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On 1/11/2020 at 5:57 PM, Ramo2653 said:

Fonzie, if you're really looking for a WWE game with official scans, music etc, then 2K19 is pretty good. I got it last February when it was on sale and I like it aside from the submission system.

It's not better than FirePro though.

I'll second this, I bought it July last year and have pretty much played the Universe feature every day since then. Plus as it's the 'older' game pretty much every CAW and arena you can think of has been made.

I'm currently running a bespoke fed (IWA) which as its main storylines has the Four Horsemen v Goldberg, Steamboat not being able to beat Stunning Steve for the TV title in the required time limit, and a Blackjack Mulligan v Terry Funk US title feud that's getting more and more violent.

Regarding the submission system I had to keep the game on easy mode to deal with it 😕

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Got back into 2K19 between playing Fire Pro. If the A.I. was better balanced for all modes, and the grapple mechanics fixed, this would be a way better game. I mean if you look at it the reversal system is just the timed grapple system in KoC. The only difference is the guy on defense is the guy in charge with button timing. Also I’m not a fan of race to a finisher. I enjoy Spike’s invisible barriers to hit finishers, or super moves. But seriously this game series had potential, shame they lost the original cooks in the kitchen because of 2K’s blunders as a developer.

But yeah, singles matches aren’t bad. Top rope moves being easy to reverse on any difficulty is bullshit. They should just eliminate the reverse mechanic on that, unless you have a KoC style super move stored. Tag matches are broken still. So if I want to role-play a typical build to a big singles match, I can’t because it’s no fun. Makes me remember how good it was to dip into tag matches in No Mercy. I would do a years worth of cards because of how fun it was to play all my CAW’s against one another.

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One way in which AEW could keep some of its luster during this strange time is by announcing a video game. 

2K19 was definitely a flawed yet still pretty great game. The tower mode was a great new mode that was really fun to play single player, which is usually the big stumbling block in these games for me at least. "Okay, I've spent hours downloading CAWs and adjusting moves and points so that everything makes sense. Now I have to actually play the game tho..." And while it is a fucking blast with friends the AI isn't very good and it definitely is a race to the finisher, which gets real monotonous. Towers gave me something to focus on in single player mode that was challenging and more arcadey so I don't care if the matches don't reflect a good wrestling match so much. 

I've had as much fun playing 2K18 and 19 with friends than I have any wrestling games since getting into Fire Pro D with friends in high school and VPW 2/No Mercy. So there is definitely a great platform to build on but then 2K got greedy by cutting Yukes out. Yeah, I'm sure it's annoying having to deal with their code and going through them for changes instead of having everything done internally but fuck. How could they not see this coming and just skip a year? Release a 2K20 DLC pack and sell that to hold people over while you try to rebuild an engine without Yukes. 

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