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  1. Four Boston Gardens shows from '86 have gone up so far today: 2/8 (Savage vs Santana title switch, Steamboat vs Muraco, Bruno vs Piper cage match) 5/24 (Savage vs Hogan) 6/27 (Roberts vs Steamboat, Savage vs Hogan) 10/4 (Savage/Steele, Big/Super/Piper Machine vs. Bundy/Studd/Heenan)
  2. Shadow Warrior: Special Edition is free from the Humble store for the next 36 hours or so. Looks to be a Steam key.
  3. For those interested in the speedrun scene, Summer Games Done Quick kicked off today and runs through next Sunday. I like watching this stuff way more than I ever thought I would. Even games I've never played and have no real interest in.
  4. I also picked up Darkest Dungeons from the sale. I may be more stressed by it than any of my roster of characters are, though. I mean that in the best way possible. Haven't had anyone die after 2-ish hours of play, but I also has some characters who really aren't in the best of shape. Looking forward to getting back to it.
  5. 5 (so far) new MSG shows have gone up today. 4 from the late 70s and one from the mid 80s. If MSG shows are the drop for this month, I am A-ok with that.
  6. My descent into Watch_Dogs has officially begun. I'm not terribly concerned with getting 100%, though, so I don't know that beating the drinking games, for instance, will stress me out too much. Aiden is an asshole and I'm *really* not feeling the driving physics, but it's been fun so far. I'm also playing more Solitairica than I figured I would when I bought it. Takes a pretty basic Tripeaks solitaire game and wraps it in RPG mechanics. I've unlocked all of the different deck classes, but haven't managed to beat the game with any of them yet. I think level 14 of 18 is where I've been stalling out.
  7. I've been working in libraries my entire adult life, so this is a dangerous question. Without even listing titles, I can say that I have fiction, nonfiction, music, audiobooks, videogames and a DVD checked out currently. One Interlibrary loan (which is my current department) from Illinois. Stuff that I can specifically recall having checked out include: -Grand Theft Auto V (I played it on 360, so wanted to try the XB1 version. We just recently added M-rated games) -The new Chuck Klosterman book, X. -A new book about video games (Bit by Bit: How Video Games Transformed Our World) -The newest Mastodon album. -Audio verson of The Dead Zone by Stephen King (my daily transit is around an hour each way, so I've been listening to a lot more books than I read for the past few years) -John Wick 2 -Murder By Death DVD (Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers) The ILL is an audiobook that I actually finished earlier this week, but I just keep forgetting to take it back in. It's City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett. Second book in the Divine Cities trilogy, which I'm absolutely hooked on right now.
  8. I'd not seen this one. Your post made me look it up. Thank you for that!
  9. Buff Bagwell has been in the biz for 28 years? Christ...looking at the number makes me feel ancient.
  10. That Queen knockoff is so, so perfect. I've not been paying a whole lot of attention to this because I really just want a new Saints Row (I'd also love SR2 to be backwards compatible), but odds are that I end up buying it anyway. I just like Volition's vision of open world games...
  11. I think I may enjoy old WWF Spectrum shows even more than MSG stuff at this point, mostly because Kal Rudman interviewing Don Muraco is one of my absolute favorite things in pro wrestling.
  12. It was a nice, humid 101 degrees when I left work today. As someone who has never lived in a house with AC, fuck this weather. It's currently 87.5 in my bedroom. Blah.
  13. As someone who loved the Naval stuff in Black Flag, I am all the way in on this.
  14. Got the PUBG trailer I wanted. That'll be a day 1 purchase. What I didn't expect to grab me was the Metro Exodus trailer. That looked real good.
  15. Killer Bees? Or did they win the UWF (Abrams) titles? Strangely, I can't remember a damned thing about that title lineage.