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  1. Pretty sure the only title switch I’ve seen in person is Mero going over Faarooq in the IC-Title tourney. That same set of TV tapings was the TV debut of fake Razor/Diesel, I believe. Way better than any title switch! Ha!
  2. Face/face: Road Warriors vs. Steiners (Starrcade ‘89), Hart vs. Piper (WM8), Hart vs. 123 Kid (Raw) The only heel/heel matches that come to mind are Savage/Roberts from SNME and I vaguely remember really liking a Vader/Austin match on Raw.
  3. Not sure what the promotion would have been at the time, but I watched a Wild Samoans run show in the food court of the Fairlane Village Mall in Pottsville, PA. This was maybe early-90s? I remember none of the lineup, but I probably still have an Afa autographed photo kicking around somewhere in my attic.
  4. I’m playing AC:Odyssey. A lot. 20+ hours over the last 3-4 days. Much like Origins, this game is a dream come true for someone (me) who likes to check boxes in video games. A billion discreet areas, all with their own clearly defined objectives? Sign me up! Also started Celeste, which seems like it might end up more punishing than I want, but I’m playing with Assist Mode off. I’d be willing to flip it on to see the story, though. The good thing is that, while I’m banging my head against some parts, it’s ultimately a super fair game. When I die, it’s because I messed up, not because the game screwed me. God help me, but KH3 is the game I’m most looking forward to. It’s going to be one of those games that causes me to drop everything else so I can focus on it.
  5. Finished Spider-Man. One trophy short of the platinum. Not even going to bother, as I’d need to bang my head against the least fun part of the game for me (the Taskmaster challenges) to get the tokens needed to unlock the final 2-3 suits. Hell of a game. My biggest complaint is likely That’s a relatively minor complaint, though, as the rest of the game had me hooked. The combat is an absolute blast and the swinging feels amazing, no pun intended.
  6. If it’s the same random event I had, it looks friggin’ brutal as well. Migraine earlier kept me from playing and now I won’t get to touch it ‘til Wednesday, probably. I am very sad.
  7. You probably know this, but you always have one waiting in your saddlebags. Old West infinite hat technology is crazy.
  8. 8 years since I last had to say it, but fuck a cougar. My new dream video game deathmatch is RDR cougars vs. Fallout Cazadores.
  9. Everything feels weighty and deliberate and holy crap am I loving it. Got to Chapter 2 and dicked around town for a bit, but I had to quit lest I just keep playing all day. Got places to be later and boy, do I wish I could cancel those plans.
  10. This is installing so much more quickly than I anticipated. Blops4 took for-friggin’-ever. Don’t know that I’ll start tonight, but it’ll be ready. Took the day off and everything. Been a long time since I did that for a video game!
  11. I suck at Forza games. Hell, I suck at racing games in general. I’m still having a blast with Forza Horizon 4. Make the AI dumb enough and you can win most any race. As I get better (glacially), I’m slowly turning up the AI and turning down the assist sliders. Today’s session has seen me do zero events. I’m just driving around on every road and smashing the boards. Very zen.
  12. Made it to the final boss of Dead Cells. Not sure how I’ll ever beat it, though. Can consistently make it to the Clock Tower, regardless of the path I take. GOTY for me ao Far.
  13. My girlfriend loved Yoku. Ended up beating it 100%. I liked it as well. Pretty forgiving pinball physics overall, but there are some tricky shots to be found, too.
  14. I fell HARD for Dead Cells. Holy shit. Playing on Xbox and it stopped my progress on every other game I'm playing dead. I knew it got me when I found myself thinking about playing it when I was at work earlier. Like, gaming is my primary hobby, I guess, but I rarely find myself just chomping at the bit to get back to whatever it is I'm playing. That's always the sign of a good one for me. Feel like I might be handicapping myself by using trap builds (when the game is so kind as to allow me to do so), as I'm not improving my parrying with shields. But maybe I'll base the next build around ice bows. Or shit, this blueprint I just found for a giant hammer sounds like it could be fun. Or...
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