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5 hours ago, Marty Sugar said:

My thoughts on the Concrete Jungle: WHY. THE. FUCK.

If I was ever asked to do a match without pads and canvas: NO. FUCKING. WAY.

How about the real version of the match from Japan (FREEDOMS  probably)where use real concrete?

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12 hours ago, Execproducer said:

That is perfect because Becky is like the Captain Marvel version of a bratty nine-year old child.

I thought maybe Becky had gotten a role on Dr Who.

Edit: Also, who is that in the unicorn Halloween pic?  I can't id any one.

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Top row: Austin, Hogan, Roberts, Kane, Mr. Perfect, Andre the Giant and Flair.

Second row: Bearer, Bret, DiBiase, Savage, Yokozuna, Slaughter and Undertaker. 

Third row: Warrior, Boss Man, Foley, Triple H, Piper, Ramon and King Bookah! 

Bottom row: Goldust, Mysterio, Rock, Mountie, JYD, Shango and Michaels.

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2 minutes ago, Rick said:

Is Cody on meth?

Becky losing to Ronda is going to be such a bitter pill to swallow after all of her awesome work. 

Cody was looking rough to me. 

With you on Brutal Becky. I'm enjoying Becky getting her time on top after the nearly woman for so long. Lass Kicker deserves the spotlight. Keep the Smackdown Live Women's title on her into WrestleMania XXXV.

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In that photo, Cody looks like a guy without a nutritional science background who feel victim to a diet shake pyramid scheme and is desperately trying to sell his products to his family, neighbors and friends while alienating them all by telling them he can help them achieve their weight loss goals.

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