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  1. Nothing says "badass" like baggy Hammer pants and checkered suspenders.
  2. I didn't realize Sony had confirmed that the PS5 would play all PS4 games. The console is based on the PS4 architecture so it should play all PS4 physical discs right out of the box. None of the goofy emulation that Microsoft does. I thought backwards compatibility was still in the "wait and see" phase. Apparently not. So, yeah, no reason to buy a PS4 Pro unless I spy a limited edition console on eBay that I like.
  3. Can someone who upgraded from the PS4 slim to PS4 Pro give me an idea how big the difference is, in practical terms. I don't have a 4k tv in the room the consoles are in, and have no immediate plans to buy one for gaming. I'm debating whether to buy one now, or wait. Honestly, I'm just fine with the way most games look (I still play PS3 and X360 regularly and have no issues with the way those games look, for that matter). Only real reason to buy a Pro now is for the handful of games that might not run well on the Slim. I've still got God of War, Nier Automata, and Sekiro on my pile. I kinda want a system that plays those three fairly well. Not too concerned about occasional frame rate drops unless they're frequent and terrible. Debating buying a pro. Might be a waste of money if I decide to buy a PS5 soon after release. I'd prefer to wait a while till the library is built up, but I may not. If most games are really backwards compatible and the console launches with some system sellers I want.... FWIW, most of my PS4 collection and want list is indie games and remasters - which don't require the power of the PS4 slim, to begin with. Can someone throw out some pros and cons, or games that run poorly on the slim? Thanks.
  4. Release date for the Animal Crossing/Doom crossover game we've all been demanding for years now. Edit: Apparently, Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal are two different games. Hmmm.... My island is going to be a lot less blood-soaked than I originally thought. It does appear that both games are going to release on the 20th, though.
  5. So, uh, the problem with my PS4 was that I stuck the disc in the PS3 (one shelf down, right below the PS4) by mistake. The PS4 console didn't detect the disc because.... there was not disc in the F***ing machine. I am dumb. Seriously, seriously dumb. Fortunately, the console seems no worse for wear even after I poked around with it last night. Still kinda thinking I'll buy a Pro when I get paid mid-week. Or at least start watching sales. We're starting to see some games that run well on a Pro and really poorly on a standard slim (Control). I'll be really surprised if Ghost of Tsushima runs well on the vanilla console. Planned to pick up a Pro before TLOU 2 and Ghost hit shelves anyway. As many 7th and 8th generation games as I still have to play, I'm kinda wanting wait awhile before I pick up a next gen system. We'll see.
  6. The Nikki-Alexa stuff is so goofy, it's endearing. Alexa's a hard pass for me, but i tend to not change the channel if she's in a tag match. When they split up the team, Nikki seems like the natural choice to stay babyface. So the odds are probably 90% that she turns on Alexa. Sigh.
  7. Thanks. I already had it unplugged twice tonight, so I'm guessing that won't solve the issue. I can always ask the it guys at work to take a look at it or exercise the warranty, so it's not a big issue. Been playing a lot of PS3, X360, and Wii lately, and the games I was planning to buy this month were mostly for older consoles, anyway. I feel like it's time to go out and buy a PS4 Pro. Should have done it last summer. Walmart has them marked down to $299 and I have a relative that used to work there and still gets the employee discount. So.....
  8. I unplugged it for about half an hour and set it on its side (per advice on the internet). What should I do for a "hard" reboot? I booted it into safe mode, but wasn't sure what to do after that. I'm leaving it unplugged overnight. Will check it again tomorrow. If no progress, I'll call customer support and see what my options are. It's still under warranty, so there should be a solution. I was planning to buy a Pro sometime in the spring anyway.
  9. Anyone ever have a game disc get stuck in the PS4? I was deleting some games and installing a few new ones and one of the discs seems to be stuck. Console isn't recognizing the game, so the menu command won't work nor will the eject button. Google suggests turning it on its side (vertical), so I'm going to try that. If not, there's a way to manually eject the disc by taking a section of the cover off and turning a screw, but I'm hoping to avoid that. Kinda concerned the console is broken (though it was fine right before this). Console is only 7 months old with moderate use. I was going to upgrade to a Pro soon anyway, but it's the limited edition Days of Play model, do I'm hoping it's not going bad already. Is this a common occurrence, or should I be concerned something else is going on. Edit: Tried the recommended methods to get the disc out. No luck. Fortunately, it's still under warranty, so I hopefully can get it fixed or replaced.
  10. I usually agree, but I'm opposed to the Fiend/Bray Wyatt being on my tv, so I'd be surprisingly ok with Goldberg coming in for one match and killing Bray's heat.
  11. I think he also said Jungle Boy was the son of actress Luke Perry. Lol, there was an awkward pause after he said "actress", then he finished the sentence, so I'm guessing he caught himself a second too late. My wife (who doesn't watch wrestling) saw a pic of Stu Grayson in his ring attire and wanted to know why he was dressed as "discount store Kratos". That... sums up Grayson's heel character as well as anything, I guess. Good show. I"m in the minority, but Riho is an immediate channel-changer for me, so glad to see someone else with the belt, even though I think it's just a short-term transition.
  12. I really wanted someone on commentary to make a "MAN-bulance" joke. I was disappointed.
  13. All this Network talk reminded me that I still subscribe to the Network, even though i can't remember the last time I actually used it. Rectified that oversight. DVDVR saved me some money. I feel like I should toss the site a few bucks as a thank you.
  14. I'm sad Edge's hair and beard have turned heel on him in real life.
  15. I was in the lcs yesterday and the conversation turned to (how much I dislike) Slott's Iron Man run. So, uh, I wasn't aware Slott also retconned the FF's origin story to be the work of a dastardly alien despot. Ugh. Dan Slott may be my least favorite writer in comics right now (caveat: I havn't actually read his FF run).
  16. I felt the same way. Wind, pyro,and a match full of dudes with big hair is a bad combination.
  17. What am I missing here? It looks like one dude suplexing the other off the balcony into the ring. The balcony isn't that far above the ring and the mat is (presumably) padded. It doesn't look like that bad a spot compared to spots we see weekly. I don't undertstand the murder comment (though it does look like the ref immediately runs to check on the wrestler). I'm assuming there's something horrible the guy with the camera didn't quite catch? Honestly, when someone yelled "Watch the aircon!", I assumed they'd hit the celing ac unit and it would fall on one of them.
  18. Read Slott's Iron Man run. Regret that decision very much. Didn't feel like the writing on the book (issue to issue) was anything special and I kinda hate almost everything he's done with the character. I might read Iron Man 2020 because I'm morbidly curious how Slott walks this back, but Superior lasted a few years before Slott brought Peter back and I'm probably not interested in putting that sort of time into the book. Sigh. And I thought babyface Dr. Doom was a terrible idea.... It's a tossup which I dislike more....
  19. In hindsight, you should have just let the Russian hackers take over the DVDVR. You'd probably get better customer service from their bots and shadowy Soviet overlords.
  20. Does anyone still follow Chikara? I'm curious because I don't remember seeing any mention of Chikara at all in the 2019 indie thread or the monthly omnibus thread, other than a recent mention of some dude being arrested for possessing child pornography after someone saw something on his phone and called police. Just curious. Chikara was my favorite indie for a long while back in the 2000's but I started drifting out of it during the BDK storyline and stopped following it at all when it shut down then came back. I think I've checked in on Chikara once since the shutdown. That was several years ago.
  21. Apropos of nothing....Years ago, I had character in a Fire Pro efed named Death Row. After a fairly good heel run, Death Row lost the blow-off to a feud and had to unmask. I decided that "Death Row" was a terrible name for a babyface so I decided to change his name. First step was to change his last name to "Rowe". "Death" was just his nickname. But I couldn't come up with a first name I liked, so I retconned him to be Irish and announced his first name was "Rowan". So his ring name eventually ended up as "Row Rowe". It got worse. Part of the problem with making him Irish was that his heel skin tone gave other players the impression he was biracial. So I had to lighten his skin tone about nine shades to Sheamus-white. Then someone made a "Row Rowe Rowe your boat" joke and I gave him a short-lived boat captain gimmick (he was basically a cross of babyface Norman the Lunatic and Captain Mike Rotunda). I would ask you not to judge me but you totally should. It was a series of bad ideas. A couple of his signature moves had the word "Potato" in the name. Finisher was a lariat briefly called the "Potato Peeler"
  22. I've gotten really interested in the story Ewing is telling in Hulk. Probably my favorite Marvel book lately.
  23. Jesus, Baba kicked Brody so hard it triggered a Fred Sanford-sized heart attack.
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