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3 hours ago, RIPPA said:


"There's all kinds of things happening in the photo"... that invites analysis. So what is the significance of the empty, flattened funko pop boxes? Is the Diet Coke being in front of Brandi, whilst the energy drink is in from of Kenny telling us something about the future booking of the IWGP Heavyweight title? Or is the Nail Varnish remover being in front of Goldust hint at a possible return of The Natural Dustin Rhodes? Is he posing with the Bullet Club because Jimmy Jacobs did that and got fired for it, and he's trying to get cut in time for All In 2? All of this has to mean something somehow!

Or he's just taking a picture with his Brother, Sister-in-Law and some family friends, at a signing or something. But it's odd that he's wearing facepaint with regular clothes, anyway.

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