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  1. Just waiting for John Stewart to win the title, and we’ll officially be at WCW 2.0 level bad
  2. Counting the 1 1/2 matches I watched tonight, that brings my WWE viewing total for the month to 1 1/2 matches...
  3. Only if we can have someone do to CM Punk what Don Frye did to Takayama...
  4. Besides comedic relief from a 6’8”, 400 lb man turtling up at the first sign of contact?
  5. I’m very late to the party with AEW. I just watched the All Out show and I have a question. I wasn’t impressed with Adam Page, at all. He seemed very generic and sloppy. Was it just this match, or is he just kind of average? What are some of his standout matches?
  6. In no order: Minoru Suzuki Great Muta Ric Flair Stan Hansen Somoa Joe Cesaro Necro Butcher Arn Anderson Bryan Danielson Tajiri
  7. MRSA is a bitch. Basically, if you have it, odds are very good it flares up again. It evolves and can become resistant to most medicines. I had it flare up four times in one year. Painful as hell, just a constant until the flare up goes away. I would rather break a bone than deal with that shit.
  8. Still more realistic than a Shane McMahon punch!
  9. That’s insane! I filled up for $2.31 per gallon this morning
  10. Completely off topic, but how much is gas in Canada?
  11. How about Taz? He was 4’6” but would squash jobbers like he was 5’6”!
  12. I was pretty surprised by the Wagner/Demon match. Those two are so past their prime that I usually can’t watch anything either are in. But this was the best match you could have ever asked for between them at their advanced age! The whole show was great fun
  13. First thing I noticed was HHH working his way in there... I mean, it’s been forever since we’ve seen him
  14. I’m not going to lie, it took a while for me to spot her. I kept thinking “I’m pretty sure that’s Booker T”! Then I saw her. Oops, my bad...
  15. Looks like they’re teaching from the “Shane McMahon School of Strking” down at the Performance Center!
  16. iowanole

    NJPW G1 2019

    I have never been able to wrap my mind around someone enjoying a Yano match. I am always down for a good comedy match, but my lord, everything I have seen him in has been awful. What is a match that may sway me from that thought process?
  17. iowanole

    NJPW G1 2019

    Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Ospreay/Archer. Maybe Archer can take Fale’s spot of monster getting a title shot. I really love ZSJ as a cocky prick! Not sure if he is truly like that, but it’s believable. It looks like I am in the minority, but I didn’t like the Kenta/Ibushi match. Didn’t seem to have a great flow and felt like Ibushi was slowing things down so Kenta could keep up. Didn’t hate it, but was well below the Archer/Ospreay, ZSJ/SANADA and Tana/Okada matches for me.
  18. First one that came to my mind was Taz in ECW. Was a face, broke his neck and was out. When he came back, he felt he wasn’t properly taken care of when he was gone by ECW. He was also pissed that the fans cared more about Sabu’s return from betraying the company and Taz, than they were his return from injury, fighting for their enjoyment.
  19. Ric Flair Muta Minoru Suzuki Arn Anderson
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