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  1. GCW just tweeted out that Danny Havoc died. Ugh. What a year for...everything.
  2. I don’t think I ever noticed until this rewatch just how close Tanaka’s head would have been to the legs on the railing. I’d always focused on the idea that his head was probably beyond the mats when he took the bump, but man...that leg is jutting out just inches away.
  3. That Sting thing is up. Not much to it. Most interesting thing is him and Savage hamming it up for the camera backstage.
  4. Pat Tanaka and Ubas/El Puerto Ricano were the first two names not already mentioned that popped onto my head. Man...Tanaka would throw himself into the most routine looking back bump, just to make every move look that much more devastating.
  5. To add to Matt's list: -Cornette's graphic novel -A few of Greg Oliver's books (Storytellers; Heroes & Icons) -Kanyon's book -Colt Cabana/Cody Rhodes/Young Bucks picture books -Death of WCW -Creating the Mania (Jon Robinson) -Pat Patterson's book -Sisterhood of the Squared Circle (Pat Laprade) -The NXT book -A Bryan Alvarez book about the "101 Things WWE Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" -Shooters by Jon Snowden -The Benoit book Scott Keith put out -The Matysik book on the 50 Greatest Wrestlers of all time -Jim Ross' first book -Bruce Hart's book -A lot of issues of the WWE comic Also the GLOW documentary and No Holds Barred in their streaming video collection. And this is still missing stuff. I've been a librarian for 20+ years, so I'm both very familiar with Hoopla and can also say that their search can be obtuse at times.
  6. Andre the Giant: Blinded by my own blood, I was helpless!
  7. I just saw this and immediately started to wonder when the hell Minoru Suzuki would have ever had a chance to work the Brooklyn Brawler. Y'all...I'm not sleeping well and this is what it's come to.
  8. Lego Ninjago Movie game is free on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam. Looks like it might be today only, so get in on it if you want it! It's one of the few Lego games I haven't played, but I imagine it's pretty decent. You pretty much know what you're in for with those games...
  9. I just got it to work, so it is possible! Humble is also giving away Aegis Defenders. 2D tower defense. Love the art style, but haven't actually installed it yet.
  10. I was entertained by all of that nonsense. I don't know if that makes it good or if I'm just bored as hell. In the end, I'm not sure it matters either way.
  11. Definitely Arezzi. He posted about it fairly recently.
  12. The Horror of the Moondogs playlist is top notch. Also, aptly named.
  13. There is the slightly (or very) uncomfortable squash where things are booked to or just genuinely get out of hand. Can't say I like this match, but Brock Lesnar absolutely decimating Zach Gowan was the first thing I thought of. If you're sensitive to chairshots, you'll want to avoid this one, as Brock just friggin' *pastes* him with one.
  14. I just remember literally *running* home from school every day to make it in time for the ESPN show. Not sure there’s ever been another show, wrestling or not, that I had that commitment to! Not only is Embry in the wrong through a lot of this, but Frank Dusek is possibly the worst authority figure ever. He lets Embry get away with anything he wants. Embry wants to come back as referee. Dusek tells him that the has enough refs. Embry kills Harold Harris and Dusek hires him on the spot! Some unfortunate Arab racial slurs towards Ackbar as well.
  15. Apropos of nothing, but I’m watching a comp of the Eric Embry vs. Devastation Inc. feud and man...I grew up watching World Class during the glory years, but this might be my favorite era of Texas wrestling. If you asked me to list my favorites, I wouldn’t think of Embry immediately, but he probably belongs on that list. What an unlikely top babyface, though.
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