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  1. Star Wars: Battlefront II: Celebration Edition is this week's free game from the Epic Game Store.
  2. They had their yearly "Almanac and Book of Facts" Found a pic of the covers from that timeframe, in case one looks familiar...
  3. Current weekly TV? I've watched Dynamite for the last 3-4 weeks, which is as long as I've watched any modern weekly show since...somewhere around Raw 1000, I think. I've also been trying to catch at least the main matches from all of the All Japan and NOAH shows over the last 6 months or so. My current "projects" are (re)watching World Class TV (currently through February '85), UWF TV (up to '87) and smattering in Monday Night Wars stuff that I literally haven't watched since it first aired. I don't exactly binge through any of it (though I'm certainly doing more than 1 episode a week). J
  4. Hell of a coat on Terry here.
  5. Borrowed Miles Morales from the library. I'm not sure I've ever had more fun with the basic movement in a game as I have this and Spider-Man before it. They absolutely nailed the webslinging in every way possible. Though it doesn't feel like it'll be a long story, I'm all in on it. Good writing, with a character I genuinely like, whose motivations I understand. Lots of heart Gameplay-wise, I think the Venom powers make the combat a little more varied/interesting, but I've had to force myself to *not* be stealthy, because it's just as easy to Batman it up and take out everyone without them
  6. Larry Nelson trying to do journalism here is funny. Col. DeBeers certainly doesn't mince words on his feelings about Scott Hall and the juice...
  7. When I first started watching AWA (popped up on ESPN in late ‘85, right?), I though Bock was a shitty, boring old man. Kids are fucking dumb. There are few guys now who I get more excited to see new to me footage of.
  8. On 1/1, the Nook ATM will also restock with another handful of limited time New Year’s items.
  9. If you make an imperfect snowman, you can just quit out, close the game and restart and the snowballs will respawn. You can keep doing it until it's perfect. This is apparently what my wife has been doing, I guess. I also realized today that, if you're on a 2-player island and not the one making the snowmen, you can still talk to them and get a DIY recipe. No Large Snowflakes, though...
  10. 6:58 for me. Look forward to seeing these pop up.
  11. Looks like Ubisoft Connect is getting in on the holiday giveaways. I missed the AC: Valhalla stuff mentioned in the link, but today they're giving away Starlink: Battle For Atlas. https://www.pcgamer.com/ubisoft-is-giving-away-free-games-and-in-game-stuff-every-day-this-week/
  12. Silver? I thought there was only red, blue and gold? Am I missing one as well? I had the time to do it today, so I shook about 50 of the other three today. The snow stuff hasn't been as fun for me. I'm on a two household island, so I'm not getting any of the snowman DIYs because I leave the snowman stuff for my wife. I might be "Player One" on the island (she didn't start playing until late May/early June), but I leave a lot of that stuff for her...
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