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The only live wrestling show I've ever been to was an All Star-esque show in Cardiff with a fake Kane and Mankind on it. Kane was skinny as hell and about 6'2, I think he had a shop bought kids WWF mask, Mankind was probably pushing 50 and was the size Mick Foley is now. The high point was an American dude on the show, I don't know who he was but looked like a mix of Johnny B Badd and Hector Garza. The guy ripped on the crowd all night and was great at stalling and stooging. We were cheering him like crazy by the end.

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Local guy in Texas was billed as 'The Gravedigger' and was a 5'9" knockoff of Taker. Same place I saw that fake Von Erich "cousin".


I swear I remember seeing this guy on a random indy tape once.  For the life me I can't remember what tape or why I had it or what the company was.  I'm pretty sure the main was Sandman vs someone in some sort of all over brawl.  And by all over, I mean all over the tiny gym looking building and a real phone in job.  I think there was also a guy wrestling in dirt bike pants too. 


Anyway, the more I type this I think it was actually NOT this Gravedigger, but a tall-ish guy called Tombstone.  And he had a manager made to look like Bearer, with a very similar name.  Maybe even something as obvious as The Mortician.

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Kobashi is oddly Abismo Negro looking in th.. wait what?! Is this from Kobashi's phase as an El Samurai tribute wrestler?



No idea, got it from Kobashi's blog and i presumed it was something to do with the Noah Christmas specials like this





More Big Japan fun







Kobashi meets.....







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