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So...just how old are the DVDR posters?


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I'm here to replace you.



I'm here to replace you.



23. I'm here to replace you.


Yeah, trying to explain why Mark Henry is a good worker to my younger cousins sort of baffles their minds.

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Damn, that just killed the thread, didn't it?


I laugh at the fact that I was tearing up little league while Rev Ray, Phil, and Rippa, and Dean were still pooping themselves.

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We're all heading back around to pooping ourselves.  So old...


This may be true, but I figure I've got another twenty years before I need to worry about it... Since I've already had one heart attack (which I didn't even notice), I've switched to a much more healthy diet and started losing weight. I'll always be a proud member of Team Chunky, but in my doc's words I've gone from "heart attack waiting to happen" to "big guy that needs to keep exercising and watching what he eats.". I can easily live with the latter.


Now I shall have my usual noodles and yogurt for lunch... Soooo good.... ;-)

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My wife was just watchning POLTERGEIST and I was astounded at how young Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams looked to me.


Not like, compared to themselves today, but compared to me right now.


I had a similar crisis when I realized I'm now way older than Morty from MEATBALLS.


My only saving grace is that I'm still close to two decades younger than Mr. Hand in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH.


Of course, there's no way I look as good as Ray Walston when I'm 60.  Come to think of it, it's probably a bad sign that now when I watch that movie, one of my main takeaways is "Man, Ray Walston is in really good condition for his age.  I wonder if he does nautilus?  I should probably try nautilus." 


Like, the expected attitude to take toward Mr. Hand is not supposed to be an admiration of his physique.

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There's such an age difference between my sister's kids and my brother's kids that when referring to "My youngest niece" I still mean the 21 year old, not the 11 year old.  So my youngest niece is starting her fourth semester of college in a month.


This what happens when your oldest sibling is 8 years older than you and has kids when you're 11. :)

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