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  1. Turned out the Goblin Formula also gave him a Wolverine-style healing factor, which allowed him to survive being impaled by his own glider. He escaped from the morgue after killing someone with a similar physique to switch for himself, fled to Europe, and spent the next however-long-it-was in comics time orchestrating basically every shitty thing that happened to Peter in the ensuing years, including being the mastermind behind the Clone Saga nonsense.
  2. Middle-aged Peter David did okay, though.
  3. For people in an apartment situation, a headphone amp and a set of headphones might be a good option. Assuming you've got a turntable with a built-in preamp like the AT-LP60, get a quality headphone preamp like this Schitt model, which is good enough to make even a $25 set of cans like this sound great.
  4. Hickman is a noted LoSH fan, so I wouldn't be shocked if part of him coming over was being promised the Legion to play with, especially with how they've been teased throughout Rebirth.
  5. Magic Circle is a great old-school doom metal band from Boston and their second album, "Journey Blind", is coming out on Nov 20. You can listen to the first two tracks on the front page of their site here.
  6. IIRC, Moore is not benefitting financially from these reprints: per his request, his name has been removed from the credits and any money he would have made goes to Mick Anglo's estate.
  7. When asked if the blue futuristic-looking Flash on the cover is Wally, Booth replied "Wally is on the cover." I'm guessing he's the kid in the right-hand corner spray-painting "SUXS" on the wall.
  8. Any word on who is taking over permanently on Flash?
  9. Her response to this whole mess has actually made me want to read more from her.
  10. This is from the writer of the book in question:
  11. Honestly, it kind of makes sense -- the version of Lobo that was made hugely popular by Giffen back in the day was meant to be a parody/pastiche of the "badass action anti-hero" characters that littered the landscape of the grim-and-gritty 90's, so a Lobo created in 2013 probably would be a commentary on the "tortured pretty boy" type like Hiddleston's Loki, any almost character Benedict Cumberbatch plays, etc., wouldn't he?
  12. Huh? He looks fine to me... EDIT - Ah-ha, I hadn't read the thing about THIS lobo being an imposter, and this being "the real thing": I actually like the design, but yeah, it really doesn't say "Lobo" to me.
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