wurwilf when the grounds keeper shows up : "Leland Sklar : Survivalist!"
  14. And Overdrawn At The Memory Bank is chock full of delicious CanCon. Maurey Chaykin! That guy from Polka Dot Door insulting anteaters! The surly old bald-headed guy from the Wayne & Schuster specials playing a gangster! Oh, so Canadian.
  15. Roadrash from Hobgoblins was also Maynard (the pawn shop owner) in Pulp Fiction.