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    Then blame Ric Flair, and not the modern wrestlers for all the kick outs in matches. I mean how many combined pin fall attempts did Flair, and Steamboat have in their famous trilogy? 250? Yeah, some had the “Pinfall psychology”, but most were the “He almost got him Jimbo”.
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    Bald spots are pro wrestling. When I was a really really little kid, between Savage, Hogan, Earthquake and a million others, I honestly thought that the skullet was kind of awesome, if not an outright uniform
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    See, this is the problem with Brock. Everything you said is true. But in all the time since he has become The Beast Incarnate after breaking The Streak, the only stories we have seen from him are (1)Brock fights a smaller, quicker opponent who takes him to the limit before Brock finally catches him and beats him down(Bryan, Styles, etc), (2) Getting caught off guard by Goldberg but coming back to flatten him in the rematch. (3) the back and forth bullshit with Roman. The dude can add to the show. But MY FUCKING GOD I am so sick of him as the champion. I am so sick of Paul's interview about "this is a spoiler" and "THE REIGNING, DEFENDING..." bullshit. There's an interesting story to be told about Brock being terrified of the one dude who fucked him up in UFC. Why do they need the belt to do it? Why can't this just be a fight over pride? You have two legit badasses with a legitimate backstory that you can do something with. LET SOMEONE ELSE HAVE THE TITLE
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    Yeah, but teenagers are stupid.
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    I'm the biggest Anderson Silva mark you'll find (the Leben KO got me back into UFC full time more than anything else), but I have to say he is better than Anderson. He is the first coming of Israel Adesanya. He's just simply more versatile. Plus, if Anderson had the TD defense that Israel has displayed, he would have never had a fight like the first Chael Sonnen fight. In addition, Adesanya is facing goddamn wrecking balls like Gastelum and Robert Whittaker early in his career. I mean I saw him in Glory based on a recommendation for @caposa on Twitter. I thought he could be Glory champion but I didn't see UFC world champion inside of twenty months. I thought he needed a couple years at least to get his feet wet. I mean you heard Anik at the end of the PPV say he turned down his first offer to go to the UFC. Saying he is ready to be in the UFC would be a fucking understatement of understatements right about now.
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    It's a real shame that whatever the hell that Main Event was poisoned what was up to that point a pretty good PPV.
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    Yeah I agree I think this match pretty much killed Hell in a Cell as a gimmick too. If you can't have a fucking finish in a Hell in a Cell then what good is it? Completely ridiculous. This is at least the second time over the past several years where they booked themselves into something they didn't want for a Cell match and went on to deliver some major fuckery. The Ryback thing was bad but that was WWE bad... This was all time ever in the history of wrestling bad...
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    I’m still just flabbergasted about the stupidity. This is a “Fox should watch that finish and demand a complete explanation on what the fuck they are doing” level play.
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    DQs in a match that seemingly aren't supposed to have them are always the best.
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    Especially given that the Rockets have been a big deal in China since Yao (what I read earlier today said they are currently the second most popular NBA team there, behind Golden State) It's a lot of money to lose. Morey did nothing wrong and he completely fucked up at the same time.
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    Adesanya's fight IQ is fucking unparalleled, but he also has tools like reach and length and what apparently appears to be Spider Sense. He is the proverbial guy with all the gifts.
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    With the way Whittaker was swinging, the only person who has the reflexes to get out of the way is Israel Adesanya. You can't just train for that.
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    If only WWE put as much effort into their shortcomings as they do fucking with other promotions. I've pretty much given up on them anyway and will be all out if nxt completely goes to shit.
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    My new fantasy is a standalone Weather Wizard movie with no connection to the Flash, where you can tell the director really wanted to make natural disaster porn.
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    Brock got destroyed in 7 seconds by Goldberg. Didn't see this reaction then. Working yourselves.
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    Dean is in a secure 2nd place for worst booking in PPV matches. Bray, buddy...go into the light!
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    Because you see everything up to that point was entertainment but this.... this was real. Yes, this was WCW 2000 bad.
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    That seemed like the ending of a 2000 WCW PPV. Horrible.
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    So does anyone with some knowledge of soap fandom know if people go nuts over who is getting "used well" or which storylines are being blown? I know they sell magazines about them and the behind the scenes stuff. Are people like "Eric Braedon keeps burying any new heel with any heat and it's killing the show? But they're just going to keep shoving Victor down our throats I guess!"
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    Well, for all the hype and controversy... That was a middle of the road film with a mediocre script, a really good but not revelatory lead performance. Really well shot, but multiple stretches of it are actually pretty boring.
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    The face on Truth is so close it's creepy.
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    For those that are curious, both Ernest Chavez and Brandon Dorman have done video docs on Adesanya's fighting style. You can really appreciate his Fight IQ when you watch the slo mo and can see how he transitions from setting subtle traps with stance feints and shoulder slaps to the balls out kicks that got him his nickname. I also like the series that MMA Degree did on him. The foundation of his striking is the jab feint so the folks out there that criticize him for not being disciplined and lacking fundamentals really are idiots. The kid is technically fucking sound. I don't think he's the second coming of Anderson Silva quite yet, but it fascinating to watch him evolve and start taking all of the singular techniques he's acquired over time and blend them together into his fight game.
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    I agree. I've always liked the kid, but I really did think that he needed a few years to reel himself in. I loved his flash and confidence but both of those things will get you knocked the fuck out if you're in the ring with a dude that isn't intimidated by your rep and can see any holes in your fighting style.. Israel has really matured over his last few fights and has really stepped up during his UFC run. If he can maintain his composure and continues to fight smart, he'll be champ for a while.
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    Maybe Marvel's R rated movie can be Obnoxio the Clown.
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    So to recap: 1) Adesanya enters the stage by synchronize dancing, including a one handed cartwheel. 2) Fights the riskiest of fights and wins in style 3) DX crotch chops Borrachinha in the aftermath. A decent Saturday night/Sunday morning.
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    Must be random a exotic then. That or they are giving XB1 and PC player Wavesplitter since they didn't have access to them before.
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    I'm catching up with the last few weeks of NXT and I like how they still.arent using the same guys every week. With 2 hours now they've placed the UK and Cruiserweight guys well into the show. I hope they dont panic and start bringing in top talents for the other brands because once they do they might get carried away and rely on those guys too often. I also think they should stay at Fullsail atleast for a more Takeover cycles.
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    Earl Hebner is really distracting at his age in a match. Not sure how old he is, but getting down and up to count takes ages and he looks like he’s selling real aches and pains in doing so.
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    Most smart TVs these days have Amazon, Hulu, etc. Built in. Get a TCL for $500 and it'll have the Roku is baked in. No USB Jack's needed.
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    Brock needs his win back, brother.
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    MJF should've slapped that reporter. *EDIT, not really, just having fun.*
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    I don't know about that. I see a lot of people out there still making a killing in comedy. Even people who have been deemed to not share "mob's" worldview. For as much as PC culture is blamed for pushing voices out of comedy (and culture in general), there sure is a nice active marketplace out there populated by your "very concerned about the future of free speech" crowd. If the mob were anything more than a boogeyman, surely Joe Rogan's head would be on a spike by now. Nobody's cancelled Bill Maher, and he has a shitty, offensive new take every time he makes mouth sounds. What valuable voices have we lost to the pitchfork-wielding crazies? Roseanne? Good riddance to bad rubbish. They can't even get Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham to fuck off forever, and their programs are a carnival of barely-disguised Stormfront jerk-off material. This mob is pretty limp and ineffectual. Forgive me for not clutching my pearls because the culture moved too fast for Norm Macdonald. If I'm being glib and reductive, I love that Todd made a movie about a dude who sucks at being funny feeling rejected by the world and going on a killing spree. Nothing to be read into that. Nope. Nothing at all. You've seen the movie, so I'm sure you'll tell me how I'm wrong. But from a distance, I find that hilarious.
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    wXw World Tag Team Festival.
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    This has been a problem with Seth too. He looks more like a fan than a champion when he fawns over Hogan and Austin. It's awful. Minor highlight I haven't seen mentioned: Bryan was great on commentary. He broke his storyline down simply and concisely for any new viewers. Not that it surprises anyone that Bryan is good at everything.
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    Nah, man. Kofi going down swinging after 20 minutes would’ve been amazing. I expected Brock to win, it’s just a lame way to get there.
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    I've only read a recap and watched YouTube highlights but if I could delete one guys career from pro wrestling it would be Lesnar. I wish he went straight to MMA or became a football star. Dude is almost single handedly responsible for Vince deciding that "The BRAND is the Star" and watering down anyone who wasn't a locked in, yes sir, WWE lifer. Now he walks in and out as he likes, winning titles and doing NOTHING to elevate anyone. What was the point of Rollins beating him if he was just going to turn around and squash Kofi? Why not save the MITB case and do it that way? Whydoes Rey want to call up Cain? Is he not man enough to step up to Brock himself? Hasn't his whole WWE career been built on fighting big bully types? Its the same as Balor going to NXT. Great moment but what's the character motivation for doing that? Is he afraid of The Fiend? Can he not summon The Demon for at least 1 rematch to try and restore some pride? Or do we just sweep that away because "Hey hey, don't watch AEW, we have Finn Balor on NXT!"? I mean honestly... They aren't even trying any more. Its just booking for a series of "moments" that get people talking before any serious thought reveals how badly it's been done. By the time people are on board with the issues another "moment" rolls along and its onto the next...
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    Knew it was going to happen. Hell, I can even get behind the idea of Cain vs Brock. But it still just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Couldn't Kofi have at least hit one move? Get Brock wobbly with Trouble in Paradise before he gets caught in the F5? I'm not against Brock being around. I think he should be. I'm just so fucking tired of him as the champion. I love Heyman but I can't hear anymore "THE REIGNING, DEFENDING UNDISPUTED...." interviews anymore. Just something, anything different and I'm on board. The show looks great and the presentation is great. But at the end of the day, it's still the same show. And that's more troubling then anything
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    Thank fuck. I like Shane the person but glad to see him off TV for however long. He ended up being a channel changer quickly which is strange considering I liked his heel shit years ago.
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    Buckshot lariat is a great set-up but the running SSPs don't have a lot on them. The odd time he does the lionsault he's usually not very accurate. However, his Orihara is superb and he has a nice middle ground between not killing the recipient and actually touching them unlike Charlotte's deal to the outside. He has the hops to do some of it well but not all of it. Trim the garbage and he's golden in that regard. I imagine they'll flesh the storyline of him not thinking the Bucks have his back and in doing so they'll start to rehab him. Going with Jericho was the obvious and right call. I'm glad they didn't pull the trigger prematurely with him. He needs to earn the title and there isn't that sense at all yet.
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    I know this is well trodden ground especially with the tournament brackets, but they really do have an embarrassment of riches in the tag division, including singles who can swap in, I make it: 10 full time teams: LAX / Dark Order / Best Friends / Angelico Evans / Private Party / Strong Hearts / Jurassic Express / SCU / Young Bucks / Lucha Bros Part time teams: Rhodes Bros Given that at least 3 of those teams are trios and can mix up which 2 compete, plus the emerging heel stable dynamics, they could do theoretically do 3 new tag match-ups every week and keep going for months of TV. For as weak as the women’s division, I think this tag strength more than makes up for it.
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    More Bray Wyatt merch':
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    For whatever it's worth, here are the Rotten Tomatoes critics ratings of live-action superhero movies: Black Panther 2018 97 Dark Knight 2008 94 Avengers: Endgame 2019 94 Spider-Man 2 2004 94 Iron Man 2008 93 Superman 1978 93 Logan 2017 92 Avengers 2012 92 X-Men: DoFP 2014 92 Wonder Woman 2017 92 Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017 92 Thor: Ragnarok 2017 92 Shazam 2019 91 Spider-Man: Far From Home 2019 90 Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 90 Captain America: Civil War 2016 90 Doctor Strange 2016 90 Captain America: Winter Soldier 2014 89 Spider-Man 2002 89 Superman 2 1980 89 Ant-Man and the Wasp 2018 88 Dark Knight Rises 2012 87 X-Men 2 2003 87 Hellboy 2 2008 87 X-Men: First Class 2011 86 Batman Begins 2005 85 Avengers: Infinity War 2018 85 Chronicle 2012 85 Deadpool 2016 84 Sparks 2014 83 Deadpool 2 2018 83 Guardians of the Galaxy vol2 2017 82 The Crow 1994 82 X-Men 2000 82 Darkman 1990 82 Batman Returns 1992 81 Hellboy 2004 81 Ant-Man 2015 80 Captain America 2011 79 Iron Man 3 2013 78 Dredd 2012 78 Captain Marvel 2019 78 Split 2017 77 Thor 2011 77 Superman Returns 2006 76 Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015 74 V for Vendetta 2006 73 Amazing Spider-Man 2012 73 Iron Man 2 2010 73 Batman 1989 71 Wolverine 2013 69 Unbreakable 2000 68 Incredible Hulk 2008 67 Thor: The Dark World 2013 65 Aquaman 2018 65 Watchmen 2009 65 Dick Tracy 1990 64 Swamp Thing 1982 64 Spider-Man 3 2007 63 Rocketeer 1991 62 Hulk 2003 62 Blade 2 2002 59 Brightburn 2019 57 X-Men 3 2006 57 Man of Steel 2013 55 Blade 1998 55 Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014 53 X-Men: Apocalypse 2016 48 Constantine 2005 46 Daredevil 2003 45 TMNT (1990) 1990 44 The Phantom 1996 43 Hancock 2008 41 Batman Forever 1995 41 Justice League 2017 40 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 38 Tank Girl 1995 38 Glass 2019 37 Fantastic Four 2 2007 37 TMNT: Out of the Shadows 2016 37 TMNT 2 1991 36 The Shadow 1994 35 Return of Swamp Thing 1989 33 Venom 2018 29 Punisher (2004) 2004 29 Batman v Superman 2016 28 Fantastic Four 2005 27 Punisher: War Zone 2008 27 TMNT 3 1993 27 Suicide Squad 2016 25 Blade 3 2004 26 Green Lantern 2011 26 Ghost Rider 2007 26 Superman 3 1983 26 Punisher (1989) 1989 24 Dark Phoenix 2019 23 TMNT (2014) 2014 22 Spawn 1997 19 Ghost Rider 2 2012 18 Judge Dredd 1995 18 League of Ex Gents 2003 17 Hellboy v2 2019 17 Howard the Duck 1986 15 The Spirit 2008 14 Crow 2 1996 12 Batman & Robin 1997 12 Jonah Hex 2010 12 Steel (Shaq) 1997 12 Elektra 2005 10 Fantastic Four (2015) 2015 9 Superman 4 1987 9 Catwoman 2004 9 Captain America (1990) 1990 9 Supergirl 1984 8 Max Steel 2016 0
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