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  1. Slay the Spire is my game of the year right now. I have never been someone to do a daily run in any game, but it actually bums me out when I miss it in this game.
  2. I got Shadowkeep and Forsaken as my Black Friday gift to myself. Hadn't played since beating the game soon after it came out. Shit... I may have to start over, because not only did they change a ton of stuff, but I'm also not sure that I remember how some of the holdover stuff works, either. I'm pretty okay with the idea. This is likely going to be my zen, self-care game for a while, as I'm super stressed out about moving and, even more so, my pending unemployment. Definitely need something to take my mind off of all that.
  3. My girlfriend was offered a new job today, making more than what she and I make combined currently. That’s pretty rad. On the more terrifying side of the scale, this means moving from PA (where I’ve lived my entire life) to the greater Nashville area. Stressing out greatly about that, since I’ve been in the same job for 20 years and the idea of finding a new job sorta makes my stomach hurt. Heh. Super exciting as well Any of y’all (can I use that yet?) familiar with the area? Seems like a shit ton of stuff to do. At least compared to where I am now. Good place to settle down? How is traffic? I can be an anxious driver. Possible to get around without all highway driving?
  4. I see that ratings chart and can only say one thing: They rebooted Muppet Babies?! What the fuck? Is it any good?
  5. The Orlando Colon feud with Gilbert is probably my favorite storyline in wrestling at the moment. I think Anniversario was this weekend, too. Maybe the blowoff of that feud?
  6. I’d love to see the Work Horsemen (J.D. Drake/Anthony Henry) in their tag division. Drake, in particular, has become one of my current favorites.
  7. Was Wild West Wrestling affiliated with the AWA? Watching some of their TV on youtube and there’s a match with Sherri Martel defending the AWA title versus Candi Devine. I don’t remember any association between them, but I feel like my only memory of WWW is from after Mantell merged with World Class.
  8. To continue the theme, wasn’t one of Yasuda’s biggest issues out of the ring that his wealth was indeed “shorter than a midget on his knees?”
  9. Finally watching SCI. Some guys I’m not familiar with who I’ll definitely be scoping out other matches for. Nice to see some faces I haven’t seen in ages, too. 2019 Slim J is a-ok by me. Daniel Makabe vs. Tony Deppen was incredible. Looking forward to night two.
  10. Anyone go through Al Snow’s book? I see it’s available through Hoopla (for those not in the know, a digital ebook service available through lots of libraries). Free is the right price, but is worth the time?
  11. Probably due to my anxiety as much as anything, but I’m definitely still a lurker for the most part. Have been for the better part of 20 years. Fuck, we’re all getting old.
  12. I'll second the love for this one. Just a really fun nostalgia trip up and down the undercards of old JAPW shows. It's weird to live in a world where 'cide is putting over Teddy Hart, though. I was waiting and hoping for a last second turn there. Homicide looked like he was having a blast. That cold open with him heading back to the Doghouse and talking about how his friends might be wrestling in front of 80,000 people but that this show was his Wrestlemania moment was more touching than I would have expected.
  13. Kofi, but not Prince Nana? What an affront to royalty!
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