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  1. Shane


    Been playing State of Decay 2. I would not say that I’m good at the management aspect. Just quit playing after inadvertently recruiting two new survivors that I have neither the beds nor food for. The latter, I can fix. The former is a problem. I’m going to have to think through who I want to exile. I can’t afford any of the bases that would be large enough to house everyone, so that may be my only option. This game is rad overall, despite being a buggy mess at times...
  2. Definitely plan to dive headlong into State of Decay 2. Based on what I’ve seen of the Giant Bomb and Waypoint crews streaming it, I think it’s right up my alley.
  3. Not sure how long it lasts, but I picked up a 6 month code for Xbox GamePass on Amazon at half price ($30). That’s a good price for that selection of games.
  4. Shane


    Been putting some time into Fortnite. So much less stressful than PUBG for me. I’ve played 50-ish matches now and genuinely can’t say whether or not I enjoy it. I’m terrible at the building aspect and the guns don’t feel great, but there’s definitely a reason that it’s the biggest game out there right now. Otherwise, I’m in a bit of a rut. I’ve started a few things, but nothing is sticking. I’m just biding my time for GoW, I guess. Bought it, but decided to let my niece play it first. I’m now slightly regretting being a good uncle. Ha!
  5. Shane


    Put a few hours into Far Cry 5. Strong starter, but the narrative fizzles almost immediately. In part, it’s the curse of an open world. Sure, I’ll get to that cult thing...5 hours from now, after I explore. And do that other thing that leads to that other thing. Oh, shit, now I’m being mauled by a bear. What was I doing again? It definitely feels like they backed off of really saying anything, too. The gameplay loop is still booking me. I was ready for another Far Cry, so I can’t say that I’m not having a blast, because I am. Could have been more, though.
  6. Shane

    This Weather Sucks

    Yesterday at 6pm, it was 60 degrees here. As I type this, I just came in from cleaning an inch plus of snow from my car. Gah! The (main) roads look clear, at least...
  7. Spec Ops: The Line is free on Humble for the next 2-ish days. Always wanted to play this one and have never gotten around to it. Story is always well spoken of.
  8. Shane


    I swear that, just for a second, I thought someone ‘shopped Rusev into the pic.
  9. Loads of ‘90/91 WWC tv popping up on this channel. I know what I’ll be watching for the next few weeks. If the person who runs it posts here, thanks for this as well as the Continental. Always jazzed for territory footage I didn’t have access to at the time...
  10. Shane


    Just got my first Platinum trophy (though I’ve 1000/1000 a few games on Xbox). Finished 100% of Cat Quest in a dozen hours or so. Fun, little 3/4 view Zelda-like. Not difficult. Not particularly deep. Fun all the same. I finished the story at level 90 or so, so I just ran the hardest dungeon over and over to grind out the last 9 levels.
  11. Shane

    This Weather Sucks

    Snow never materialized here in central PA. Forecasts went from a dusting to 12” back to *maybe* 3” in the last 24 hours. Guess it ended up moving more east than they thought. Be safe out there, y’all, regardless of the weather.
  12. Shane


    Bloodborne is downloading. At the speed PSN gives me these days, I'll be saying the same hours from now... My girlfriend also bought me a copy of Super Mario World this week. I had a Genesis growing up (as did all of my friends), so while I've played it, I've certainly never played through it. Looking forward to that. Also also, I played some No Man's Sky. A year removed from the drama, for a game I hadn't hyped as much as most...I'd say that I'm enjoying myself. It's just a really chill game for me to check in on when I'm feeling stressed. No idea if I'm making progress. I'm just bebopping around the universe, scanning shit and trying to learn alien languages.
  13. I’ve almost bought Bloodborne about a dozen times now. My restraint (and knowing how generally poor I am at that type of game) has paid off.
  14. Shane


    Blitzed through the AC:Origins Hidden Ones DLC. If you love the main game, this is a few more hours of it. I guess the next DLC pack will be a larger expansion. Comes out in March. I have no doubt that whatever game I’m working on will be shoved to the side immediately when it hits. Will I finally start Nier:Automata now? Only time will tell...
  15. Shane


    1000/1000 in Assassin’s Creed:Origins. Will be starting the first DLC soon as well. Had to grind the last few red pot kills and the “poison a lvl 35+ dude, then kill him with your torch” achievements, but everything else came through natural gameplay. Maybe my favorite AC game ever made. 2 is right there with it, though. I’m ready to move on to Nier:Automata and I’m still playing a lot of XB1 PUBG as well.