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  1. I'm familiar with this movie but have never watched it. But this is a Tom Magee that I could get behind. Ripped dude in a sleeveless Canadian tuxedo just chucking dudes around.
  2. I liked this show for the most part, timing issues aside. That'll get hammered out as time goes on and shit, Raw still has that from time to time and they've been on the air forever. I think Hager brings a big, strong, hoss (especially when compared to the rest of the roster) and I wouldn't be too worried about the TNA/WWE castoff vibe because of his ability in-ring, his new MMA persona, and I think some type of belief from a chunk of the audience that he "wasn't used properly" in WWE (whether that's valid or not.) To get him over you just have him beat the hell out of everybody, say very little, and it's mission accomplished. Riho is great - Nyla needs a whole lot of seasoning but you can tell she checks a lot of boxes and thus won't be going anywhere any time soon. I might have tried to find a way to get Britt involved in that beatdown as a respectful save to set up something down the line (instead of Kenny or Nakazawa) but that's just me. I did wonder why the Main wasn't a DQ once Mox attacked Kenny. I do like the idea of refs having their own individual standard of discretion for DQ's and countouts but that seemed egregious. The same thing could have been accomplished by having the match end in DQ and the teams keep brawling which leads to the run-ins instead of the match continuing in a non-sensical way to have everybody get their shit in. Cutler's a jobber. I'm not sure why it's so confusing to some people. Every wrestling company needs 'em and it seems like Cutler is totally fine filling that role (especially with his other contract.) He gets to wrestle in front of big crowds on TV and get paid for it - part of his dream. With BTE, the countdowns, and all the other content they're producing, they can put together little backstories to the squashes... I'm okay with that. Surprised that PAC won but glad to see it. Low blow finish leads to at least another match between them, which is fine. Love Smith and Mewes and I know what they were shooting for with that little segment but its effectiveness relies almost solely on timing and that was totally screwed up. Plus it doesn't really help to get Evans and Angelico over - the whole gimmick of not being able to get a win is going to wear thin (if it hasn't already.) The show sets a good foundation - will be tough to maintain the hot crowd going forward but very interested to see how it goes from here.
  3. It seemed as though the timing of that last segment was messed up. It took forever to get Lana out there because they were waiting for her music and then they had to wait for the exact point to fire off the effects for The Fiend. That definitely didn't make the kiss thing any better. What type of a dude is Rusev when he doesn't just run up there and start swinging??
  4. Don't do that. Don't give me hope.
  5. I'm not alone in thinking that Tom Phillips is good at this job, right? I mean, I'm assuming that Cole is sticking around in front of the camera because Fox wants "star power" but Phillips has certainly, to me, shown he's capable of carrying the load.
  6. Well, mission accomplished because I clicked on all those @'s in the description out of curiosity to see who's paying Goldberg for content these days. Good gig if you can get it.
  7. How is there no fanny pack in this picture?
  8. It's been many moons since TSN dropped wrestling - I'd be very surprised if they didn't see this as an opportunity to compete with Sportsnet in some capacity. TSN has the UFC amongst its properties, so violence isn't really a problem for them now. Sportsnet owns hockey up here now, so TSN's got to try and get on the board with content for the *5* channels it has (which show the same damn thing simultaneously half the time.)
  9. Charleston, West Virginia on October 30 per today's BTE. Skipped over a bunch of Cody signing to get to that
  10. From what I've seen (including this), Callis was an above-average Canadian indy worker but a great talker (obviously) and has a good mind for the business. He's incredible at getting heat because he's so damn smarmy. Hearing babyface Callis do colour commentary for Impact is so weird after hearing him as a manager in WWE or as a TNN stooge way back in ECW.
  11. "Guys... what's on the Wellness Policy?" "We'll get you clean piss, Hammer."
  12. Virtually every piece of Model footage I've seen it looks like he's having an absolute blast being that character. I'm guessing professionally it would be incredibly refreshing to change it up to such a degree.
  13. Riddle is pretty versatile because he can work as a face and people like him but bro's natural tendency is to be a heel. The sooner they get him there, the better. Him and Keith Lee as part of a group of douchebags = $$$.
  15. Like others have mentioned, maybe it's a size thing but Rock's looked bad because he never squatted low enough (although his hand positioning also sucks)... the other smaller guys get down lower and it definitely makes a difference in terms of how the opponent is bent. Not sure if it's just that Rock couldn't squat that low or just didn't want to.
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