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  1. or Street Profits are going to SD to be with Bianca Bel Air?
  2. Dean Jones just passed away from a heart attack aged 59
  3. are you all sure it's not one of the Temple Guards from Legends of the Hidden Temple?
  4. on the kickoff show too, instead of R-Truth vs MVP.
  5. I want a Schultz-New Jack bounty hunter show
  6. wait for next year's shirt. KO Mania V: The Kev-a-powers Explode!
  7. "Evolution is a mystery. Full of change that no one sees."
  8. this should be the main women's match at WM, if Rousey isn't returning by then.
  9. or just hire 1 additional person to reupload all the archives that were previously on Stardom World in the interim.
  10. lousy chokey cricket team
  11. I guess keeping TUE around for the Wargames match.
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