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  1. It’s my name. Thrilling, creative stuff. Waaaay back in the day, on the original, original board, I briefly posted as “ToryuNoku PRO!” Equally thrilling and creative, but for different reasons!
  2. Just the standard turkey, mashed potato, stuffing combo. Some sort of veggie. I don’t know if I’m with like-minded folks (or fucking HEATHENS! ), but there will also be cranberry sauce out of a can on the table. Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without it. I like the real deal, freshly made stuff, too, but there’s something about the canned garbage that makes me happy.
  3. It’s wild how much drama occurs in the library field. I’ve spent my entire working life in public libraries and it’s probably a bigger pain in the ass than most would realize. Your wife has my sympathy. It’s a rewarding job, but so much shit comes with it. I guess I just described most jobs, though.
  4. The WHM show was great. Got bumped into better seats and the venue is kinda cavernous, so the closest people to us were maybe 10-15 ft away. Movies have been weird here. I’ve been to a handful since the summer. Eternals might have been the fullest house and there were maybe a dozen other people there. We specifically pick non-peak times, but it’s been more empty than we figured. When we saw Dune, it was literally just my wife and I. I saw Halloween Kills with one other person in the theater. It’s been fucking great!
  5. I've had tickets since the day they originally went on sale! They were supposed to be a birthday gift to me at that point. Had to do the whole refund/rebuy thing, but it wasn't too bad. Been listening since around episode 50, so it's great to finally have a chance to see them in person!
  6. Going to my first show in the pandemic era tonight. First show since I’ve been in Tennessee as well. My favorite podcast (We Hate Movies) is doing a show on Footloose at the City Winery in Nashville. I’m both super excited and more than a little wary. I’m fully vaxxed and you need proof of that to get in the door, but I wasn’t dealing well with crowds before Covid. Now? Even less so. I’m also a little worried about finding an Uber willing to make a longer drive late on a Sunday night, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  7. Windham is far and away my favorite pro wrestler ever. Not even close. Lots of other names in a malleable list. It’d change before I even hit Submit Reply. My list is likely the only one that would contain One Man Gang, though. I’ve always liked fat guy brawlers and he was one of the first I was exposed to as a kid. I’ll watch Moon beat up Von Erichs all day long… I also prefer tag wrestling to singles, so I’d bet half of my list would list teams.
  8. I tried the Xbox Cloud gaming stuff a few months back and had mostly negative feelings at the time. Too much input lag and connection drops. Not sure if it was just a bad internet day here or if they’ve tightened it up considerably, but I started playing around with it again today and it’s working *great*. Started messing around with Avengers (the install size was the main thing holding me back) and have had zero issues after 90 minutes or so of play. If it continues to run this smoothly, this is a game changer for me.
  9. Anyone know of a site that has decent listings for early/mid 80s Florida TV? Or are the bits and pieces available so spread out that no one ever bothered? Trying to figure out the dates on some Windham stuff and not having a lot of luck.
  10. Someone with the necessary skills should add Ted (or Jerry) Oates to complete the set.
  11. My “driving around” vehicle right now is a WW2-era jeep that’s been souped up to have a top speed of 220mph or so. Still handles well off-road. It’s the best of both worlds! I’m not a car guy, so the Forza Motorsports games are lost on me. I just want to pinball around and cause chaos. Burnout is the perfect franchise for me, but the Horizon games are a real close second. I understand why you can’t, but if it was possible to actually crash the cars in Horizon, it’d probably top my driving game list.
  12. Forza Horizon 5 is so much fun. I turn off the radio, turn on a Spotify playlist or podcast and just zone out. I somehow find myself 2 roads short of having driven them all (though the achievement did pop) and now I’m just breaking the bonus boards. I get why people dislike the busywork of collectibles, but that has and will always be one of the best stress relievers in my life. Only JRPG grinding can top it.
  13. I got my first rainfall and holy shit, yes. It’s monsoon season in LC…
  14. Yeah, the darkness was weird. I adjusted the contrast and that helped a bunch. Had some other glitchiness (fell through the world at one point), but it seems to run great for the most part. Of course, since these are out today, my head decided to gift me with a migraine. Only put a half hour in before I figured it’d be better to wait I can practically still navigate LC with my eyes closed, though. My game time today was basically just driving around listening to Chatterbox.
  15. SteamWorld Dig 2 is currently free on Steam, through 11am EST tomorrow. One of my favorite MetroidVania games ever.
  16. That game is super effective at environmental storytelling. You can glean all sorts of story from it if you want. I had to laugh at the article I read over the weekend that indicated younger players were confusing the GameCube with a toaster and couldn’t figure out why the game wouldn’t let them stick it in the kitchen.
  17. Anyone know when you’re able to preload stuff on Switch? Preordered Pokémon Diamond for my wife, but didn’t see a way to install it just yet. I don’t think I’ve ever preordered anything on that console, so I’m not sure if they let you install early. Maybe I’m just spoiled by Xbox…
  18. Here’s the soundtrack list. Looks like it’s the same as the 2014 releases. There’s also gameplay out there now. New gunplay looks better, but I’ll wait until I touch it and see how it feels to weigh in on that for sure. https://gamerant.com/gta-trilogy-soundtrack-music-list-san-andreas-vice-city/amp/
  19. Passed 100,000 Gamerscore today. Granted, it's taken over a decade and, as the person responsible for building the game collection for 8 public libraries, I basically had access to any game I wanted to play. Still, it was nice to have the number roll over. Seemed close for the last year, but I've not been playing as much new stuff, so it took a bit longer than I thought. Unpacking was the game that put me over. Played it basically in one sitting today and ended up getting 1000/1000 mostly by accident. Every achievement is secret, but there was only 1 that I missed without consulting a guide...
  20. Trish Adora made the Washington Post. That’s pretty rad. https://t.co/fK9VPxeGdM
  21. Finished Far Cry 6. It’s…fine? The moment to moment gameplay is still fun, but I’ve played this game already. Several times. Far Cry might be the franchise that Ubi is least ambitious with.
  22. No idea if this should go here or in the general wrestling topic, but Evil Uno is going to have some sort of show on Giant Bomb.
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