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  1. Afghanistan upsets Australia, and now we might not make the semis
  2. these pre-tournament seedings are dumb. hopefully they never do it again.
  3. where does him using the 'cheat sheet' of how to put on the leglock rank?
  4. he gave us that rap video, which led to the Disco Inferno parody. possibly the high point of both their careers.
  5. USA begin T20 World Cup with a win over Canada.
  6. the Daisy Monkey vs WAKANAAA/HIMAWARI match was really good. not quite as good as Crazy Star vs FWC, but pretty close.
  7. Overview: Professional wrestler Ashley Massaro died by suicide in 2019. Ashley vs WWE follows events leading up to her death and examines allegations of abuse while she was wrestling for WWE. As journalist Isobel Thompson delves into Ashley's story, she investigates whether her allegations are just the tip of the iceberg. This story takes Isobel from the UK, to Ashley’s home of Long Island, and into the world of WWE wrestling in the early 2000s - where the power, influence and misogyny of the real world played out through the characters in the ring. --------------------------------------- anyone listened to this one?
  8. so which company gets the "legal custody" of Fuwa-chan?
  9. CMLL Super Viernes from 5th April
  10. please no more Johnny TV! awful!
  11. is my compass failing? aren't YB/BF in the West Division, and face the winners of the East Division?
  12. Jade hits Bianca with Jaded. As she leans back and somewhat bridges for the pin, then everyone piles on both of them for the double pin.
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