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The Goldust, Truth & Booker episode of Table for 3 is worth checking out, probably my favorite episode so far. I also enjoyed the Show/Kane/Mark episode too. Agreed they need to be longer, but maybe because they are short it makes them more accessible. For example if they were like a 1hr-2hr long I think unless it's a fun group of guys/girls it would drag on. But some like the two I mentioned and the Horsemen one would definitely benefit from being a lot longer than 20 minutes.  

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I kept wishing Book the Golden Truth would have gotten a bit more serious for a moment. They kept mentioning really interesting topics and then going right past them without saying much.

The giants one is still my favorite so far, though the Horsemen and nWo ones were really good off the top of my head.

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34 minutes ago, West Newbury Bad Boy said:

I don't really go in for these things unless there's someone I really want to hear from.

Show/Henry/Kane was absolutely worth the twenty minutes. "There's your crobar!" 

Is it just me or does every Ron imitation sound more like a Kingfish imitation? 

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14 hours ago, RolandTHTG said:

"I've met 7 presidents"

*barely counts 5*

I do believe the Reagan story though.  Slaughter was a HUGE deal in 1984.  I wasn't even a wrestling fan back then but I knew who Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter were.  And that persona definitely seemed like something the Reagans would gravitate towards.

Now as for Vince knowing Hogan/Slaughter would be his main event for WM7 about four months before Iraq even invaded Kuwait, I kinda call bullshit on that one.

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6 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

Was Slaughter even out of the AWA yet in April of '90?

Well it was close enough because the story goes that Slaughter sent Vince a letter after Mania saying that he enjoyed the show and he wanted to return.

So the months might be off one or two but it seems close enough

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Just have WWE Network on as background noise and the episode of Table for 3 with Patterson, Steamboat, and Hillbilly Jim is on. Jim already has the best line.

"Every time I see Patterson, I tell him he looks like a million dollars. All green and wrinkled."

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