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  1. That match is actually really good, Cassidy's comedy aside. Starr just beats the ever loving shit out him and eventually Cassidy has to start to wrestle to protect and prove himself. Cassidy is a really good worker and athlete - this comedy stuff will get him over (and maybe pigeon-hole him...) but dude can go. The complete antithesis of that is a match I saw with him and Colt Cabana where Cassidy held a beer for most of it. But the crowd ate it up, so it totally worked.
  2. I love Orange Cassidy. I'm still trying to figure out why this stuff makes me giggle like an idiot.
  3. I'm also pretty sure that his training now is more based on function than physique. He swore (or still swears) by DDP Yoga and that, cardio, and a good diet will get you lighter and more flexible but won't get you huge or ripped. He could be bigger or have less body fat but for him he's got to make sure that he has the endurance to work and a body that best avoids injury. He's probably still chucking some iron around but not for the same reason as 20-25 years ago. Priorities change when you're 40+, (presumably) not on the gas, and are in the twilight of your career.
  4. I need a damn shower after listening to that. *looks up cougarlife.com*
  5. I'm in love with this tron. It's so weird - it fits that team perfectly.
  6. Watched this with my 9-year old son and had a good old time. He played with toys half the time - he tunes out on any tag team matches, though... says he "just can't get into tag team stuff." Marvez seemed uncomfortable in the pre-show but once JR got there you could tell he loosened up and got more comfortable. Excalibur is really, really good. I still think it would be great to take the mask off and do commentary as a person and not a worker but whatever. Like you said, JR seemed really enthused and while I'd like to see him step back from the booth sooner than later I think he was good to have around for this show and likely the next. I was happy to see the production quality where it was and definitely a step up from All In - all signs seem to point to these guys at least making a real push at being competition. I'd be wary of directly competing with Vince, though, as we've seen where that's headed. The Khan's got dough but still not so much that they can compete *everywhere*. They need to take the right risks and aim for the right audience and grow the brand organically. Nyla Rose does nothing for me. My son calls Kylie Rae a "Bayley" rip-off and he's right but I actually think she might be better than Bayley. It was obvious that Baker was going to win since they've been pushing her since the beginning but this start of the women's division is decent. Also - have I been sleeping on Scorpio Sky? Dude seems to me to be the best dude in SCU - Daniels and Kazarian are still good but Scorp seems to be great.
  7. Not necessarily - a "pure sports build" between Page and Omega is something I could see AEW doing to show that they're different and that they don't always need to have heel vs. face booking.
  8. As much as Rusev has arguably been misused and whatnot, if I'm Vince and/or Hunter I'm tempted to just cut bait on the both of them. They're not worth the trouble. Maybe that's their point - to get released and see what they can do elsewhere - but if WWE isn't letting people go for fear of getting over elsewhere, these two are just going to rot on the shelf until contract expiry. What's their collective ceiling in WWE, really? Lana ever going to be Women's champ on either brand? Rusev a legit title holder? I get their frustration but at this point it's not like their shade-throwing is going to get them anywhere (although it could be argued it can't really hurt them, either.)
  9. The little bit of a promo they show is pretty brutal but standard white-meat 'aw shucks' babyface, which is what he was. It was goofy and awkward, which is really the whole theme around Magee, I find. I think this is where his mindset and really wanting to be a pro wrestler makes all the difference in the world and why he probably wouldn't have got it even if they did give him an extended house show tour to learn. He's this goofy, awkward, well-meaning, extremely athletic guy who gave wrestling a shot but wasn't super *into* it - the guys that are most successful in wrestling seem to be those who are completely obsessed with the business and every little detail of it. He didn't seem to love it, and that's likely a reason he was able to simply walk away and disappear from it altogether.
  10. Apologies but I don’t see a thread for it - just saw the Network’s Hart/Magee special and a couple of observations: 1) Tom Magee was a great athlete but just judging by his talking about his life since and his time back then, he is just not a “pro wrestling guy.” Nice dude, great accomplishments but not someone who seemed wired for the business. 2) Magee was weirdly awkward in doing almost everything but backflips and armdrags - maybe he could’ve gotten better with about a year on the road but hard to say. 3) Harry Smith’s Bret impression is INCREDIBLE.
  11. How many managers did she ask to speak to with that hairstyle?
  12. Sure - some fall victim to those trappings and some don't. Was just wondering if there might have been injuries or other mitigating factors involved since some guys from the same territory (or even just in the US in those time periods, really) maintained physiques and those guys didn't.
  13. Fair enough. Is there any indication what happened that made Adonis gain weight like that? Same with Rose... did they just stop caring or was it injuries or anything like that? I've seen some stuff and they were both great workers and while with both it became an ironic part of their characters, it's still odd to me. I know that some guys (including myself) gain weight as we get older but their weight gains were pretty drastic...
  14. Always weird to me to see a skinny, brown-haired Adrian Adonis. Never mind the Blue Oyster hat and gloves.
  15. Per that article, E made $8,500 at the time of writing. That's 68 videos at $125, and using an average video time of 1.5 minutes, that's roughly 2 hours of filming time. Generously add an hour for prep time and you're looking at 3 hours of work. Definitely a nice side gig if you're good at it. Someone like E might actually have a lot of fun doing it (based on his birthday video for Bob.)
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