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Also, I've gone and scanned in the 1999 WCW Official Merchandise Catalog in its entirety. Kinda neat to flip through, my favorite is the stuffed Four Horsemen "horse":



Chavo really looks like Cheech Marin there, facially. Going through the catalog, I'm amazed at how great the Rey baseball jersey is and the Hogan skull shirt still looks cool. Sadly, much of that stuff seems ripped from a '94 WWF merch catalog - really out of date compared to what the WWF was doing. Gotta love the belt replica being referred to as the NASH HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE.

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The best:



Taker is oddly Von Erich looking in this pic





Kobashi is oddly Abismo Negro looking in th.. wait what?! Is this from Kobashi's phase as an El Samurai tribute wrestler?

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They've (and by "they've" I guess I mostly mean Michaels himself) gone to such great lengths to try to hide the fact that Shawn Michaels is balding that I'm surprised his hairline isn't touched up in that picture.  I say that because I'm pretty sure I've seen pictures where they've touched it up before.

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