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  1. reminds me a little bit of the Beth Phoenix pose (with the hands)
  2. Riddle vs Mustafa Ali is listed on WWE.com too
  3. I remember getting a WWE Title one of those in the Loot Crate.
  4. Hogan interfering in the Savage-DiBiase main event at WM4?
  5. getting moonsaulted by Gon the Fox.
  6. but "Vengeance Day" plays off better against Valentine's Day.
  7. is the Post Show thing worth a watch?
  8. Australia still undefeated in D/N Tests also.
  9. India rolled for 36 in the 2nd innings, and Australia win the 1st Test.
  10. I like it how in the 1st pic, Brock's facial expression implies "ugh, I gotta wrestle Jinder?!" and in the 2nd pic it's "oh shit, I gotta wrestle AJ!"
  11. so then Mayu vs Sareee at the Year End Climax show?
  12. or Street Profits are going to SD to be with Bianca Bel Air?
  13. Dean Jones just passed away from a heart attack aged 59
  14. are you all sure it's not one of the Temple Guards from Legends of the Hidden Temple?
  15. on the kickoff show too, instead of R-Truth vs MVP.
  16. wait for next year's shirt. KO Mania V: The Kev-a-powers Explode!
  17. "Evolution is a mystery. Full of change that no one sees."
  18. this should be the main women's match at WM, if Rousey isn't returning by then.
  19. or just hire 1 additional person to reupload all the archives that were previously on Stardom World in the interim.
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