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  1. Just watched this and man, even though it’s a film transfer with no sound and it’s clipped to bits, I loved every second of this. I’ve seen way less of Ladd than Bockwinkel, but if this match is any indication, I enjoy his work as much as his ability to talk. Here, he not only looks 9’ tall, but Bock’s big bumps and stooging makes him look like an absolute monster in the ring, too. I don’t love watching pro wrestling with no sound, but it’s a nice exercise in paying closer attention to body language and how to sell to the back row of an arena rather than a TV camera. For those o
  2. I picked up BreakPoint on a whim (and because it was deeply on sale). I never played Wildlands, but I felt like it was fairly well regarded by the time they were done updating it. Breakpoint has definitely not gotten that reaction from what I've seen. That said, I'm enjoying it well enough. It's just another Ubisoft open world, check question marks off a list sort of game for me. Don't give a fuck about the story. I just want to clear areas and make gear numbers go up. Using the AI squad and between them and my drone buddy, I'm basically death incarnate and no one ever sees me coming. I someti
  3. According to what they've posted on Twitter, it sounds like both AC Mack and Cabana Man Dan have now come back with positive tests as well.
  4. Ugh. I was going to say that Pillman too often shows his age and maturity, then realized that he’s *27*. I saw some companies (SUP is the one I remember) indicate that they’ll no longer book Logan Stunt, so it’s nice to see that there are some repercussions for shitty behavior. Sometimes. Still not often enough...
  5. We're in Smyrna, so about 25-ish minute drive, I think? We haven't even really been to the city proper at this point. To say that it was an interesting time to move (from PA, where I was born and lived my entire 42 years) would be quite an understatement. We were only here maybe 6 weeks before the world came to a crashing halt. Barely had a chance to explore yet.
  6. I was wondering the same. I imagine it'll be a while for any of the marquee shows, though, just because the replays would still be available on Fite, right? Just speculation from me, though. I'm actually most bummed about missing SUP. Since moving to right outside of Nashville to start 2020, they're becoming my "home" promotion. With 2020 being the way it has, I haven't been able to get to a show (and with the damage done to their building earlier in the year, I'm not sure when they'll run Nash again), but I've gone through the archives and am looking forward to seeing them live. Haven't
  7. Glory Pro - Are Ya Wrestling, Son? Haven't seen it myself, but this isn't the first rave I've seen about it.
  8. Both Tankman and Edwards are going to be stars if they get the opportunities. Edwards is as good a promo as he is a hoss, so the sky is the limit on him. How’ve the Moriarty and Makabe matches been? Two of my current favorites as well. I almost regret getting in on the XSX preorder this week, because I couldn’t justify the Collective stuff on top of it. Following along on Twitter/boards makes me a little jealous!
  9. With that hair and build...when did Rick Rude snatch Jake’s gimmick!?
  10. No idea if they're still available, but Series X preorders are up on the Costco site. Their bundle includes an extra controller and is $549.99 I managed to grab one because I happened to be on Reddit literally when the post went up. We'll see if the preorder sticks...
  11. The new Keith Elliot Greenberg book, Too Sweet: Inside the Indie Wrestling Revolution is available on Hoopla. Both as an ebook and on eAudio. https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/13376700 https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/13376525
  12. Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I was browsing around Amazon Prime video and noticed that they’ve added a documentary about Sweet Daddy Siki. Haven’t watched it yet, but I thought it might be of interest to some folks around these parts...
  13. Mance Warner is the only current wrestler I can think of who does it. Never get the sense of menace the fine gentlemen you listed would evoke, but I do appreciate it!
  14. That's Cheech Hernandez. Tagged with Cloudy a lot in the Northeast around the time of this video. Currently teams with Colin Delaney as "To Infinity and Beyond." Really good tag guy. He and Delaney are one of the more slept on teams on the indy scene right now. https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=1358
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