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  1. reminds me a little bit of the Beth Phoenix pose (with the hands)
  2. Riddle vs Mustafa Ali is listed on WWE.com too
  3. I remember getting a WWE Title one of those in the Loot Crate.
  4. Hogan interfering in the Savage-DiBiase main event at WM4?
  5. getting moonsaulted by Gon the Fox.
  6. but "Vengeance Day" plays off better against Valentine's Day.
  7. is the Post Show thing worth a watch?
  8. Australia still undefeated in D/N Tests also.
  9. India rolled for 36 in the 2nd innings, and Australia win the 1st Test.
  10. I like it how in the 1st pic, Brock's facial expression implies "ugh, I gotta wrestle Jinder?!" and in the 2nd pic it's "oh shit, I gotta wrestle AJ!"
  11. so then Mayu vs Sareee at the Year End Climax show?
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