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15 hours ago, Pete said:


Big Casserole.

Cass is clearly thinking if it worked for Chris Hero, it can work for him. However, he ignored one major detail, he's not Chris Hero in the ring. Now would be a good time for Cass to repackage himself and do a Meatloaf gimmick. Perhaps he can get himself a puffy shirt from Gangrel, as they're both probably the same size. Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt would be way too small for Cass.

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Cass has kind of always looked like that. Minus a little goo. He's never really been jacked that I ever saw. At least not since his early days. I don't think he'll look like this ever again.


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On the one hand, we really shouldn't give Cass shit for his weight. It's uncool to do-- they guy lost his girlfriend and dream job, and plus, I myself am slowly morphing into Haystacks Calhoun, so I'd be a huge hypocrite. 

On the other hand, I've been laughing for like 45 minutes because fuck that guy

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