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  1. Cleavy

    YOUR Riverdale Sleaze Thread

    Archie & Jughead should make a cameo appearance at the bookstore...
  2. he's always Coach McGuirk to me, as first point of reference.
  3. Ciampa vs Black at Rumble Takeover, leading to Gargano's redemption at WM weekend over Ciampa.
  4. the interviewer was my only lowlight of the show.
  5. Cleavy

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

    just use the AXE BOMBER
  6. Cleavy

    Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread

    I never realised how much Rossy looks like "Japanese JR" until right now.
  7. Cleavy


    but if Braun and AJ are both World Champions, they probably wouldn't have them in the final at the TLC ppv (unless they're pulling double duty?).
  8. Cleavy

    YOUR Riverdale Sleaze Thread

    the bat-shit crazy meter is at 15 right now.
  9. Cleavy

    2018 AFL Premiership Thread

  10. Cleavy

    2018 AFL Premiership Thread

    finally a close GF!
  11. I'm still hoping for 2/3 falls or an Ironwoman match.
  12. Cleavy

    2018 AFL Premiership Thread

    Collingwood upset Richmond in the prelim. Didn't see that coming! West Coast hammered Melbourne. So Collingwood vs West Coast in the Grand Final next weekend.
  13. Cleavy

    The Cricket Thread, Mark 2

    700 wickets might be a stretch but who knows?