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  1. are you all sure it's not one of the Temple Guards from Legends of the Hidden Temple?
  2. on the kickoff show too, instead of R-Truth vs MVP.
  3. I want a Schultz-New Jack bounty hunter show
  4. wait for next year's shirt. KO Mania V: The Kev-a-powers Explode!
  5. "Evolution is a mystery. Full of change that no one sees."
  6. this should be the main women's match at WM, if Rousey isn't returning by then.
  7. or just hire 1 additional person to reupload all the archives that were previously on Stardom World in the interim.
  8. lousy chokey cricket team
  9. I guess keeping TUE around for the Wargames match.
  10. did someone ever make a Cena "You Can't See Me" for the rear windshield wipers?
  11. West Indies hammered Pakistan last night.
  12. I hope the in-ring does the "new" Bray Wyatt justice.
  13. I just assumed that Kushida was making his way through the crowd to take his seat...
  14. agreed, lost count of how many times I said to myself "FFS Mauro" after some pop culture reference shoehorned in there.
  15. Charly is the only reason to suffer through these pre-show panels, and even sometimes that isn't enough.
  16. Archie & Jughead should make a cameo appearance at the bookstore...
  17. he's always Coach McGuirk to me, as first point of reference.
  18. Ciampa vs Black at Rumble Takeover, leading to Gargano's redemption at WM weekend over Ciampa.
  19. the interviewer was my only lowlight of the show.
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