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To be fair - Larry was ridiculously over during that time. Every Nitro started with the crowds chanting his name, waiting for his ackniwledgement. He also seemed to be the Bischoff's biggest foe. He was definitely over. 

I was a little surprised that there was no mention from either Larry or Hansen about their time in the AWA. 

Backlund and Hansen really come off as genuine... whereas I get the feeling that Larry isn't liked very much by his peers.

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So let me get this straight... In the last five years or so... Sammartino, Warrior, Goldberg, Cornette, Angle, Bischoff, Heyman and Lesnar all come back in the fold?

I'm inclined to believe that CM Punk will be main eventing Wrestlemania next year.

Nothing is impossible.

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The AJ/Nash/Michaels one was surprisingly good.  Kevin didn't say that much really, but really liked Shawn's reasoning for not coming back.  Between that and them talking about the 2 sweet hand sign it was a rather enjoyable watch.

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I took it as Nash maybe said things about their time in TNA that they had to edit out.  Either that or it was some wacky point he was making they didn't feel right for the show.

But hey, how about that beef!

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Watched the one with AJ, Nash, and Michaels and really good.  I liked Shawn explanation about why he didn't have the Wrestlemania match against AJ.   The best part was when he was wondered who should win and what impact it was have and Nash makes a comment about TNA like "no big deal they had me beat him all the time"


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