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  1. Full gear and flip flops. Love it every time I see it.
  2. As soon as I saw this and checked the clock, I was let down because I knew whatever was the closing segment on the 'Mania go-home Raw would pale in comparison. The wind was let out of the sails a bit with the Angle bit at the end, but then I just watched this chaos again and the excitement came back. I loved all of it.
  3. John's show is great - I enjoy it a lot. But the biggest issue is that there seems to be absolutely no impact from what he does. Several of the things that he's done bits on (psychics, Facebook, Astroturfing, nuclear waste, gerrymandering, etc.) were eye-opening and might have been the thing to get the ball rolling on change for some of those topics, but nothing ever seems to happen after them. Like mentioned earlier, most of the audience will view wrestling and wrestlers as being stupid and ridiculous anyway, so expecting some type of outrage and change because of this piece is unwarranted.
  4. Is there anybody in wrestling who was as athletic yet incredibly uncoordinated as Magee? Everything I've seen of the guy indicates that he would never, ever get it but that it should have been plainly obvious in a training ring, let alone on camera.
  5. The junior hockey team he owned - aptly named the Calgary Hitmen - started with pink and black team colours but added gold/orange trim along the way. Calgary Flames' colours are red, white, and orange, too, so it could be a reference to that since the Flames have owned the Hitmen since 1997.
  6. My brief forays into watching MLW online have me as a hard no on that front. It just sounds dated at this point.
  7. I see a triple meaning in the "us" but they're all related. Black, most certainly (and unfortunately, because it's such a difficult and risky path to tread.) I also think that there's a sense that being "like" them is being "New School": not partying, into video games, the internet, all of that. Things that Daniel Bryan and others that "get the rub" aren't - this of course ignoring that Joe, Orton, and others have been on UpUpDownDown repeatedly for storyline purposes. The third is that goofiness that New Day brings to the table and part of their charm (and partly why this B+ player stuff works well) - in kayfabe terms it's hard to take them seriously because of the pancakes, the trombone, their entrance, etc. But also in storyline terms they're 5x champs, Kofi's got his accolades, they do everything that the company wants, and still don't get "respect". Because they're not "serious" like Orton, Bryan, Joe and others, they don't get rewarded, unlike others on the roster. Of course, the race is what is going to stand out because it's the strongest and most negative overtone, which is what makes it so risky and why they shouldn't even bother going in that direction. Unless they use this to get to Vince going full Trump to get him off TV after 'Mania, in which case I'm totally here for it.
  8. Wonder if that place in Panama City, Florida is still standing where those Nitros were years ago... might be an interesting place for an AEW show. You might have a tough time convincing guys not to get into the pool, though.
  9. I still just can't get over what this guy's done to keep his career going. His work is good to great and his commitment to the craft is insane (just look at the chest scar for a recorded gimmick that he's got a battery in his now invincible cyborg body!)
  10. I read somewhere - think it was a Twitter post from one of the newz sites - that Heyman is coaching both Lynch and Rousey during this feud and it feels like he's got his fingerprints on it. This screams of someone creating buzz at the expense of some of the more "sacred" elements of pro wrestling which I'd like to think is something that Paul Heyman is an expert at. I mean, not like Russo, but Paul E.'s done his fair share of "blurring the lines" in attempts to get viewers, whether those viewers are "smart" and hateful of what going on or not. i don't think it's a good thing, it's just something he's done before (i.e. Pillman, Austin, etc.) I was hoping for just Ronda v. Becky, but if this how they've got to run the program to keep Ronda happy while getting Becky over, then that's a corner WWE have backed themselves into. I just don't think the shooty, kayfabe smashing bullshit is needed here (or anywhere, really.) Breaking kayfabe is just lazy creative, in my opinion.
  11. Anybody else have these figures and give guys colour in cage matches with a red Crayola washable marker when they were a kid? Just me? Oh... ok.
  12. Absolutely no way to rebuild the bridges that he's burned over the years. Like you say, he's always been a great talent and he seems effortless in-ring but this also means you can easily tell when he's phoning it in. Promos are okay but a bit wooden and one-note but would probably be about as good as the rest of the Hart crew were back in the day in the WWE machine. I'm not sure he could or would want to behave long enough to make it to a 'Mania - seeing a cat on the turnbuckle at Wrestlemania would be pretty great, though.
  13. The night after Wrestlemania was made for things like debuting these 4, if full-time additions. I suspect that this was HHH using some Raw time to cross-promote NXT using 4 of its best talents. While I appreciate the ambition to grow NXT, it's time that could likely be better spent using the roster RAW already has (although given the way the booking/writing seems to go, maybe not?)
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