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  1. I was going to explain but if you want to live in your little bubble where you think the only reason people went to ROH shows was to see a couple random NJPW guys then you are too far gone to even try to rationalize with. But yea sure let me just jump on the bandwagon #Bubba killed ROH
  2. This is so dumb I can only not be surprised it came from Twitter. It was a shit angle but damn can’t believe people are still this butt hurt over it.
  3. Holy shit the Hulkster was never as orange in his heyday as Heyman in that clip.
  4. This was a good flick but could have used about 30 minutes shaved off of the boring first half. Maybe use some of that time to explain in more detail some of the division amongst the machines and infighting after the conclusion of the first movies. Sounded hella interesting from what little we got. -The new Morpheus was terrible. -Waaaaaaay too much footage from the original movies. Doogie Howser killed it though.
  5. So give Will a pass because you love his wrestling but not Marty? Got it.
  6. Bigelow did the job to Major Payne and Snake Eater.
  7. Tony Khan slowly turning in to the Elon Musk of pro wrestling will be interesting to watch in 2022.
  8. Eventually he will reach the point of hating everything wrestling that doesn’t involve anyone in basic ring gear.
  9. Yes that’s no bump that’s Charles getting punched in the face.
  10. Yup. Read a whole story unrelated to Russo with Rock talking about how Khan would come to Hawaii when they were kids and they’ve been friends ever since. Anytime I see a story with “Former WWE writer” I automatically know to ignore it because it’s Russo. It’s amazing he EVER had a job in wrestling considering how out of touch with it he has always been.
  11. Yea he’s reached meme status. Whether he actually achieves anything beyond that is up in the air.
  12. Pretty sure that is already his gimmick.
  13. Watching an old Worldwide last night and Brain never disappoints. Brain: Tony know where “Pitty City” is? Tony: Where? Brain: Whichever one the Nasty Boyz are in because I pity the city. This show also featured Kurosawa and Meng beating the shit out of each other for at least 10 minutes in a non match that both I , Tony and Brain thought was amazing.
  14. Same. How long ago did Shane Douglas cut that promo in ECW about the NWA being dead for years? I agreed with him then.
  15. The harder he tries the thicker his accent gets. He could have literally laid an egg their was no way he was getting pushed with a voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard to Vince.
  16. Wish people would copy Super Dragon’s version and not Rollins sloppy version of the curb stomp.
  17. Rip Bernie Mac and sorry if this has already been posted elsewhere.
  18. Nick Khan’s bold strategy of releasing future prospects to flood the market with talent to see if Tony Khan will really run a 12 hour dark is sure to pay off.
  19. Their is a giant State Farm sign down the street from me with the agent’s name on it- Terry Fink.
  20. Hopefully Tony Khan doesn’t sleep on Danhausen. All his detractors are the same marks that thought OC’s gimmick was too Indy and they were wrong then just like they are now!!
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