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  1. or just hire 1 additional person to reupload all the archives that were previously on Stardom World in the interim.
  2. lousy chokey cricket team
  3. I guess keeping TUE around for the Wargames match.
  4. did someone ever make a Cena "You Can't See Me" for the rear windshield wipers?
  5. West Indies hammered Pakistan last night.
  6. I hope the in-ring does the "new" Bray Wyatt justice.
  7. I just assumed that Kushida was making his way through the crowd to take his seat...
  8. agreed, lost count of how many times I said to myself "FFS Mauro" after some pop culture reference shoehorned in there.
  9. Charly is the only reason to suffer through these pre-show panels, and even sometimes that isn't enough.
  10. Archie & Jughead should make a cameo appearance at the bookstore...
  11. he's always Coach McGuirk to me, as first point of reference.
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