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2020 IMPACT Wrestling Thread

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14 minutes ago, notoriusvig said:

Turning Point is free if I sub to Impact Plus, right? They're not going to make me pay for the event once I subscribe? I just want to make sure before I sub to watch the show tonight.

it's free once you subscribe.

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Su/Deonna was awesome once again. Loving their work together. Rich Swann kinda no sold an apron piledriver but other than that, solid main event. Was hoping the North would go on another run. The knockouts tag tournament looks even better than I was hoping. Absolutely love seeing the extremely underrated Killer Kelly get some shine and team Sea Stars being involved.

Full Results from a noteworthy Turning Point special:


Impact Wrestling Turning Point 2020 - Live from Nashville, TN

*Eddie Edwards def. Daivari (9:50) after the Boston Knee Party

*Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie def. Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb Konley) (8:16) when Rosemary pinned Jordynne after Tenille walked out.

*Brian Myers def. Swoggle after a lariat. After the match, Myers continued to attack until Crazzy Steve made the save.

*Chris Sabin & James Storm def. XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) after an enziguri/superkick combo on Romero.

*Rohit Raju(c) def. Cousin Jake (w/ Cody Deaner) after a running knee to retain the X Division Championship. After the match, Eric Young arrived with Joe Doering and they took out the Deaners.

*Willie Mack def. Moose via DQ when Moose refused to stop attacking Willie with elbows.

*The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) def. The North(c) (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) after the Magic Killer on Page to WIN the tag team championships

*The brackets for the knockouts tag team title tournament was revealed to feature Tenille/Alisha v. Nevaeh/Havok, Killer Kelly/Renee Michelle vs. Jordynne Grace/???, Kiera Hogan/Tasha Steelz vs. Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox/Delmi Exo), and Deonna Purrazzo/Kimber Lee vs. Taya/Rosemary

*Deonna Purrazzo def. Su Yung (14:47) after the Cosa Nostra cradle piledriver in a No DQ match to WIN the knockouts championship.

*Rich Swann(c) def. Sami Callihan (20:28) after a series of kicks to retain the worlds championship. Ken Shamrock tried to interfere but was stopped by Eddie Edwards.


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You just know that somewhere out there, there's an Impact superfan who hates AEW and is utterly pissed off at the thought of this.

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Triple H Throws Shade at Impact Wrestling After AEW Crossover

WWE executive, NXT showrunner, and Jared Kushner to Vince McMahon'sDonald Trump, Triple H, took aim at rival pro wrestling organization Impact in a recent interview after Impact became publicly involved in a wrestling super-mega-crossover event with NXT's biggest rival, AEW Dynamite. Triple H was speaking with paid shill Ryan Satin, who shamelessly begged clickbait wrestling websites to make clickbait from his interview after it dropped earlier today.

"When you're looking at talent – there's always talent that are out there – and you have to look past where they are, what they're doing, how they've gotten to where they are, what sort of exposure or kind of information they've been given," Triple H responded, innocently at first, when Satin asked him to talk about the signing of Dez and Wentz of The Rascalz, formerly of Impact Wrestling. "Did they just figure it out on their own? Or is someone helping guide them? All those things."

But then Haitch, like a jilted lover, laid into Impact with the most passive-aggressive of comments. "So, you look at all these talents. These are two kids are, I think, I'm very impressed with the things that they've done, but I don't know that they really had a lot of helping hand to help have them get to where they are," he said. "They just sort of figured it out on their own. They've figured out personality and charisma. They've figured out the in-ring style they have and made it their own. I'm a big fan of that."

Of course, The Rascalz were heavily featured on Impact Wrestling for a long time, both in the ring and in backstage segments, where they had their own series of skits set in "The Treehouse" where they were implied to be getting stoned, filmed in the style of similar smokeout sessions in That 70s Show. It's not exactly like they were wrestling in backyards. They're television stars. So it's difficult to view Triple H's comments as anything other than a dig at Impact, who he now has beef with because they're working with AEW, which beats NXT in the ratings every week, making Triple H look like a failure to his father-in-law.

Further showing Triple H to be butthurt about AEW and Impact Wrestling getting together, Haitch also made comments on the recent NXT Takeover WarGames media call claiming that WWE is always open to doing crossovers themselves, so long as it's in WWE's interest. Of course, WWE's interest as a massive, bloated megacorporation is to crush and then swallow all of its competition, so if it's in their interest, what does that mean for their partners?


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Results from tonight's "Final Resolution" event on Impact+


*Tommy Dreamer def. Larry D (11:15) in an extreme rules match after the DDT. As a result, Larry D must go to jail for shooting John E Bravo so Dreamer handcuffed him after the match.

*Nevaeh & Havok def. Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) (8:01) after a reverse powerbomb/cutter combo.

*Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb def. Alisha & Eddie Edwards (9:12) when Tenille pinned Alisha with the Spotlight Kick after a distraction from Sami Callihan. After the match, Callihan attacked Eddie with his bat and laid him out with the Piledriver.

*Hernandez def. Fallah Bahh (6:20) with a top rope splash in a match where Kiera Hogan was guest referee. As a result, Hernandez was to have won back his roll of cash but Kiera & Tasha refused to turn it over so Hernandez chased them away.

*Eric Young (w/ Joe Doering) def. Rhino (10:33) after hitting him with his mask while the ref was down. The Deaners ran out to stop Young but Cody Deaner then turned on Cousin Jake and laid him out. 

*Manik (TJP in a mask) def. Rohit Raju(c) (11:06) with a rollup to win the X Division Championship.

*Deonna Purrazzo(c) (w/ Kimber Lee) def. Rosemary (w/ Taya Valkyrie) (13:03) after the Cosa Nostra piledriver to retain the knockouts championship. After the match, Taya sent Deonna & Kimber from the ring and stood tall.

*Karl Anderson def. Ethan Page (w/ Josh Alexander) (13:18) after the Gun Stun. As a result, the North will not get a tag title rematch. Afterwards, Josh and Ethan argued. Ethan said he had a plan but Josh walked off alone.

*Rich Swann(c) def. Chris Bey (20:04) with the Phoenix Splash to retain the Impact worlds championship. After the match, Moose came out for a staredown with Swann.



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The Larry D/Tommy Dreamer/John E. Bravo angle might be the dumbest thing I've seen in wrestling lately.  Think about how much ground that covers.  The silly Rosemary/Bravo relationship had some potential, but the angle has crashed hard since the shooting.  I'm imagining AEW viewers who don't watch TNA tuning in, seeing this as the show's opening, and tuning back out.  I was amused at the segment on TNA a few days ago where Larry D went out of his way to point out how stupid it was to let a guy walk free on murder charges if he won a wrestling match.  Almost as dumb as a dude who swears he's innocent agreeing to go to jail on murder charges if he loses a wrestling match.  Or a wrestler "arresting" and handcuffing a dude after said match.

Rest of the show was a mixed bag.  Nothing extremely good, but a few decent matches.  The bad.... well, when the show was bad, it was really bad.  Rhino moving at half speed gave that match a "let's work out our spots in this empty warehouse before the match" feel.  Same for the opener with Dreamer.  Taking too long to set out garbage spots without a crowd to pop for said spot or at least distract from how long the setup was taking really killed the pacing.

Main event was ok, but neither Bey nor Swann feel like they should be main-eventing this "big" (not that TNA is a big or prestigious promotion anymore, other than that they still have tv).

Even with the empty arena, there's not much I wouldn't like to see TNA changeup in terms of presentation, booking, roster, etc.  Roster has a few people I want to see more of, but has many more wrestlers I probably wouldn't miss if I never saw again.

Tommy Dreamer chanting "You still got it" TO HIMSELF in any empty arena sums up TNA as well as anything.  Hopefully, inserting Omega and AEW into the next set of tapings drags the promotion upward.

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I read about Dreamer/Bravo match on reddit and I thought that someone was making shit up. Reminds me a bit of OGz vs LAX feud that had OGz hitting small kid with a car, but it was later revealed that kid didn't die because I guess they realised that it was fucking stupid. Looks like this time they didn't realise it.

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So Impact is the only federation brave enough to put the heavyweight title on a black man, have him defend it against the black man in a PPV main event, and have his next presumptive challenger also be a black man?

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Jake Crist is officially gone.  He hasn't been around for months though.

Ethan Page is most likely gone as well.  Not Josh Alexander though.  A Josh Alexander singles run could be pretty good.

I've found IMPACT to be hard to watch since like BFG last year.  You had Joey Ryan's dick stuff, then the pandemic, then other guys' dick stuff, losing Tessa Blanchard without getting her to drop the World Title, building Slammiversary around debuting fired WWE guys, and now they're all about AEW.  And the corn to serious ratio has just been way out of whack for a while now.

I like the pandemic Impact Zone a lot though.  I could live without the constantly flashing screen and I don't understand why anyone has guardrails without fans but I like the tightness of the room.  I liked AEW at the Nightmare Factory too.  I saw some clips of ROH's setup and I like the screens but the room's way too big.

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On 12/16/2020 at 7:31 PM, BEN! said:

I don't understand why anyone has guardrails without fans

So when the Wrestlers go outside, they have something to throw each other into. If the rails weren't there, they'd have to do the hundred yard Irish Whip like that guy did to Human Tornado that one time.

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Notes from tonight's Best of 2020 pt 1:

X Division Wrestler of the Year: Ace Austin
Tag Team of the Year: The North
Knockout of the Year: Deonna Purrazzo
Wrestler of the Year: Deonna Purrazzo

I love the praise for Deonna. Cool to see Matthew Palmer (who was the security guard Moose beat up last week) getting a chance for a quick promo and will be challenging Moose.

The brackets for the Super X Cup at Genesis on January 9:
Ace Austin vs. Suicide
Daivari vs. Cousin Jake
Crazzy Steve vs. Tre Lamar
KC Navarro vs. Blake Christian

Another Tony & Tony paid ad aired. Tony K mentioned that with Omega working Hard to Kill, Impact is welcome to send some of their guys to Dynamite. He again commented on the tag teams in Impact and said he might be checking some of their contract status.

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On 12/16/2020 at 2:31 PM, BEN! said:

Jake Crist is officially gone.  He hasn't been around for months though.

FWiW, he said in an interview that Impact hasn't paid him in six months, so.... 


On 12/5/2020 at 1:42 PM, Peck said:

The person that wrote that sounds like a real pleasure to be around.

I can imagine a couple members here writing an article like that.

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Report: WWE Inquiring About The Status Of Top-Level IMPACT Stars

According to new reports, WWE is looking to IMPACT Wrestling for some potential new signings.

There is perhaps no modern professional wrestling company more resilient than IMPACT Wrestling. Establishing its roots in the old TNA Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling has been consistently proclaimed to be on the brink of extinction and yet, continues to innovate and cultivate new superstars every year.

According to a new report by Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE WWE has been making overtures now toward some of the top-level IMPACT talent in an effort to find out when contracts expire.

IMPACT has seen a recent resurgence in the last month due to the working relationship with AEW. At Hard To Kill on January 16, Kenny Omega will team with Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson against the Motor City Machine Guns and Rich Swann. 

This match will feature three talents that were officially signed with WWE over the last five years. Gallows and Anderson were of course paired with AJ Styles and had runs as the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. Rich Swann was once the WWE Cruiserweight Champion and Alex Shelley, one half of the Motor City Machine Guns, took part in the WWE NXT Dusty Rhodes Classic earlier in this calendar year.

WWE also signed Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier of The Rascalz recently.


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