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Because I got bored - here is the current WWE Roster according to wwe.com (at 2:38 pm when I started this). Spoilerized for size.


Wade Barrett - IC Champ

Sheamus - US Champ

Paige - Divas Champ

J & J Uso - Tag Champs


Adam Rose

AJ Lee

Alberto Del Rio

Alex Riley

Alicia Fox

Big E

Big Show

Bo Dallas

Booker T

Bray Wyatt

Brock Lesnar

Byron Saxton



CM Punk

Cody Rhodes

Curtis Axel

Damien Sandow

Daniel Bryan

Darren Young

David Otunga

Dean Ambrose


Dolph Ziggler

The Rock

El Torito


Erick Rowan

Eva Marie





Heath Slater




Jack Swagger

Jason Albert


Jerry Lawler

John Cena

Josh Matthews


Justin Gabriel

Justin Roberts


Kofi Kingston



Lilian Garcia

Luke Harper

Mark Henry

Michael Cole

The Miz

Vince McMahon



Nikki Bella

Paul Heyman


Randy Orton

Renee Young

Rey Mysterio

Ricardo Rodriguez

Rob Van Dam

Roman Reigns

Rosa Mendes



Santino Marella

Scott Stanford

Seth Rollins

Sin Cara

Stephanie McMahon

Summer Rae


Titus O'Neil

Tom Phillips

Tony Chimel

Triple H

Tyson Kidd


Vickie Guerrero

William Regal

Xavier Woods

Zack Ryder

Zeb Colter


A couple of things

  • All the released folks are gone. JTG is still listed so... yeah
  • Hunico/SIn Cara is listed twice
  • Brie Bella and Brad Maddux are not listed
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While I'm not as high on him as most are here, I like Drew Mac's striking in particular. I never thought he put it all together, but he had some decent TV matches and looks like a guy that can go somewhere else, figure things out, and come back later as a more complete wrestler. 


He does need a mouthpiece, though. 

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Aren't Brie and Maddox kayfabe fired?


Yup - I just was pointing out that the kayfabe fired folks weren't listed.

It was a piece of detail I appreciated from the website

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How would any of these guys fare in TNA?  Would TNA even consider bringing any of them in, given their new initiative of going with cheaper talent?


Does Taryn Terrell (who went off TV after becoming pregnant and who gave birth a few months ago) cause problems if TNA wanted to pick up Drew McIntyre?


Would Brodus Clay make more sense as a guy aligned with TNA or as a masked member of the Menagerie?


Will Evan Bourne or Yoshi Tatsu show up as a random participant in a multi-way X Division title match?


Is Teddy Long the guy they would be most interested in, since they love authority figures?

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I can't wait to see which WWE lower midcarder swoops in, buys a controlling share of TNA from MVP/Dixie, and becomes a heel within weeks.

Aksana, HBIC would be great.

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Aren't Brie and Maddox kayfabe fired?


Yup - I just was pointing out that the kayfabe fired folks weren't listed.

It was a piece of detail I appreciated from the website



I love that Vacant is listed on the roster page and is the current holder of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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Hate that Aksana got released, always really liked her and felt she was one of WWE's most attractive. She was decent in the ring and improved quite a bit from when she first started. Thought she could've been very effective as a manager, enjoyed her too brief pairing with Cesaro. Hope she does stick around wrestling, would like to see her in some indy matches.





And the worst release of them all. I talked up Drew recently here and referenced the Teddy feud. These two videos are the perfect examples of the superstar Drew McIntyre could be. I don't see any of the supposed negatives here. As seen in the Teddy video, very comfortable on the mic, and in the ring, plenty of charisma, absolutely gets a reaction.. crowds hated that guy during his big push when he was using notes from Vince to keep the IC title, never saw it "rejected". As far as him in the ring goes, the Masters match says it best. Also really liked matches against Kofi from Over the Limit 2010 and no DQ against Matt Hardy from SD the next month. His 2010 push was the best kind of building a real midcard heel/grooming to be a top guy type thing they had done in years. 3MB was silly but Drew always went all out with it and kept doing his best whether it was doing flip dives in the midgets matches or continuing to take crazy bumps. Drew McIntyre: Super Heel should've continued from 2010 into 2011 and beyond. Also best entrance music in the company at the time.


This is the ending of the above Drew/Teddy video, where he uses his security to beat the crap out of Kofi and Matt. Awesome heel work, great crowd reactions for all involved. Drew stands tall over all three of his foes in one brilliant segment. Loved this period where he was feuding with multiple people at once. What a badass heel. Deserved a run on top.




Now sad they finally found JTG. Seems they gave up on Brodus pretty quick, I liked using him down in NXT for a bit and thought he could've stayed there for a while longer to work with guys.

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I imagine JTG using burner phones for the past 4 years to prevent this. I wonder who gave WWE his number.

Proposition Joe.


I was just gonna say it's probably due to WWE's new HR Director


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If I an change the topic from "Jobbers got fired" for a moment;



We need more headbutts in these days.


Really? I swear they have been on the increase the last six months to year in WWE.

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