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  1. Aww, man...Mitch Ryder? This one really bums me out. He was a favorite of mine in CHIKARA especially. Didn’t see his IWA work until much later. His character just worked so well surrounded by young lucha dudes who didn’t look or work like him at all. Great chemistry with Sweeney and Shayne Hawke, too.
  2. I might just be blind, but I don't think there are any Sheepherders matches in this thread and that seems like a missed opportunity. Making pretty boy yanks spill some plasma was their calling and they were good at it! Poor Bobby Fulton sure was a bleeder, too.
  3. ECWA shows (both classic and new) coming to IWTV. Oddly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Super 8 despite being a huge fan of Indy tournaments. https://independentwrestling.tv/news/ecwa-comes-to-iwtv
  4. Seeing Eddie Kingston on TNT was a pretty big one for me, but that was more about him as a person than the character, so I’m not sure it fits. In ring, Kofi is probably the most recent example for me.
  5. We lost Harley a year ago. This is one of my favorite of his matches...
  6. August '82 in Apterland: (Edit: Also, forgot to mention the mention of "Rodney" Piper on the cover.) Quality control~!
  7. Started Tsushima. This’ll be a game I play obsessively for the next few months, I think. Beautiful game, I’m a fan of the stuff this is inspired by and I’m always happy to play an open world-ass open world game. Doesn’t seem as icon heavy as the newer AC games, but it looks like there’s plenty to do.
  8. For as chill and relaxing as this game has been for me in a tumultuous time, the quest to find a cicada shell is starting to make my blood boil. My wife found one on Monday, which means that we’ve seen exactly that one spawn in the entire month they’ve been available in NA. I play at various times throughout the day and have tried all the tricks I know of and...nothing. I know they’re still around next month and it’s already in the museum, but man, as someone who likes to check things off of a list, it’s been quite frustrating.
  9. I almost never turn down villagers who want to leave. I've had my original three (Curly, Clay and Patty) the entire time, but that's just because they haven't asked to go. Molly has become my favorite, so I'll definitely encourage her to stay. AC:NH and Slay the Spire are the only games I've played with any consistency this year. Pretty much the perfect game for my current state of mind, too. Glad I picked it up. It's the first AC game I've ever played and I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I bet I'm closing in on 250 hours at this point. Sometimes I'll just mindlessly fish for hours because, well...it beats thinking right now.
  10. No longer playing the turnip market. I will remain a fruit magnate instead. Finally had Redd selling statues today. He’s by far the rarest visitor for me and has only carried paintings until today. Instead of paying off my final loan, I am instead demolishing all of my old, cheap bridges/inclines and fancying things up a bit. New villager this week. It was my wife’s turn to pick, so Yuka the koala replaced Diva the frog. Works for me. Not getting rid of Molly ever, though. Number one and the best!
  11. More classic SNK games available through Twitch Prime. The new batch includes: Metal Slug 2 SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad Baseball Stars 2 Sengoku 3 Ironclad King of the Monsters
  12. Don't quote me on it because I haven't actually played the game yet, but my understanding is that while there are multiple endings, they're not tied to the Samurai/Ghost reputation stuff. GS finally has this back in stock. I wasn't around release day and they sold out instantly both there and at Target. Finally going to pick it up today. I'd avoided ordering it online because I have a trip home to PA coming up and didn't want to risk it being delivered while I wasn't here.
  13. Is this the best Strongbow match? He's usually a skip for me, but I ended up watching this one and am glad I did. Valentine doesn't bleed buckets, but does get the shit kicked out of him...
  14. I don't use Instagram so I can't link it directly (I think), but Mox posted this earlier and it may be of interest to some folks here.
  15. I watched AWA as a kid, but it was always way down the list of my favorites. Revisiting it years later, that’s largely still true, but I did grow to appreciate a lot of it. Crusher Blackwell, for example, is one of my 2-3 favorite superheavyweights ever. You know who else is great? Stan fuckin’ Hansen. These two beat the shit out of each other and I just wish it was longer.
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