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14 minutes ago, Death From Above said:

Apparently the 1.03 patch was corrupting some player's save data, but there was a rollback to 1.02 for now so people should be safe. The hits just keep on coming.

WWE 2K20, fucking disaster.

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On 11/22/2019 at 12:58 PM, The Natural said:

WWE 2K20, fucking disaster.

That's harsh.  What did fucking disasters ever do to you to make you compare them to 2K20.

2K20 wishes it was a fucking disaster.  The game seems to be actively trying to book itself into "crime against humanity" conversations.  

At least it has goals.

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7 hours ago, paintedbynumbers said:

this is part of the playstation black friday sale. Wondering if i should bite the bullet for when/if the patch ever does work.  It's roughly $45 for the deluxe version I believe.  

Dude, no. If you really need to get rid of $45, donate it to a homeless shelter or food pantry.

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Good grief... this game.


I have a very different criteria for what compel me to buy a wrestling game since I don’t really play them.  I use the ones I’ve bought to run my simfed with my buddies.

So every year when I read reviews and feedback.  I’ve often taken it with a grain of salt as it concerns listing the negatives because for me they often don’t apply.   But wow do some of the videos I’ve seen talk me out of buying this bullshit attempt at a game.  Which is too bad.  

In the simfed, I’ve got a character that is categorized as sort of a magical Undertaker type.  So some of those gothic hellscape arenas might have served my purposes just fine.





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