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  1. I've renewed the league for another year of fun and games~! All the teams from last year have been re-added to the league for the upcoming season. I am having some trouble working out a good draft date, but right now it is Sunday, October 23rd at 8PM, but that can be changed based on what everyone decides. As always feel free to put any additional stat categories or anything below. http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/dvdvrbb2016
  2. This is hilarious because you ended up with the second pick.
  3. I have no problem doing that just so we can get as many people there as possible.
  4. Yep. Feel free to keep discussing. I have no problems adding or subtracting whatever.
  5. Done and done. I'm also tempted to drop one of the utility spits, but I'll just probably end up keeping it as 12 players to 12 team seems fine.
  6. Thank you for reminding me! I have said the last two years I was going to cut back on spots but then the draft comes and it's never done. How many do you think would be a good number? I was thinking about eliminating the second starting center spot. Going with three on the bench and two for the injury list.
  7. The invite to rejoin often gets sent to a spam folder. If needed I can resend the invite if you just clear it out like I do most times.
  8. IT HAS RETURNED~! I've renewed the league for another year of fun, excitement, poor drafts, and late season collapses. I sent out the renew to the 13 teams in the league, but am more than willing to add more. The current draft day is October 26th at 8:00PM Eastern. I am also more than willing to change that as well I just wanted to set it up as far in advance as possible to allow the teams to fill-up. Currently we are on a rotisserie style unless an even number of teams draft and I would prefer to do H2H, but that's up to everyone else in the league. http://basketball.fantasysports.
  9. Tyler Black is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 2005 me is beside himself.
  10. Russell Westbrook got hit with a Boma Ye from Andre Roberson and this was the result:
  11. Assassin


    I think another big reason that Cricket isn't big in America is that it's really hard for advertisers to get spots during games. It would become like NASCAR with all of the teams having so many sponsors on their shirts it would look ridiculous. There really aren't huge breaks for commercials during Cricket games (even a game like 20/20), and outside of the halftime portion you're not really going to get much time to promote other things.
  12. EDIT: Hmm. This should probably go to the PMs.
  13. I just did the other day actually. What did you want to know? (Not that I have extensive knowledge or anything.)
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