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  1. Game of Throne fans: Could you fuck up an ending any worse? Vince McMahon: Hold my beer!
  2. I just watched the last MLW episode. It was interesting and Jacob Fatu seems to be a star in the making. A side question: I haven’t seen a ton of Callahan, but are his promos always so horrible, or was this a one off? He wears a Death Machine hat, but his promo makes him feel less intimidating than Hornswoggle.
  3. Haven’t read a lot about BJW lately. Seemed they were doing well with some non death match stuff for a while, but went quiet lately. Anything of interest there?
  4. Well, it sounds like it was an interesting 3 nights. Haven’t heard of a real standout match, but maybe not enough people have watched it yet.
  5. Are we sure he’s not staring in a WWE production of Varsity Blues 2? The plot is this: Jonathan “Mox” Moxson’s Football career flamed out and is now a bounty hunter. His high school buddy Tweeder escapes from jail, and Mox is the only one with the skills and knowledge to help the FBI (played by the Revival) track him down. This scenario seems much more plausible
  6. They did a really nice job from a production standpoint to make it appear very 80’s NWA like.
  7. One of the weaker looking SSS16. I haven’t followed Progress nearly as closely as I did a couple years ago, but hopefully this one surprises!
  8. I recall seeing it on Sunsports Channel in the early 200’s. I only caught a handful of episodes before it wasn’t on there. I didn’t know what to think because one episode was Ricky Banderas wrestling someone in what looked like a damn monsoon
  9. I would like to know more about the woman with her back to the camera...
  10. You are all better than me! I tapped out after the Kofi/Bryan match and from the looks of it, didn’t miss much. The crowd was really into that, which was good to see
  11. He could have been there... cocaine is a hell of a drug!
  12. ROH has been stale for years and anything Bubba is included in makes it 100 times worse. It feels like the only reason ROH is looked at as the #2 fed is because of its affiliation with NJPW.
  13. I only caught the Dunne/WALTER match. It was very good, hate that they use a splash as WALTER’s finisher. Probably my only complaint
  14. Is Quiet Storm the worlds tallest dwarf? He’s just so odd looking...
  15. So, how did that work out for Hamilton and the Noles?
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