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  1. What is he doing these days? Is he still commentating 205 Live?
  2. I enjoyed him when he first came to WWE. He was one of my standout performers of 2001 before he got injured. Of course, that was 15 years prior to this, so it's understandable that he isn't the same performer.
  3. Kevin Nash has the proportions of a muppet.
  4. 7/27/16 Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Wesley Blake: Blake has new music and new get-up. I'm not really sure what the idea is. It kind of reminds me of when they tried to make Rob Conway, the Con-man, a thing. Except without the awesome Randy Newman-esque music. A video shows Blake and Murphy arguing earlier about I don't even care anymore. I guess they each want to prove they are the better man. Blake shouldn't be getting much in against Nakamura, and he doesn't. After the match, Regal comes out and says that at the next Takeover, which is the return to Brooklyn, Samoa Joe will defend the NXT title against Shinsuke Nakamura. Crowd is very happy with that one. Billie Kay Vs Santana Garrett: So Kay's thing now is that she recently made her Smackdown debut against Dana Brooke (I presume she was just doing a job), and now she thinks she's a big star or something, and has a bad attitude. This is per Phillips. Graves isn't really on board. It is a first win for Kay though, against the always solid Garrett. Speaking of main roster debuts, we see footage of Bayley's debutat Sasha Banks's mystery partner, and then cut to Bayley in Regal's office. She asks for her rematch against Asuka in Brooklyn, and Regal agrees. TM61 Vs Rob Ryzin and Adrian Nails: What's funny is that wiki lists one of the jobbers here as Nailz, complete with link to his page. It definitely is not Nailz. It's some scrawny guy wearing jeans who looks barely trained. Squash win for TM61, who then shake the jobbers hands and applaud them after the match. Nice guys. Oh shit, Hideo Itami is returning to the ring next week. No Way Jose Vs Steve Cutler: I guess Cutler has a new mean attitude. He's tired of seeing these new guys come in and get all the opportunities. Of course, he still jobs pretty quickly. That must have been so disheartening for him. He had all this anger and frustration and he thought that he was going to use that to launch himself to the top. "I'll show them. I'll show them that Steve Cutler is a man not to be messed with". And then he goes out and gets beat in like 2 minutes. Jose cuts a promo on Austin Aries. Kota Ibushi Vs Buddy Murphy: It's Cruiserweight Classic star Kota Ibushi making his NXT debut. Did they think Ibushi was going to sign with them or something? I seem to remember hearing that at the time. Big pop for Ibushi and this is a fun match. It should have ended when Ibushi gave a wicked kick to Murphy's ear and then followed up with a quickfire German suplex. That was the apex of the match as far as crowd excitement went. Samoa Joe comes out to address Regal's announcement from earlier. He refuses to face Nakamura, saying that he hasn't earned his shot. Regal comes out and says that he makes the decisions around here, and if Joe refuses the match then he will have to forfeit the NXT title. Joe is pissed but agrees to the match, saying it's the biggest mistake Regal ever made, and that Nakamura might not make it to Brooklyn. Nakamura's music hits and the challenger comes out to a big pop. This is lame though, as he just stands on the stage doing his mannerisms in Joe's general direction as the show goes off the air. Episode MVP: Kota Ibushi.
  5. 7/20/16 This is billed as 'Fight Night' as we have three big matches on tap- American Alpha Vs Authors of Pain, Bayley Vs Nia Jax and Samoa Joe Vs Rhyno. Samoa Joe Vs Rhyno: Two big burly dudes going at it, but this didn't really get going for me. I don't think Rhyno has much to offer anymore. At least, not in this type of match. The crowd seemed kind of uninterested too. Joe picked up the win with the clutch. A video package shows us that a bunch of NXT stars have been drafted to the main roster- Finn Balor, Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, American Alpha and Mojo Rawley. AA are the only ones I'll really miss. It seems like they're run in NXT was pretty short, and there was still a lot they could have done with them. The Authors of Pain Vs American Alpha: AOP attack AA before the match, leaving them lying in the aisle. Regal comes out to check on them, and I'm thinking this is pretty lame that they're not gonna do the match, but then AA start pushing people away and we are going to get the match. And what a fun match it is. AOP, who still don't have names, are pretty green you can see, but Gable and Jordan make this match work with their bumping and selling and fighting spirit. Gable is particularly good as guy who doesn't realise he's the smallest man in the fight. Great pop when he T-bones one of the AOP. Another great pop for Jordan diving over the top rope to take out one of AOP. AOP pick up the win in the end, as they should really. AA jobbing on their way out of the territory. Really good sprint. The Revival are being interviewed in the back. They say that no team has beat them or could beat them. This brings in Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa. They point out that they have beat the Revival before, and they're coming for the belts. Austin Aries Vs Patrick Clark: Phillips and Graves inform me that Clark was a Tough Enough competitor. He's dressed ridiculously in an American flag outfit, but looks to have a lot of charisma, and some good athleticism. I'm wondering why I've never heard of him. Only after the fact do I find out that this is The Velveteen Dream. Awesome. I don't really know anything about this guy, but I'm looking forward to seeing him do his thing. This is a squash win for Aries, but after the match, No Way Jose attacks and chases him off. Jose looked good here, showing lots of fire. Bayley Vs Nia Jax: Oh man, I loved Bayley in this. Like, I fell in love with her a little bit in this match. Her performance was aces. To Nia's credit, she looked pissy and reckless in a good way, and was really clobbering Bayley. She should never do a jackhammer again though. Man, she's lucky she didn't kill Bayley with that. Nia can't put Bayley away, so she takes a chance going up to the second rope. That's her downfall as Bayley climbs up and delivers a super Bayley-to-Belly for the win. The crowd pops huge. They just love Bayley so much. This was a good David Vs Goliath match, to end an awesome episode of NXT. Episode MVP: Bayley. 3 star matches: The Authors of Pain Vs American Alpha, Bayley Vs Nia Jax.
  6. 7/13/16 The show starts with Samoa Joe making his first appearance at Full Sail since the last Takeover. He comes out and says he's here to see Finn Balor Vs Shinsuke Nakamura, but that the winner of that match won't be getting a shot at the NXT title. He says he already beat the Demon, and that he brought strong-style to the US a long time ago, and if Nakamura is the king, then Joe is the emperor. Rhyno comes out and says that he has to go through Joe to get to the top so that's what he'll do. They have a staredown, and then Joe walks off and says he does things on his time. Good promo from Joe. We've already seen Joe/Rhyno so I'm not particularly interested in that. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Finn Balor: Lots of ballyhoo, video packages and whatnot, and it's already time for the main event. Definite big match atmosphere for this, and the fans are chanting 'this is awesome' before the match even starts. The match is fine, but for me it's the weakest of Nakamura's 3 big matches so far. It didn't really have a hook, other than both guys working really hard. And the crowd of course was really into it, which always helps. Balor got to kick out of a Kinshasa, before finally falling to a second one. Afterwards, the two embraced, and the fans thanked Finn for his efforts. This definitely felt like his NXT goodbye, putting over the new ace. Episode MVP: Balor. 3 star match: Finn Balor Vs Shinsuke Nakamura.
  7. 7/6/16 Bayley Vs Alexa Bliss: Bayley picks up the win to continue her comeback. She cuts a promo saying she may get knocked down but she always gets back up again. She mentions having to watch Nia Jax take her opportunity at Takeover. Jax comes out and they have a little staredown, and then agree to have one more match. Blake and Murphy Vs The Hype Bros: What are they even doing with Blake and Murphy? Just end it already. This is basically an angle to set up Rhyno's return to NXT. He comes in and gores everyone. I'd forgot all about him. A video airs hyping up next week's Balor/Nakamura match, with a bunch of different guys giving their opinions. You know it's a big deal because even Triple H is on here. The Revival Vs American Alpha: 2/3 falls for the tag titles. This is awesome. I loved this. These two teams just have great chemistry. They do a bunch of elaborate shit, but it never looks choreographed because they all have great timing. This is kind of a greatest hits match for them, taking all the really good Southern tag stuff they've done, and all the bomb-throwing, and putting it in one match. We're already deep in the match when the first fall occurs, AA picking it up via submission with the ankle lock. Revival pretty quickly tie with a submission victory of their own after having worked on Jason Jordan's leg throughout the match. There's some great nearfalls now, and a great spot where it looks like Jordan is going to eat a Shatter Machine, but Gable comes in and shoves Dash out of the way before he can complete the move. In the end, it's Gable who takes a Shatter Machine on the apron, and gets pinned, and the Revival retain the belts. Real quality work. All four guys were great in this, but Scott Dawson was the definite standout. It just seems like he was born for tag wrestling. Episode MVP: Dawson. 4 star match: American Alpha Vs The Revival.
  8. I was just goofing around. No offence meant.
  9. "Delayed flights"? Okay, let her out of the basement, dude.
  10. Yes, that's right, he did have an MMA aesthetic going on. I'm actually in the middle of watching an Austin Aries shoot right now and he's talking about his time in NXT. Funnily enough, he paints himself as, maybe not a model employee, but someone who was on his best behaviour because he was aware of the reputation he was coming in with.
  11. 6/29/16 Alexa Bliss Vs Carmella: This match got way longer than you'd expect it to, but to be fair, they did well out there. What I didn't like was the finish, where Bliss was portrayed as a badass, grabbing Carmella by the throat and dropping her, and then finishing her off with the newly-named Twisted Bliss. Bliss should not be booked as a badass. We see a backstage promo from Shinsuke Nakamura talking about his match with Finn Balor. He talks about his friendship with Balor, and how their families know each other. Nakamura comes off well here. It's amazing, when you let someone just talk naturally and from the heart, even in a second language, they can come off much better than when reciting someone else's words. Cathy interviews Bayley, but they are interrupted by Alexa. She says if Bayley wants the women's title, she will have to go through her. Andrade 'Cien' Almas Vs Noah Potjes: Potjes is a good-looking guy. He must really suck if they haven't done anything with him in all this time. Standard win for Almas. It's Balor's turn for the serious promo now, and he says that when he went to Japan, it was Nakamura who helped him settle in, and he was happy he got the chance to return the favour when Nakamura came to NXT. But now the time has come for them to face-off, and the fans are in for a real treat. They're really building this match up as something big, throwing around terms like 'historic'. That seems a bit over-the-top to me. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Vs The Hype Bros: I don't want the Hype Bros on my TV ever again. I don't even particularly dislike them. I just get depressed when they come out. It's like 'ugh, these guys?' The match is fine. Graves is putting Mojo over on commentary, which is a rarity for him. Gargano and Ciampa pick up the win, and then cut a promo about how they beat the Revival the other week, which they think puts them in line for a title match. American Alpha's music hits and the former champs make their return to Full Sail. They say that they have a rematch with the Revival, and that they will get revenge on the Authors of Pain too. Next the Revival come out and cut a promo from the stage. Dawson says that they call the shots now, and neither of the teams in the ring is going to get what they want. This brings out William Regal who reminds the Revival that it's him who calls the shots, and he makes The Revival Vs American Alpha for the tag belts next week, 2/3 falls. I'm down for that. American Alpha and Gargano and Ciampa shake hands and the latter team leave. The Authors of Pain come out of the crowd and attack AA. Gargano and Ciampa try to make the save, but they get beat down too. The show ends with AOP standing tall. Really good angle to end the show, I thought. Episode MVP: Scott Dawson. He cut a good promo at the end there.
  12. 6/22/16 Oney Lorcan Vs Tye Dillinger: The debut of Lorcan under this terrible name. Lots of talk from Graves about Dillinger needing to get back on track, and how even a perfect 10 can go through a slump. So, of course, he loses. Graves washes his hands of him, saying he just went from a 10 to a 5 at best. This was a decent match. Lorcan got some heat. Tye looked dejected after the match. Austin Aries is being interviewed in the back. He says he doesn't want to make excuses for his loss to Shinsuke Nakamura, but does mention that he was injured, and says his goal is still to be NXT champion. No Way Jose dances his way in and says that Aries could learn something from him, and that's how to have a positive attitude. Going from a big match with Nakamura to a feud with Jose, assuming that's where this is going, is a bit of a comedown for Aries. Bayley is outside Full Sail in her gear, and says she's been cleared to compete. No Way Jose Vs Josh Woods: No idea who Woods is. Jose with a quick squash win. Aries comes out to some boos. He says that he thought about what Jose said, and he was right, and that Jose reminded him that wrestling is supposed to be fun. Jose invites Aries to dance with him, and Aries ends up giving in to the rhythm. This was ridiculous. It was obvious that Aries was going to turn on Jose, but they dragged it out so long. They danced together in the ring. Then they danced around ringside. Then they danced up the ramp. Then they danced over to the commentary table. Then they danced on the commentary table. And then Aries attacked Jose and beat him down. Something that stood out to me here was just how much bigger than Aries Jose is. It was really surprising. William Regal is in the back having a discussion with Shinsuke Nakamura about his upcoming match with Finn Balor. Buddy Murphy barges in and Regal ends up making a Nak/Murphy match for tonight. NXT uses this trope to set up matches a lot, and I find it very lazy booking. Bayley Vs Deonna Purrazzo: Bayley is very over for her comeback match. Decent short match won by Bayley. Carmella was interviewed in the back. Alexa Bliss interrupted and the two had a little war of words. Bliss says that it was Carmella who lost the triple threat match to Nia Jax, not her. These two will face off next week. Nia Jax Vs Liv Morgan: Basic squash win for Nia. I don't know what they can do with Nia now. She dominates everyone but then loses the big match. I guess a rematch with Bayley is on the cards. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Buddy Murphy: Who would have thought watching this in 2016 that 3 years later it would be Murphy who is arguably the more interesting and well-used guy on the main roster. This is a decent enough match, but not very competitive, which makes sense given their positions on the card. Nak obviously wins. Episode MVP: Pretty low-key episode here. Nothing really stood out. I'll give it to Lorcan. I do like his neckbreaker finish.
  13. 6/15/16 Authors of Pain Vs CJ O'Doyle and Sean Swag: I don't recognise either of these jobbers. Surprised the AOP are having a match this soon. I thought we'd be getting a few weeks of attacks. This is obviously just a quick squash with AOP showing off their offence. Cathy Kelly is interviewing Andrade. Tye Dillinger comes in and says he wants a rematch. Almas accepts. The other interview woman, whose name I don't know, tries to get a word with AOP, but they blank her. Carmella Vs Tessa Blanchard: Tessa is playing heel in this one, mocking Carmella by saying 'how are you doin'?'. It's making me laugh that she's adding the word 'are' in there. Short match with Carmella winning with the Code of Silence. Blake and Murphy are in the back with Cathy. I guess they're giving it another shot, although it doesn't bode well that they can't agree on whose fault it was that they split in the first place. They face TM61 tonight. TM61 Vs Blake and Murphy: I got it wrong; it's Shane Thorne who's the goofy one, and Nick Miller is the more serious one. I'm liking this team a lot. They do a lot of double team stuff, which I always appreciate, and have personality. I reckon they'd have a good match with the Revival (well, everyone does, but you know what I mean). The match ends when Blake accidentally clotheslines Murphy, and TM61 capitalise for the win. We see a promo with the Revival from Takeover. Dawson really is a good promo. Bayley in the back says she has a doctor's appointment next week to determine if she's ready to return to the ring. Andrade 'Cien' Almas Vs Tye Dillinger: They got more time here than they did at Takeover, and have a decent match. Notable are the boos from some sections of the crowd for Andrade. Not a good sign in his second match. I have no idea how long they stick with him as a face before the heel turn, but it could get interesting. Andrade wins with the double knees. The main event segment is Finn Balor coming out to address the crowd after his loss at Takeover. He talks about watching NXT in Ireland and seeing Enzo and Cass and knowing then that he wanted to be a part of this. He says that as much as he became part of NXT, NXT became a part of him. But what is next for Finn Balor? The lights go out and Shinsuke Nakamura's music hits. The crowd pops big time as Nak makes his way out. Nak says that Finn is an NXT icon, and says that if he, Nakamura, wants to be NXT champion, he has to beat the NXT icon. Big pop and yes chants, and Balor says that answers his question as to what is next for him. Balor's promo was pretty dull as usual, though sincere (the crowd was also annoying with their 'thank you Finn' and 'you deserve it' chants), but this turned electric once Nakamura came out. This isn't a dream match for me, but it's obviously a dream match for the NXT crowd, and I can appreciate that. Episode MVP: Shinsuke Nakamura. He just brings excitement to whatever he's involved in.
  14. NXT Takeover: The End... Andrade 'Cien' Almas Vs Tye Dillinger: So, this is the look they went with for Almas, eh? Someone thought the suspenders and hat with feather was a good idea? I'm not even sure what it's supposed to be. Some kind of dandy? At some point they have to realise too that Dillinger isn't the best guy to put out there with a debuting babyface, since he's so popular. Luckily for Almas, he has enough flashy stuff to win the crowd over, and this ended up being a good showcase match for him. He won with the knees in the corner. The Revival Vs American Alpha: This was awesome. No surprises there. While their last match was a great classic tag structure match, this is more of a bombfest. AA are channeling the Steiners a bit here, never more so than when Gable busts out the old Rick Steiner spot of being up on opponents shoulders, but catching other opponent coming off the top rope with a belly to belly suplex. It must take great timing to pull that off and make it look so good. And what I liked is that the Revival were going for a move that's actually in their repertoire (their combo powerbomb thing- which actually they botched badly in the last match between the two, which added another layer to this) so it wasn't just like they were going for something out-of-character to set up the counter. Really great finishing stretch with lots of nearfalls before Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Gable to get the win. Really shocked feeling in the arena for the title change, and I do wonder why they went away from AA so quickly (other than maybe they're getting the call-up). After Revival leave, AA regroup and it looks like are going to get the 'losers leave with their heads held high to ovation' ending, but instead they are attacked by the Authors of Pain making their debuts. They can fuck off with this, to be honest. I want to see more AA/Revival matches, not these guys. Paul Ellering looked nicely sinister watching in the aisle though. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Austin Aries: So, this isn't the great match I was hoping it would be, but it is very good. Nakamura probably has 70-80% of the fans with him, and they're going wild right from the off here. This seems to be wrestled more in Aries's style than Nakamura's. Aries doesn't really stand up to him the way Sami did. The story for most of the match is that Aries is one step ahead of Shinsuke, keping him grounded and not allowing him to get a head of steam. I really liked the finish to this. Aries hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron, but then goes for broke by going for a dive on Nak, who sidesteps and sends Aries into the barricade. That allows Nakamura to hit his finishing sequence back in the ring (the reverse exploder followed by the Kinshasa) to pick up the win. Really good stuff. Asuka Vs Nia Jax: This is an awesome performance from Asuka. She just refuses to stop moving forward in this match, so even though Nia is dominating her for most of it, you still feel the sense of danger coming from Asuka, and that each one of the blows she lands is having a cumulative effect on Nia. Really well laid out match actually. Goes under 10 mins, which is all it needed to. This is more like how the Bayley/Nia match should have gone from Dallas (acknowledging the difference in styles between Asuka and Bayley). Asuka wins with a series of strikes. I thought she looked great here. In the back William Regal is being interviewed and Bobby Roode walks by in the background. Another incredible reaction for Roode's appearance. Regal excuses himself to go and talk to Roode. He must be debuting soon. Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor: This ended up being a good match, but it really took a while to draw me in and engage me, probably because of how bored I am by WWE escape the cage rules cage matches. But by the last third of the match maybe they started to get me and you could feel the struggle and the effort. The finish, a muscle buster from the second rope, was pretty crazy too. I thought they were going to have Joe get some kind of fluke falling out the cage bullshit win, but I'll settle for this, even if it was more of a 'this time it was Joe that survived' kind of deal, rather than a true, strong definitive win. Joe put this over by struggling to feet after the match and defiantly holding the belt aloft. The weakest of their televised trilogy, satisfying in the end, but I'm ready to move on to new challengers for Joe now. Show rating: On reflection, this was a really strong show with two matches being very good. It did feel a bit lacking in the big, epic moments that other Takeovers have provided, but maybe it's just that those shows have spoilt me, and it's not enough to just have a night of good action anymore. No, I refuse to live like that. This was a somewhat low-key, but very good show. 3 3/4 stars. Show MVP: Asuka. 3 star match: Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor. 3 1/2 star match: Austin Aries Vs Shinsuke Nakamura. 3 3/4 star match: American Alpha Vs The Revival.
  15. I disagree with this one. I think it was booked really well. QT was a guy with nothing to lose. This was his one shot to prove that he was worth something, and he swung for the fences before finally falling on his sword. It went exactly as it should have.
  16. I hated when WCW started referring to itself as sports entertainment.
  17. 6/1/16 Go-home for Takeover, which is subtitled The End... Dash and Dawson come out to start the show with a promo about challenging American Alpha for the belts at Takeover. Gargano and Ciampa interrupt and the two teams have a pretty embarrassing back and forth. Of the four of them, only Dawson seems to be any good on the mic really. We end up with a match being made between these teams for tonight. Tye Dillinger Vs Buddy Murphy: Pretty decent little match here to give Dillinger a win. Tye is in such a weird spot, in that he seems to exist outside of NXT storylines. Like, he can be face or heel depending on who they put him against, he mostly loses but even when he wins he doesn't seem to move up the card at all. He does't have any angles ever. But he's always over. Corey Graves conducts a sit-down with Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. I was laughing to myself about how, in wrestling, just putting the words 'sit-down' in front of 'interview' suggests something completely different. This isn't just an interview- it's a sit-down interview. Let's throw some chairs into the equation and see where this goes. Anyway, I wasn't really a fan of this. I was expecting more out of Joe, who you'd think would be great in this kind of setting, but the back and forth between the two was terribly stilted. Austin Aries Vs Elias Samson: Elias on his regular jobber duty. Aries finishes this time with the Last Chancery. I think he's used a different move to end each of his matches so far. He cuts a promo about how he's going to beat Nakamura at Takeover and put the spotlight back where it belongs. This is the match I'm most looking forward to, for sure. The Andrade vignette airs again, ending with the Takeover logo appearing, so I guess he's debuting next week. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Vs The Revival: Really good bit of booking here, by my estimation, to have Gargano and Ciampa go over here after a fun little match. You'd normally want your number one contenders winning before they get their title shot, but the Revival already have a tonne of cred, and now this stamps Gargano and Ciampa as a big deal and potential future number one contenders. The only thing I didn't like so much was the execution of the finish, which had Dawson superplexing Gargano off the top, but Gargano kinda no-selling it to cradle Dawson for the three count. The Revival beat down Ciampa after the match, and were going for the leg-breaker on him (like what they did to Big Cass) before American Alpha made the save. Those two teams then brawled with AA coming out on top, and The Revival retreating. Good stuff all around here. Finally, we have a contract signing between Asuka and Nia Jax. This is officially the end of NXT's good run of contract signings. This is a typical WWE blah-blah-blah-violence contract signing. Asuka goes for a kick on Nia, but Nia catches her and powerbombs her, leaving her lying. Decent enough go-home show, highlighted by the tag division. I'm looking forward to Takeover. Episode MVP: Austin Aries.
  18. 5/25/16 We kick off with William Regal in the back telling us that he was going to make Asuka Vs Bayley for Takeover, but that Bayley is not medically cleared to compete, so instead he's made Nia Jax Vs Carmella Vs Alexa Bliss for the number one contendership tonight. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Vs TM-61: This is TM-61 making their debut. I've heard the name before, but don't know anything about them. Corey is talking them up as one of the best teams in the world. They do a little insert promo. I guess the TM stands for 'The Mighty', but I can't find out where the 61 comes from. Can anyone clue me in on this? Anyway, these guys look really good in this match. It seems like Nick Miller is the goofy one, whereas Shane Thorne is more of a no-nonsense guy. They both look like good workers, and this is a good match. Gargano and Ciampa pick up the win, but there's a show of respect between all four after the match. I hope TM-61 are sticking around. Bayley cuts a promo in the back about being injured. Jax comes in to say that she broke Bayley, then Carmella comes in to stick up for her friend. Finally, Alexa comes in and there's a little argument before Nia walks away and says they aren't worth her time. Austin Aries comes out to cut a promo. He talks about his time in NXT so far and how he seems to have been overlooked. 'Nakamura' chants from the crowd, and Aries gives a knowing little nod. Then Nakamura himself comes out and the two have a face-off. Regal comes out and makes a match between the two for Takeover. Yes, I'm so down for this. I was hoping that would be the outcome. No Way Jose Vs Johnny Vandal: Squash match for Jose. The crowd playing along with this gimmick actually does make it enjoyable, I have to admit. Afterwards Jose goes to the commentary table and gets Phillips and even Graves to dance with him. Graves is so goddamn douchey. But this is fun. Nia Jax Vs Carmella Vs Alexa Bliss: This was a typical WWE-style three-way, in all the worse ways that implies. Jax, of course, won, which was a foregone conclusion and really she should have just been announced as the number one contender after beating Bayley. Asuka came out and the two had a staredown. I'm interested to see this match, just to see what Asuka can get out of Jax. This show also had a hype video for Andrade. Looking forward to him coming in, for sure. Episode MVP: I liked that opening tag a lot, so it has to be someone from that. I'm gonna go with Thorne. 3 star match: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Vs TM-61.
  19. 5/18/16 Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Blake and Murphy: So, Nakamura is Aries's mystery partner. Good bit of booking here, as Nakamura is clearly the guy who has stolen all Aries's thunder, and this sets up a bit of intrigue. Pretty quick match which sees Nakamura pin Murphy with the kinshasa. Aries wanted to tag back in to finish things off, but Nak ignored him. On the other side of things, Murphy worked the whole match for his team, and in fact Blake avoided being tagged in. After the match, Alexa Bliss walked out on her boys, and then Blake followed leaving Murphy alone. That's been a long time coming. One more note on this match: I hate Corey's call of the kinshasa. He clearly thinks this is his signature call, but it's just awful. Cathy Kelly interviews No Way Jose in the back. He says he that he likes to smile and likes to dance, but above all else he's here to fight. Carmella Vs Peyton Royce: Carmella has a promo saying that she's proud of what Big Cass is doing on Raw, and that Enzo will be back soon (I guess this is shortly after his injury against the Vaudevillains). She says that her goal remains becoming NXT women's champion. Peyton is still doing the flower thing. She looks pretty good in this match. Mella gets the win. We see footage from a live show of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe brawling all over the arena. Then we're in William Regal's office to sign the contract for their Takeover match, which we learn will be a steel cage match. I was just thinking how they haven't done a cage match yet on NXT. Alexa tells Blake and Murphy that she's had enough of them embarrassing her, and now she's focusing all her energy on becoming women's champion. Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa Vs Danny Burch and Rob Ryzin: Ciampa is such a bore. Gargano comes out interacting with the crowd and Ciampa just marches past him all intense. Because he's a serious wrestler, you know? Burch is back and rocking trunks, which looks weird. This is basically a squash win for Gargano and Ciampa. Nia Jax Vs Bayley: This is much better than the weak match they had at Takeover. I was quite surprised by Jax getting the win here, especially with a simple legdrop. Bayley was selling a leg injury leading into the finish. I thought that Bayley was getting a rematch with Asuka at Takeover, but now it looks like they're running Asuka/Nia instead. Episode MVP: Shinsuke Nakamura.
  20. 5/11/16 Finn Balor makes his return to Full Sail after losing the NXT title. His boring promo is interrupted by Elias Samson who come out singing a song for Balor. Balor attacks him and throws him out the ring, and then throws his guitar at him. Elias caught it, which was pretty boss. These two will face off later. American Alpha Vs John Skylar and Corey Hollis: Did Hollis and Skylar ever move up the ranks in NXT? Seems like they've been the jobber tag team for a while now. It would be nice if they could cycle another team into that spot just for variety. As fun as AA are, I have to say it again, they're very formulaic. Lots of chants for Gable, and for Jordan too for maybe the first time. The Revival come out for a closer look at this one. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Alex Riley: Riley's chops look like shit, I noted to myself, but after the match you can see his handprints all over Nakamura's chest. Nakamura obviously won this one pretty quickly. Austin Aries is in William Regal's office. He's telling Regal he needs to do something to make him stand out. Blake and Murphy come in. They're begging for one more title shot (the nerve). You can see where this is going. Aries will find himself a partner to face Blake and Murphy next week. Alexa Bliss vs Rachel Ellering: Another Bliss squash? Hey, I've never seen Rachel Ellering work before. She looks pretty good here. Graves says Bliss's gimmick (he doesn't use that word) can be person who beats up other people's children. You know, because she beat Tessa and now Rachel. Bayley is doing an interview in the back but is interrupted by Nia Jax. They have a war of words about their Takeover match, and they're going to have a rematch next week. Finn Balor Vs Elias Samson: Elias is basically just a jobber now. He's pretty much the new CJ Parker of guy with gimmick who can get heat and lose to incoming guys/stars. Except Parker did eventually seem to become accepted by the NXT crowd, whereas they don't seem to want any part of The Drifter. After the match, Balor cuts another boring promo about being possessed by a demon. Joe marches out talking trash and then Regal comes out and tells them they will have a rematch for the NXT title at the next Takeover show. Joe is pissed because he says he had to jump through hoops to get his shot at the title, whereas Balor is just handed one. Finn dives over the top onto Joe and the show ends with him standing tall. Decent angle. Episode MVP: Nakamura. He just looks a cut above every time out.
  21. 5/4/16 The show starts with Samoa Joe coming out for a promo. This is his first appearance at Full Sail since winning the title. He talks about being a man of his word, and how it was inevitable he was going to win the title. He is interrupted by Eric Young! Big pop for Young. They were really going all out with the debuting wrestlers during this time. I like EY a lot, but he seemed kind of out of place debuting in this manner. First of all, he looks like a survivalist, which is a bit too close to looking like a homeless person. And he just doesn't come across as a star on the level of a Joe. They have a back-and-forth, and Joe ends up walking out and saying Eric doesn't belong in the same ring as him. I love how every guy that debuts with any kind of name recognition has 'wrestled all over the world'. Calm down, he's from TNA. Nia Jax Vs Tessa Blanchard: Hey, Tessa's back, and she gets an entrance this time. And gets totally squashed by Nia. Austin Aries Vs Tye Dillinger: Dillinger is more popular than Aries. Dillinger is more popular than most people in NXT actually, but there's no doubt that Aries hasn't gotten over that great, and I think they have to be considering a heel turn for him now. This is a decent little showcase match for Aries. He wins with a 450 splash. I love that Aries has all these different ways he can finish a guy off, and they all seem credible. The Revival Vs The Hype Bros: This is pretty much a squash match for the Revival, which I approve of. Alex Riley is being interviewed in the back. He has a match with Nakamura next week, and he talks about how much bigger and stronger he is than Nak. He predicts he's going to punch Nak in the face and destroy him. I predict things will go a little differently. No Way Jose Vs Noah Potjes: Potjes is the future Kona Reeves. This is NWJ's first appearance at Full Sail, and the crowd play along with the gimmick. I think NXT is really the only place a gimmick like this could work, because the crowd seem to go to the shows to have a good time, unlike main roster crowds who seem like they'd rather be anywhere else most of the time. Quick win for Jose. Cathy Kelly is interviewing Aries in the back. Kelly should be a special attraction like the Undertaker. Not because she's bad. Quite the opposite. This job just kind of seems below her. Aries says he's kinda flying under the radar right now (ie, not getting over). He debuts the banana as a prop. Samoa Joe Vs Eric Young: I must have missed where they announced this match was happening tonight. Pretty decent match, but again, I feel like Young has been miscast a bit during this show, and don't really buy him at all as being on Joe's level. Joe beats him with the kokina clutch, and then keeps the hold on after the bell. Episode MVP: Samoa Joe.
  22. 4/27/16 So the big news here is that Samoa Joe has won the NXT title at a house show. That's some serious bullshit that I don't get to see this title change, although I am a big proponent of sporadic title changes on house shows. Why did it have to be this one though? We'll see highlights of this later. Asuka vs Eva Marie: This is an all-time bad commentary job by Corey Graves here. He pretty much spends the entire match telling Tom Phillips to shut up because you're not allowed to talk when Eva Marie is on or something. It's really, really obnoxious. The Graves/Phillips combo has generally been good too. The other thumbs down for this is that it's just ridiculous seeing Asuka sell for Eva. This goes just over 10 mins, which is probably 10 mins too long. Nia Jax makes her way out during the match, but doesn't get involved. Asuka puts Eva away, and then Jax gets into the ring and they do a little staredown. Next up is the highlights of Joe's title win. He pins Finn with the Muscle Buster and the crowd goes wild. I think it's obvious that it was past time to get the belt on Joe. The Revival Vs Jeff Parker and Matt Lee: Apparently these two jobbers are still signed to NXT, I assume as career enhancement guys. The only thing I remember about this is Lee being really obnoxious on the apron trying to get himself over. I don't know for sure if this legit pissed off The Revival or if they were just extra stiff and ornery to get over their anger at losing the tag titles. The Hype Bros Vs Blake and Murphy: I almost thought for a second that Blake and Murphy were going to get a win here. It would have been nice, but alas, no. The good news is that The Revival came out after the match and beat down The Hype Bros in the aisle. Carmella Vs Aliyah: This is the first time we've seen Aliyah since she debuted in that battle royal several weeks back. It kind of seems like she's doing some sort of genie gimmick, or at least her entrance features genie-like mannerisms. In the ring she's playing an aggressive heel. Carmella beats her with the Code of Silence. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Elias Samson: This was kept short and sweet, which is good because Elias really shouldn't be booked to be competitive with Nakamura at this stage. The opening women's match should have been booked like this too. Nakamura wins with the Kinshasa to keep on rolling. Episode MVP: Dash Wilder. He looked particularly pissy in that squash match, and I approve.
  23. 4/20/16 American Alpha Vs Enzo and Big Cass: For the first time since AA really took off, they have a split crowd for one of their matches. The crowd is very into Enzo in particular. American Alpha are very good, but there's a definite formula to their matches. Gable gets some shine, then he gets worked over, makes the hot tag to Jordan and they go home. This followed that same formula, even though it was a face/face match. Enzo was the one who dropped the fall. I'm certain that has to be Enzo and Cass jobbing on their way out of the territory. What's funny is, despite how popular they were, Enzo and Cass had to have had a terrible win/loss record in NXT. Like, if I went back through these results, I'd bet they lost at least twice as many matches as they won. Sometimes I guess wins and losses don't matter. No Way Jose Vs Alexander Wolfe: Okay, I'm not having this No Way Joe nonsense. Stupid name, stupid gimmick, and the guy doesn't look any great shakes in the ring. He gets the crowd into this though, to be fair. But talk about a limited shelf life and a low ceiling. There's some discussion between William Regal and Elias Samson in the back, which results in Regal booking Elias against Shinsuke Nakamura for next week. Nia Jax Vs Deonna Purrazzo: Basic squash win for Nia. Deonna looks decent in the little amount of time she gets. Samoa Joe Vs Apollo Crews: They go back and forth for about 10 mins before Joe picks up the win. Nothing match really. Episode MVP: Samoa Joe.
  24. I remember that promo Reigns cut about how he had his throat slit from ear to ear in prison being pretty good. Guy came off as legit scary in that instance.
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