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This feels so much more polished than SR IV. Seriously, that game comes off like complete amateur hour compared to this and I LOVED SR 3. This is what a $60 sandbox game on current-gen hardware should be - and it even pulls off batshit crazy stuff thanks to weed and well Trevor being Trevor. He's a crazy dude, but just the right amount of realistically crazy. He seems like an old war vet who's had a few too many battles, shouldn't be fighting any more of them, but doesn't know anything else.

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Grand Theft Auto V has an immensely large cast of diverse characters. However, you'll see the world from the perspective of three: Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. During the game's 20-30 hour story you'll learn a lot about these fictional characters including their motives, history, and quirks. You might even notice they're wonderfully voice acted with very distinct personalities. So who's behind them?

Above is an image of the three voice actors from GTA V's main character cast. From left to right you have Steven Ogg (Trevor), Shawn Fonteno (Franklin), and Ned Luke (Michael). Here are some examples of their work:

Steven Ogg


FIlm: Giving It Up (Andre)


Game: Alone in the Dark (Vinnie)


T.V. Series: Unforgettable (Guest)


Shawn Fonteno


Film: The Wash (Face)


Film: 3 Strikes (Big Mo)


Ned Luke


Film: Citation of Merit (Sergeant Smith)


Film: Rover Dangerfield (Raffles)


T.V. Series: Boardwalk Empire (Guest Character)


Comprising a role for one of the most popular games of our time is a big deal for these three guys. GTA IV Niko Bellic voice actor, Michael Hollick, is cited as having been paid $100,000 for his work, and is regularly asked by strangers to say a line from the game.


Credit: craveonline.com


Interesting seeing the playable characters voice actors in real life.

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Bizarre moment while playing the last time. I went to lose a wanted level, and I decided to hide in a backyard. As I did this, I happened to get into a pool, and after accidentally hitting the Y button; I started free falling and ended up in the Los Santos river. I am still not sure how it happened.

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I could see trying to compare SR and GTA within the first two titles but now that SR3 and SR4 have included Dragon Ball powers, aliens, homicidal anime characters, and German Suplexes, I don't think it's really necessary to push the virtues of one game by damning the other.  They aren't thematically similar at all anymore.


I think the game that will end up being closest in feel to GTA5 will be WATCH_D0GS and that has Hollywood-esque computer hacking in it.


I enjoy SR for being a murder amusement park and GTA for being my gritty crime drama.  Which is odd because GTA started off being a murder amusement park.

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Pretty much what JT said.  I don't get the direct comparisons between GTA and SR.  Both are open world games but that's it.  The first SR was a blatant GTA clone but it has since found its' own identity.  If the games are like movies, SR is a goofy 80s/Hong Kong action flick, while GTA is more of the serious Scorsese/Michael Mann crime drama/action.  Both are good in their own ways.


You also have to keep in mind that GTAV had 5 years of development and a $250 millon+ budget.  SRIV was churned out in less than a year by a studio that had its' publisher go bankrupt halfway through development.  Yeah, it doesn't have the polish of GTAV, but no other open world game has, and that is why GTA is considered the gold standard of the genre.


And I would still put SR2 ahead of GTAIV ;)


Anyway, I got to put in my first serious play session last night.  I forgot I had the free upgraded weapons at Ammunation through the special edition code.  Those really helped a lot with the cops, though both Franklin and Michael are both still pretty weak without body armor at this point.


What I am really liking about the game so far - and this is a HUGE improvement over IV for me - is that the first act doesn't seem so plodding.  Of course it is still a bunch of tutorial missions, but at least it doesn't feel like it. 


This might sound like a stupid question - is the iFruit app a real thing?  I looked on the link given in the game and it's just wallpapers.  I'm trying not to spoil too much of the game so I don't wanna click through random links on Google.

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Movie/TV reviews!

First, not crazy about the new interface for these. You get a first person view from the couch or the theatre seats with a limited ability to free look. The movie has a zoom, but there's no way to go full screen, youhave to hold the left stick in place or it zooms in or out too far. Definitely could use work.

CAPOLOVALO (theatre) A parody of incomprehensible European art movies from the 60s. Had a few moments of genuinely insightful parody, but most of the joke was "This makes no sense, and it's in Italian with subtitles! Laugh at the pretensiousness!"

JACK HOWITZER: Reality series in which the aging movie star tries to put his life back together after the prison term he earned in GTASA. There are some legitimately funny bits here; Howitzer feels simultaneously well developed and shallow, and his idea for a comeback movie in which he slaughters Chinese bankers and factory workers to bring prosperity back to America was hilarious.

Less entertaining was MOOREHEAD RIDES AGAIN, a cartoon adaptation of the radio serial from GTAVCS. Gordon Moorehead is still a racist, sexist PI keeping the world safe from Commies, but the translation from audio to visual hasn't worked in its favor.

I may or may not do any more of this, depending on how badly i want to hear myself talk.

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Few things are better than the expressions on the faces of non-gamers that walk by gamers when they are going through GTA5 withdrawals.


CPT Ferguson:  So have you got GTA5, yet?

Me: Nope, I think Saturday's the day.

(Branch Director walks by)

CPT Ferguson:  I don't even know why I came into work today.  You wouldn't believe the amount of meth i need to smuggle.

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Well, I'm getting the hang of some of this game, at least.


That first street race can fuck right off, but switching around between characters is fun.  Except I keep finding Franklin with his yellow shirt on when I switch back to him which KILLS the Ice Cube vibe I keep trying to give him.

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Anyone know when you get the ability to go into the clothing and convenience stores?  Spoiler-free if possible, just a general time frame.  I just got Michael's major motivation event for the game, I think (it involves a winch and a wench...)


Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets hopelessly lost outside of town, in the sewer tunnels, etc. and just says "fuck it, let's see what the other guy is doing."

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