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  1. @InfinitThat sounds amazing! I’ve always wanted to take a European holiday, but haven’t had the opportunity. My wife spent a semester of college studying in Spain and her descriptions make it sound that much more attractive. Some day, I hope!
  2. So, after 2.5 years in Tennessee, my wife and I are moving back home to PA. The distance from family was just too much and buying a house in the greater Nashville/Murfreesboro area is becoming more unattainable by the day. My wife has decided that the WFH lifestyle is what she wants. She's just more productive without everyone interrupting her. After helping take her team to the two most profitable (and award winning!) years her company has ever had, they decided that WFH wasn't for them. That made the decision a lot easier. The timing was wild for me, as I saw a posting for what amounts to my old job (they've changed the title and a few of the responsibilities, but it's basically the same) soon after we decided to move. Applied immediately and managed to walk back into the organization getting paid *more* than when I left! She's in the interview process for multiple WFH spots with publishers, so everything seems to be going well there, too. I'm a little sad that things never really clicked for us in Tennessee, but we moved here in...January 2020. The timing could not have been worse if we tried. I'm not sure we fit in here even if the world hadn't gone to shit, but seeing the local reaction to a global pandemic made us both aware that this was never going to be "home," for us. It was just a matter of time. If I'm being honest, the only things I'll really miss are the food and the mild winters. The past week or so has been a blur of paperwork and clearances and packing and that sort of fun stuff. We'll be making a pit stop at my in-laws while we look for a place. Not ideal, but it is rent free and they have the space. I'm just happy for a little light at the end of what's been a really dark 28 months or so...
  3. I’ve put so much more time into this than I ever have another From game, but I think I’ve hit the wall. I finally took down the boss that guards the door to the Capital, but it took so damn long. If y’all can dodge his lightning attacks, you are far better gamers than me! I approach so much of the exploration with a sense of awe, but really, I don’t think I could say that I’m having *fun*. And I know that’s a me thing rather than a fault with the game.
  4. Warrior Wrestling put this up yesterday. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.
  5. This may or may not be "new" to a lot of folks here, but I watched it for the first time today and...holy shit! One of my favorite matches ever. I think I like it more than the Dog Collar match, too.
  6. I am terrible at this game. Still enjoying it. I’ve made it through Stormveil and started mucking about Raya Lucaria, but I may have hit my skill limit. Went back to exploring stuff I missed in Limgrave/Mistwood/Weeping Peninsula. I’m getting bodied by some of those bosses, too. I’m way overleveled for the area, but I’m just bad at the game. Not sure there’s ever been a franchise that I *wanted* to be good at more than the From games, but I lack the patience to excel at the combat. I’m around 40 hours, though, so I feel like I got my money’s worth even if I drop it tomorrow…
  7. I picked Borderlands 3 back up after not playing it since 2019. I had been stuck on the Agonizer 9000 boss (frustratingly so) and then life shit happened and I just dropped off of it. Figured I should finish it before the new one comes out. At any rate, I beat the boss first try, not even quite remembering the controls. So that was nice. This franchise has always felt real good to play. The writing is more miss than hit for me, but the actual loop of playing it is top notch. EDIT: The biggest pain in the ass was going through my inventory and trying to clean out the junk. It’s been so long that I’ve no idea what some of the stats and modifiers mean, so it was a struggle to remember why Id kept/favorited things that, to 2021 Shane, look like trash. So many useless sniper rifles!
  8. Isn’t Bucksnort, TN so small that they don’t even have census info for it?
  9. I wish this was in full, because what we get here looks great. Savage takes some real dumb bumps and, as always, wrestles like he was shot out of a cannon.
  10. I am totally blanking on who the person above Condrey/Gordy is. I thought it was the good Baron at first, but he’s next to Warlord. Bundy? Robert Gibson’s eyes are haunting me. Not saying it’s inaccurate…just haunting.
  11. He’s literally going to become Svengoolie, then? You know…sure. He’s put in the work to get himself out there. Glad to see him reaping the benefits.
  12. Might just be a “me” thing, but the new alternate paths and bosses added to Repentance are much harder than the game I’d spent a few hundred hours with beforehand. More bullet spongey enemies. More bullet hell enemies. EDIT: I'd also say that part of the reason the game at least feels harder is that runs have gotten longer. Sometimes much longer. So it forces you to laser focus for an extended period, because if you slip up, one room can undo everything. That's always been the case, but I run into it a lot more since Repentance. There’s also been such a huge expansion in the item pool since earlier add ons that it’s become harder to “break the game” with some item synergies, just because you don’t see them as often. Still having a blast with Repentance and think it’s an amazing addition. It’s just made me feel less good at actually playing it! Hasn’t stopped from putting another 100+ hours into it (so far). It’s a game I’ve literally played daily for almost 2 years now.
  13. No reason to play it first at this point. that said, you’ll still have to unlock stuff either way. I guess the argument could be made that Afterbirth+ is “easier,” and will speed up that process, but you might as well be doing Repentance unlocks at the same time.
  14. Man, it genuinely bums me out that, sooner or (hopefully) later, we’ll lose these two. So much of what I love about pro wrestling is embodied by both of them.
  15. 10:14 and I thought this one was hard as hell. That is not a complaint! Actually had to use the check function because I had an error and no clue where it was.
  16. Any company that allows me to play Skies of Arcadia on a current gen system will get my money. Like, that would literally sell me a PS5 in a way none of the exclusives have. My DC copy is apparently scratched to hell and won’t load. It’d be less convenient to play for me, too, as the DC is hooked up in the spare bedroom. Sega’s gotta do something with it someday, right? Right!?!
  17. This should be real good. I also want to see it as a normal match, but these two together is a thing I’d happily watch repeatedly…
  18. Man, when I last gave Adam Windsor any thought at all, this board was probably still green. Cagematch lists his last match as 2011. What was his story? I vaguely remember it as his parents bankrolled the Funkin’ Conservatory, so Dory pushed him as the second coming to keep his meal ticket but again, it’s been a long time.
  19. @cwoy2jmentioned the Apter mags above. Those and the Napolitano mags were super important to my young fandom as well. I couldn’t tell you the first time I actually saw, say…Jerry Lawler wrestle (probably a clip from Pro Wrestling This Week?), but I already knew all the major beats of his character and moveset and big feuds. I was practically a fan before I ever even saw him. There are hundreds of examples of that for me. Really helped to have a passing knowledge of people when they eventually popped up in territories I could actually watch. Probably another negative towards WWF programming, too, as you’d be reading about the Sheepherders/Fantastics blood feud one month and then get the Bushwhackers debuting the next!
  20. Spelunky 2 went up on GamePass, so I’ll finally be banging my head against that. Bought Guardians last night, too, but haven’t installed it yet. I just keep doing Isaac runs instead of playing anything else. It’s a sickness, I think.
  21. This is one of those times I’m actually glad to be so friggin’ old. The sheer breadth of wrestling available to me on basic ass tv when I was like 10 definitely shaped me as a fan. WWF was omnipresent, but everything else I was watching was, at least to me at that age, so much more REAL. It wasn’t even necessarily NWA for me. I was immediately all in on World Class and, soon after, Watts’ UWF. Honestly, it’s probably why I was mostly into WWF heels, because at least they had a tiny bit of grit. The only WWF babyfaces I really remember latching onto in the mid-80s were Barry Windham and Tito Santana. I was probably a far more traditional “cheer the faces” sort of kid elsewhere, though.
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