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  1. Anyone know much of the show with the UWF Western States Heritage title tournament end up being taped? From 6/20/87, I believe. While I'm interested in the tournament as a whole, I guess I'm mostly wondering if the Steve Williams/Dusty Rhodes vs Dick Murdoch/Eddie Gilbert Bunkhouse tag made tape. It wasn't on the 80's Midsouth set (which I am overdue to go through yet again), but with new footage popping up here and there, I wasn't sure if it ever saw the light of day. I scanned the TV results for 87 and didn't see it there, either. Here's the full show in question. I bet that Hayes/ Flair match is worth a watch as well: https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=142386
  2. In that big list a few pages back, the third and fourth accusations on Quack are no longer valid links. I was going off of that. Not sure if I saw the original posts, so they may well have referenced Dunn. We’ll see how it all plays out. It’s all just fucked. Edited for clarity...
  3. Not sure what these mean exactly, but at least one of the posts about Quack is gone.
  4. That 5th link is in regards to Steve Weiner, I assume? Always wondered what happened with him.
  5. I now find myself watching every early Barbarian match I can find after watching him work Kamala on GCW TV. Youtube is great sometimes. This one jumped out immediately...
  6. Just watched a King Konga vs Kamala match from ‘84 Georgia. Barby as a fiery babyface on the wrong end of a (competitive) squash was weird. He’s out there throwing drop kicks, too! Best part of the match is him taunting Kamala by doing that splits jump thing that Kamala would do. Not a match you need to go out of your way to watch or anything, but this is the earliest Barbarian I’ve ever seen. Theres currently a longer Jake Roberts vs. Ron Garvin match that is the best thing I’ve watched all week, though...
  7. This is pretty rad. If I had space for artwork, I'd probably buy it. https://ianklarer.bigcartel.com/products
  8. Figured out the Umbral Engram thing. I hadn’t initiated the quest on Io that eventually leads you to The Drifter to learn about decoding them. Had to complete a “Contact” public event. They all suggested 900 power level. I’m not even at 800 since I’m starting over. Luckily, I was able to pop off a shot that did nothing to join the event, then reaped the rewards of other people finishing it. Felt like a jerk, but what’re you gonna do? Started the Curse of Osiris story stuff. Figure I’ll run through all of that content in order before anything else. Two missions in and man, I’m remembering how great this game feels. Just running around doing patrols and public events has been exactly the distraction I needed. This is the most I’ve played anything other than my daily Slay the Spire run in six months...
  9. This is probably a dumb question, but I’ve finally dipped back into this game and am overwhelmed by the changes. I have several things called Umbral Engrams. How to I decrypt them? The normal guy doesn’t. Read something about the Drifter, but neither he nor the two machines next to him seem to do anything, either. Is there a quest I’m missing somewhere? Is it content I don’t have (though I own both Forsaken and Shadowkeep)? I no longer have any clue what I’m doing, so I’m mostly running around the EDZ just to get back into the rhythm of the shooting. I thought starting a new character would onboard me a bit, but it dumps you into the beginning of the first game, then just sorta says, “have at it!”
  10. Bunch of NWA Wildside added to IWTV today. First 10 episodes of the tv and two full shows.
  11. Yeah, this is tough. I can immediately think of like 50 matches that would fit the bill. I’ll just go with the literal first three to pop into my head. 1. Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard - I-quit cage match This goes towards Matt’s idea that your favorite match is one you’d want to see live. 2. ROH vs. CZW - Cage of Death That crowd, on that night, is as insane as any I have ever seen. The place comes friggin unglued when Homicide finally makes his entrance. Would have loved to be part of that. 3. One of the 90 minute draws Windham and Flair did. None are on tape and Windham is my favorite ever. Honorable mention, I guess, but I would have loved to see any big Lawler main events from the MSC. Nothing specific. It just would have been cool to be part of that crowd.
  12. Looks like the drama has returned to indy wrestling even before the shows started. Looks like Chris Dickinson was booked on both of the upcoming ICW (I think it's ICW: No Holds Barred now?) shows. He pulled out of the July show, presumably because of the GCW show the same day, so ICW yanked him from the other as well, a match with Tony Deppen I was looking forward to. They proceeded to snipe at him on Twitter, while he basically just apologized to the fans. Dom Garrini was announced as his replacement. To sum up...pro wrestling is back.
  13. GCW just tweeted out that Danny Havoc died. Ugh. What a year for...everything.
  14. I don’t think I ever noticed until this rewatch just how close Tanaka’s head would have been to the legs on the railing. I’d always focused on the idea that his head was probably beyond the mats when he took the bump, but man...that leg is jutting out just inches away.
  15. That Sting thing is up. Not much to it. Most interesting thing is him and Savage hamming it up for the camera backstage.
  16. Pat Tanaka and Ubas/El Puerto Ricano were the first two names not already mentioned that popped onto my head. Man...Tanaka would throw himself into the most routine looking back bump, just to make every move look that much more devastating.
  17. To add to Matt's list: -Cornette's graphic novel -A few of Greg Oliver's books (Storytellers; Heroes & Icons) -Kanyon's book -Colt Cabana/Cody Rhodes/Young Bucks picture books -Death of WCW -Creating the Mania (Jon Robinson) -Pat Patterson's book -Sisterhood of the Squared Circle (Pat Laprade) -The NXT book -A Bryan Alvarez book about the "101 Things WWE Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" -Shooters by Jon Snowden -The Benoit book Scott Keith put out -The Matysik book on the 50 Greatest Wrestlers of all time -Jim Ross' first book -Bruce Hart's book -A lot of issues of the WWE comic Also the GLOW documentary and No Holds Barred in their streaming video collection. And this is still missing stuff. I've been a librarian for 20+ years, so I'm both very familiar with Hoopla and can also say that their search can be obtuse at times.
  18. Andre the Giant: Blinded by my own blood, I was helpless!
  19. I just saw this and immediately started to wonder when the hell Minoru Suzuki would have ever had a chance to work the Brooklyn Brawler. Y'all...I'm not sleeping well and this is what it's come to.
  20. Lego Ninjago Movie game is free on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam. Looks like it might be today only, so get in on it if you want it! It's one of the few Lego games I haven't played, but I imagine it's pretty decent. You pretty much know what you're in for with those games...
  21. I just got it to work, so it is possible! Humble is also giving away Aegis Defenders. 2D tower defense. Love the art style, but haven't actually installed it yet.
  22. I was entertained by all of that nonsense. I don't know if that makes it good or if I'm just bored as hell. In the end, I'm not sure it matters either way.
  23. Definitely Arezzi. He posted about it fairly recently.
  24. The Horror of the Moondogs playlist is top notch. Also, aptly named.
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