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  1. This should be real good. I also want to see it as a normal match, but these two together is a thing I’d happily watch repeatedly…
  2. Man, when I last gave Adam Windsor any thought at all, this board was probably still green. Cagematch lists his last match as 2011. What was his story? I vaguely remember it as his parents bankrolled the Funkin’ Conservatory, so Dory pushed him as the second coming to keep his meal ticket but again, it’s been a long time.
  3. @cwoy2jmentioned the Apter mags above. Those and the Napolitano mags were super important to my young fandom as well. I couldn’t tell you the first time I actually saw, say…Jerry Lawler wrestle (probably a clip from Pro Wrestling This Week?), but I already knew all the major beats of his character and moveset and big feuds. I was practically a fan before I ever even saw him. There are hundreds of examples of that for me. Really helped to have a passing knowledge of people when they eventually popped up in territories I could actually watch. Probably another negative towards WWF programming, too, as you’d be reading about the Sheepherders/Fantastics blood feud one month and then get the Bushwhackers debuting the next!
  4. Spelunky 2 went up on GamePass, so I’ll finally be banging my head against that. Bought Guardians last night, too, but haven’t installed it yet. I just keep doing Isaac runs instead of playing anything else. It’s a sickness, I think.
  5. This is one of those times I’m actually glad to be so friggin’ old. The sheer breadth of wrestling available to me on basic ass tv when I was like 10 definitely shaped me as a fan. WWF was omnipresent, but everything else I was watching was, at least to me at that age, so much more REAL. It wasn’t even necessarily NWA for me. I was immediately all in on World Class and, soon after, Watts’ UWF. Honestly, it’s probably why I was mostly into WWF heels, because at least they had a tiny bit of grit. The only WWF babyfaces I really remember latching onto in the mid-80s were Barry Windham and Tito Santana. I was probably a far more traditional “cheer the faces” sort of kid elsewhere, though.
  6. I wasn’t familiar with Deadlock Pro until these tweets and having it bubble to the surface of YouTube’s algorithm. Watched the first show tonight and had a lot of fun with it. I wish more companies did “TV” on YouTube. This was a breezy 45 minutes and the Rosemary/Everett main event was the perfect cap to the premiere. They drew me in for the foreseeable future.
  7. The fun thing about not watching WWE is that it's still there. Like, if something fucking awesome happens, you can dip back in to watch that match/angle/segment and then go right back to largely ignoring them. Their booking style means that you couldn't possibly be lost, no matter how long you've been away. I haven't watched a full episode of WWE programming in probably a decade now but, simultaneously, have seen most everything that mattered. The only thing I make time for is the Royal Rumble, but that's just nostalgia for me. My playlist project keeps me busy, watching stuff that I know I'll love. Right now, I'm mostly knee deep in a combination of cage matches and Mick Foley footage, but I can put that down and watch whatever at anytime and it's great. I'm not sure I've ever watched more pro wrestling. Both in amount and variety. Realized the other day that I'm about a month behind on AEW, but I watched most of 1984 World Class in that same timeframe.
  8. One and the same. When I was kid, there were any number of pro wrestlers that I found scary. Less so as an adult, of course, but Tank is still a scary dude. Which is funny, since he seems pretty beloved by the folks who've been around him for years.
  9. I’m treading water, waiting to pick up Guardians when I have time. I’d get it digitally, but I have Christmas gift cards to spend. Still mostly playing The Binding of Isaac. Repentance is a real bastard. The new alt. path stuff is maybe too hard for me. Well…the final bosses, anyway. Even with 10/10 level runs, they’re still a chore to get through.
  10. The final episode of Portland Wrestling
  11. That one is also amazing and probably one that I'll end up buying! Here's the one I was gifted. Not sure where it came from, though. I figured https://www.ka-tet19.net/, but don't see it listed there. I have a few of their shirts and always appreciate some of the deep cuts.
  12. Hope y’all had a good weekend, holidays or not. I think my favorite gift this year was a t-shirt for The Shining, done in the style of a Black Flag logo. I collect t-shirts, love Stephen King, love punk and love Black Flag/Rollins. It was the perfect collision of my interests. Definitely picked out by my sister in law. She’s a primo gift giver.
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