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  1. i am a kid, im only 10. THAT'S OFFENSIVE TO ME!!!
  2. which football team would you rather christobell
  3. i got a 10 car garage in los santos and a 6 car garage in sandy shors so i have to traval about 3 MILES to get from one to the other now i regret it
  4. all night wilst i was sleeping i wanted the DLC super car for $700,000 but NOOOOOOOO i just have to have to have $200,000 LESS dont i !!!
  5. Type in on you tube wild cat banana bus TEN HOURS!!! it gets ANNOYING.
  6. which football team would you rather out of all of them
  7. he is only 39 F er I call BS, here. No 9 year old in history has thought 39 wasn't old. I would be, actually. It's terrible enough going through your teens the first time around. Having to do it again would make me want to put a revolver in my mouth. If there's anything that sums up GTA better than trolling young children and getting them to swear at you (or try to do so), I don't know what it is. He's been saying this ever since I started running around in tiny white shorts and nothing else. I dunno what he's trying to say, here. which game would you rather gta5 or any else, chris?
  8. hey chris if you were 10 now you would be jealous of me B word!
  9. you know what would be cool on gta 5, if everyone got older and older
  10. i got a new 6 car garage and i got a 4 door car then i wanted penunbra but then... all of the 4 door cars start to appear EVEN THOUGH I HAD TO BUY THE DAM THING!!!
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