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  1. Jesus, Baba kicked Brody so hard it triggered a Fred Sanford-sized heart attack.
  2. Is it too late to bring in Savio Vega instead? I'm not even that down on Havoc, but Havoc as the big reveal will probably be underwhelming. Then again, "underwhelming" mostly sums up my feelings about the Dark Order, so maybe Havoc is perfect for the role.
  3. I don't have any shame over my unplayed pile. I buy games when I have some extra cash or see something I particularly want at a good price. I collect games and I even play some of them. Just the way it is. I've probably bought 60-70 games just since Thanksgiving. I'll never catch up on my PS4 backlog. I've actually fallen out of "like" with my PS4. Probably temporary. But, as a collector, I don't quite love the PS4. I've grown to dislike the standard PS4 case (too flimsy, no manual, etc.). And, my PS4 collection seems to be mostly remasters, sequels, and indie games from Limited Run Games and similar publishers. And those guys are a pain to deal with.Really dislike LRG's business model. Oh, and I kinda dislike whoever came up with the idea to re-release complete/game of the year/definitive editions with a voucher code for the dlc instead of putting the dlc on the disc. At the moment, I'm really into the PS3 generation. So much great stuff I've never played. And, since so much of it has been remastered for PS4, I've been picking up more collectible editions than I normally do. Got the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Set and Resident Evil HD Remaster Collector's Package yesterday. PS3 library is awesome , even taking into account that 100-200 (more?) games got remastered for PS4. Anyway, pile of shame I'm going to try to get through before Summer PS3 - Shadows of the Damned, Ico HD, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, No More Heroes; Heroes Paradise, Vampire/Darkstalkers Resurrection, Vanquish (might play PS4 remaster), Portal 2, Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, Oddworld New & Tasty, Asura's Wrath, Spec Op the Line PS4 - Bayonetta (might play Switch version instead), Last of Us Remastered, God of War III Remastered, Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, End of Eternity HD (can't remember what it's called in NA) Vita - Rose in the Twilight Xbox 360: Bullet Witch
  4. WWE Films is doing a Grumpy Old Men remake?
  5. So..... John Beilein really knows how to liven up a film session. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28450077/coach-john-beilein-apologizes-cavs-says-meant-call-players-slugs-not-thugs I'm not sure what's worse - calling a group of young black men (who make very good money) "thugs" or doing damage control by saying you meant to call the players "slugs.". The context is that Beilien was apparently complaining his players has started playing soft, so, in that context, claiming you actually meant to say the players were "slugs" makes no sense. He's mad his players are no longer playing like slugs? Yeah... that makes no sense. I know Coach Beilein. He coached at my alma mater before getting the Michigan job. I met him numerous times through work. He struck me as a class act and not at all a racist. On the other hand, he's been a college coach for decades, so it's hard to believe he isn't aware that's something you just can't say to players. He seems like he's in over his head. Cleveland's a dumpster fire. He's not the guy to put it out.
  6. I laughed way too much at the story about the promoter who said to the workers "You guys have to hurry up and tear down the ring. I was bitten by a bat and might have rabies, so I gotta go the to the ER." The promoter who wanted to pay the wrestler in action figures because attendance was a little too on the nose (the wrestler wanted paid so he'd have enough gas money to make it to the next town).
  7. You're going to have to show me some proof ROH is a "fed just trying to make a buck". I call shennanigans.
  8. Are you implying that some wrestling shirts aren't hideous? I'm going to need to see proof to back up that claim.
  9. Is there any real reason to keep a lot of space free on the PS4 hard drive? I typically just keep a few games installed at once, but I noticed this morning that I've been letting the installed games pile up and about 750 mb out of 872 is being used (1 tb drive; the console reserves the other 128 mb for systems operations). I deleted a few games that I know I won't play anytime soon and took it back down to 670 mb approx., but I'm wondering if I should free up more space? I don't really need to keep a lot of games installed since I basically only play physical editions of games. Installation times from disc for most games are short, so it's not really that big a deal. I hardly ever use the PS4 for anything except PS4 games (no surfing the web, watching dvds, using apps etc.) and I rarely download digital games or play online. Mostly, I just download system updates and game patches, plus the occasional paid dlc. Only real issue is performance. Haven't noticed anything that makes me thing the console is running slower due to using a lot of space , but I'd prefer to avoid that. Anything think they would be a benefit to emptying out the hard drive? I'd prefer to keep my favorite 30 or 40 installed, but since I have the discs in the same room, it's not a necessity. Probably will buy an external hard drive for the PS4, but unless it becomes a priority, it won't be for a month or two. Thanks.
  10. I got a laugh out of Lashley claiming he's never seen Liv Morgan before in his life.
  11. Man, the last five pages of this thread need loaded into a rocket and shot into the sun. Possibly with some of the posters involved aboard said rocket. That;s not a fact, btw. Just an opinion.
  12. Terrible week for ESPN. Foorball reporter Ed Aschoff passed away on 12/24 (his birthday) from pneumonia, He was 34,
  13. It's also the correct way to ward off a low flying bat. 2 for 1!
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