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Backing up a bit, I think Bret and Shawn are what ended up killing U.S. tag wrestler for a decade+.


When the two of them became the WWF's top stars, suddenly tag teams weren't looked at as being an important part of the show, or even just a way to fill out a card/roster.  No, now they existed simply to figure out which half of the team was the "star" and then split them up as soon as the company felt they knew the answer.


"I'm Shawn, he's Marty" is...  *sigh*

And the answer is always "Neither of you are good enough to be Marty Janetty!!!"

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Mick Foley


Oh man.. the Vince McMahon impersonation. "I didn't die, Mr. McMahon died"


"I'm Cactus Fucking Jack"


Foley and Austin going on the topic of making their own breaks/etc


Concussion talk... oh man. Foley having to be told relatively recently to not wrestle. And his physical decline from 98 to 99


The truth about the reason for the Mankind mask and how he tried to come off as actually crazy


Robert Fuller reacting to a headwound, twice!


"What the fuck's a loaded boot?"


it's so obvious Austin hasn't touched Mick's first book as part of his reading crusade

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Fuck the highlights, I've seen the whole thing and it's hilarious. Poor Wolfie just cringes at everything. The Iceman has no filter and Wolfie actually has a shot at being a normal member of society. Eventually you can tell he's just resigning to it all and checks out.

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today on the family-friendly edition of the show is...




Austin had plans to interview Hornswoggle but that didn't happen. Reigns/Cesaro being scripted too hard. Cesaro leans on the uppercuts. Reigns needs more big moves


Austin talked to Meltzer again, and only recorded 4 minutes of a 3 hour conversation


Kamala's book has a kickstarter - http://www.kamalaspeaks.com/about-this-book-fundraiser/


Interview starts at 18min in.


Kamala's accent may take some getting used to for the people unfamiliar with Southern accents.


Kamala decided to go into pro wrestling after getting frustrated trying to get a job.


Talking about JCP having a quota. Working in Mexico was made easier due to English-speakers.


Kamala loves Mexican food. He ate Fish and Chips in England. Big Daddy was easy to work with because he never left his feet


Austin is totally going to get England stories out of Kamala as a contrast to his experiences being married to someone from England, I'm guessing. Also, Kamala likes whiskey (Hennessey)


Kamala loves German food and good looking German women.


Going from Memphis to Mid-South to World Class


Kamala tells the story of pulling a gun on Andre the Giant in Baton Rouge in reaction to Andre using a certain word after a blown spot


Kamala loves everybody


but Puerto Rican fans tried to kill you with coathangers


Kamala was diagnosed with diabetes in 1992


and then Kamala tells us about the amputation of his leg..  :(


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