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  1. There's also a bundle that comes with a trackball/rotator controller with 10 more games. I'm really tempted to get it for Arkanoid.
  2. I got the Arcade1up MK2 Midway Legacy deluxe edition on clearance from Best Buy. The quality is definitely a step up from the wave 1 cabinets I have. But why did they put Paperboy on there? It plays like crap with a joystick. Something like Robotron would have been a much better fit.
  3. On GTAIII/VC/SA on the original versions, you can pause the game when you're near the car the criminal is in and when you restart the game, the criminal will get out and you can just run them over. It's a very easy way to clear the sub-mission.
  4. Dreamcast in HD is amazing. I've been playing a lot of Soul Calibur lately and it still looks great.
  5. Agree with you 100% on this. Part of the reason I've replayed GTAIII so many times is that the missions (for the most part) can be played many different ways. I'm always finding new ways to play through. Unlike GTAV, which very much felt like an interactive movie at points. But TBH I don't have high hopes for the single player of GTAVI.
  6. Shitty source, but there's a rumor that Bruno is doing so many shitty movies because he has early on set dementia and is trying to earn as much money as he can Bruce Willis Has 'Made Truces' With His Family Since 'They Know He's Fading,' Says Source (okmagazine.com)
  7. The "I'm a Porn Star" one was pretty bad. IIRC one of the women featured in it ended up killing herself because her family and friends found out what she was really doing to pay the bills, so the episode was pulled.
  8. I like the show also. It kind of reminds me of PBS cooking shows, in that it's pretty mellow and there's not someone yelling or using dumb catch phrases and there's not obvious product placement.
  9. It's probably for the company to cover their ass in case a Spit Take Challenge starts on TikTok or whatever and people are going around doing spit takes on people. My favorite example of the Do Not Attempt stuff is that is basically on every car commercial.
  10. I saw Part 3 in the theatre and the whole place cheered when he died.
  11. I liked the game, but both Max and his car get way overpowered about halfway through the game, which makes the story missions too easy.
  12. Try Blast Corps if you haven't played it.
  13. I'm hoping to actually get out an play some real pinball this week since I have a couple of days off. My local pinball bar is closed due to COVID, but I have a bunch of points at Gameworks and they usually have a decent selection of tables.
  14. He produced the last Bad Boys move and is producing the new Top Gun one. And I'll leave the whole JK Rowling "controversy" alone besides saying that people on both sides are coming off like morons.
  15. I'm good with never seeing Kate Mackinnon in a commercial again, especially since they run her stupid Verizon ads during every commercial break on NFL games.
  16. He's been doing TV the past few years. I think he got sick of Hollywood. Pre COVID it was pretty common to see him around Minneapolis doing "regular" stuff.
  17. I thought they didn't work because the actors were way too old but (as posted above) they were still taking the episodes "seriously". Also, having watched some of the original episodes recently on channels like MeTV, they're not that good shows to begin with. They were corny at the time and pretty awful now.
  18. OUATIC 2 has one of the best kung fu fights ever with Jet Li vs Donnie Yen.
  19. III is probably my favorite old school RPG. I've been on the fence with getting one of the Commodore 64 minis with the working keyboard just so I can play it again.
  20. Essh, this release keeps sounding worse and worse. Glad I still have the originals on my tablet and OG Xbox.
  21. I was like that with the Bard's Tale games (on my Laser 128 apple II clone). I hated exiting dungeons without clearing out the whole thing.
  22. If you skip the cutscenes and side content, you can probably get through most Yakuza games in around 10 hours. But the side stuff is my favorite part of the game and I think you would be missing out on a lot of the charm of it.
  23. GTAIII is my favorite game of all time, but I can't listen to the soundtrack at this point. If I play through the game now, I put on Spotify or a media player to use my own music. I think they should have the option like on the Xbox/PC version of SA where you could randomly play MP3s and there would be a commercial/DJ banter every few songs. If anything, VC and SA might be losing some songs, as has been the case with every re-release of the games.
  24. I hate those races also, especially with Catalina screeching in your ear. The gang warfare is a lot easier if you max out the weapon skill on the Uzi or SMG (especially the SMG which probably the best overall gun in the game). I'd rank the games III > SA > VC. I'm replaying III now for probably the 30th time and I'm still finding new ways to complete missions.
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