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    Pedro Aguayo Ramirez better known as Perro Aguayo Jr. passed away at early this morning after suffering cervical spine trauma" during his match where he teamed with Manik facing Extreme Tiger & Rey Mysterio Jr. in Rey's first match back in his home of Tijuana since being released from WWE. The local commission doctor Dr. Ernesto Franco told the media that he and his associates at the Hospital del Prado in Tijuana did everything possible to save Perrito's life but after an hour of trying to resuscitate him they had to pronounce him dead. Dr. Franco tried to assure the media that Perrito got the proper medical care in the building after it took several minutes to reach him after he fell unconscious in the ring and there was no medical negligence as they also were dealing with two other injured luchadores backstage. Dr. Franco said that there were two ambulances at the building where they were transporting the luchadores to the hospital and that they did everything they could to get to Perrito to give him all of the proper medical attention but in the end there was nothing they could do. Dr. Franco said that as soon as Perrito was inside the hospital all of the specialists and other doctors there did what they could but there was nothing else that could be done. This afternoon, Juan Carlos Pelayo who is the director of the Box y Lucha Commission in Tijuana demanded that there be national regulation of Lucha Libre due to the high risk nature of the sport saying that other sports are regulated by law but Lucha Libre isn't which isn't right because Boxing is and it's just as dangerous if not more dangerous than Lucha Libre. Pelayo said that federal regulation will make everyone accountable for their actions when accidents like these happen. Pelayo also said that there is an investigation pending because he wants to have this issue completely resolved as his moral responsibility to make sure everything is cut and dry without any questions as to whether Perrito's death could have been prevented. After a nightmare week of weather issues, building issues, the wreck that killed Irma Osorno this has shaken not just AAA but entire Lucha Libre community to it's core. Perro Aguayo Jr. made his debut a month shy of his 16th birthday on June 18, 1995 at Auditorio Rio Nilo de Tonala for the 2nd part of the 3-part Triplemania III series for AAA working an "olympic rules" match with Juventud Guerrera where even though he lost you could tell that the kid had potential to be a star. He would go on to become one of the top workers in the promotion which was amazing due to his age and would team with his father helping to rejuvenate his career as they would hold the Mexican National Tag Titles twice taking them from Fuerza Guerrera & Mosco de la Merced on June 7, 1998 and taking them from El Cobarde & El Hijo del Cobarde on February 22, 1999 before losing them to Abismo Negro & Electroshock on May 2, 1999. It was also in this period Perrito would form Los Juniors Atomicos with Blue Demon Jr., Mascara Sagrada Jr., & La Parka Jr. and although Perrito was the only true son in the group they would go on to win the Mexican National Atomicos Titles from Los Vatos Locos (Charly Manson/May Flowers/Nygma/Picudo) on April 18, 1999 before losing them to Los Vipers (Histeria/Maniaco/Mosco de la Merced/Psicosis) on September 17, 1999. Perrito also had some success in apuestas matches in the late 90's as he took Picudo's mask on December 3, 1995 as well as his hair on December 13, 1997 then took Cobarde II's hair on September 14, 1997 and again on November 19, 1999. The 2000's saw Perrito take on a new role in AAA as his father had now gone back to work for EMLL and Perrito was inserted into his first major singles program working against Hector Garza, Heavy Metal, & Latin Lover where they mixed up in various singles, tag-team, and multiple man matches mainly in some of the best matches in the promotion during this period. While teaming with Garza he won the Mexican National Tag Titles again from Abismo Negro & Electroshock on July 9, 2000 before losing the titles to Pirata Morgan & El Texano on September 8, 2000. Perrito would win the Mexican National Lt. Heavyweight Title from Electroshock on April 21, 2002 before losing it to El Dandy on August 31, 2002 in the 1st match of their 6 month long series over the title. Perrito also maintained his success in apuestas matches as he took El Texano's hair on May 19, 2000, The Panther's mask on August 19, 2001 and El Dandy's hair on September 16, 2002. After spending the first 8 years of his career working for AAA, Perrito became an independent contractor after working his last major AAA show on the Rey de Reyes show on March 16, 2003 then would make his entry into EMLL on August 1, 2003 where they hoped to make him their new lead tecnico aligning him early on with Negro Casas but it was in November where he would win the #1 Contender Tournament for Atlantis' Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Title when he would start getting booed because he beat popular rudos Rey Bucanero & Dr. Wagner Jr. to earn the shot and then on November 14, 2003 when he would face Atlantis he was getting booed heavily by the fans before losing the match. The promotion thought that maybe be putting him up against his father's old rivals Los Hermanos Dinamita (Cien Caras/Mascara Ano Dos Mil/Universo Dos Mil) that could turn the tide as well as having help from the very popular Shocker and his Los Guapos cohorts. Perrito & Terrible would take Cien Caras & Mascara Ano Dos Mil's hair at the 2nd annual Dos Leyendas show on March 19, 2004 but it was at the Sin Piedad show on June 18, 2004 where in a multi-man Steel Cage Match, Perrito would pin Negro Casas in a shocking finish to take his hair. One week later, Hector Garza would make his return to EMLL and that same night a new masked character named Mistico was working his 2nd match in the new gimmick and the storms were brewing. Perrito was having issues with Casas causing him to lose to Atlantis in the Leyenda de Plata Tournament then he defeated Atlantis to advance to face Felino in the finals where he would win but when Hijo del Santo came out to present him with the trophy he said that he didn't want any trophy from him saying that his father was nowhere near the legend that his father was and smashed the trophy over Santo's head. Perrito would naturally gravitate to Garza reuniting their team and added former ally Terrible along the way to form La Furia del Norte defeating Santo, Negro Casas, & Shocker on the 71st Anniversario show on September 17, 2004 cementing themselves as the new lead rudos. Perrito would also rekindle his feud with Los Dinamitas this time with the roles being reversed and this time Perro Sr. would come back to help his son in the battle leading up to Perro Sr. coming back for one more match at the 3rd annual Dos Leyendas show on March 18, 2005 where he along with his son teamed up to take Cien Caras & Mascara Ano Dos Mil's hair in what was billed at the time as Cien's retirement match as well. The aftermath of that show saw the birth of Los Perros del Mal with Damian 666 & Halloween joining La Furia del Norte to form this super faction along with other associates and this took the lucha world by storm as they had a tremendous logo along with great theme music giving them the cool factor that an nWo and D-X had at their peaks. April 30, 2005 saw Perrito start a feud with the new rising tecnico star Mistico who was giving the promotion what they had hoped that Perrito would've given them 2 years earlier in a top young tecnico star. These two would feud on and off for the next couple of years in many different types of matches giving the promotion the top feud in the country but like the Santo feud before it there was never the definitive singles match that left the fans hungry. Perrito would take Universo Dos Mil's hair on the 4th annual Dos Leyendas show on March 17, 2006 then would win the 2006 Gran Alternativa with Misterioso II before winning the CMLL Trios Titles with Mr. Aguila & Hector Garza on February 16, 2007 from Atlantis/Tarzan Boy/Ultimo Guerrero before having to vacate the titles due to Perrito & Garza having a falling out causing Garza to leave PdM in February 2008. The fallout culiminated on the 6th annual Dos Leyendas show on March 21, 2008 where Perrito would defeat Garza to take his hair. Five years to the day when he made his debut with EMLL, Perrito would have his last match in the promotion teaming up with old friend now enemy Garza & Dr. Wagner Jr. losing to Mistico/Negro Casas/Mr. Niebla in an Parejas Increibles match and after that match Perrito decided to form his own promotion named after his faction Perros del Mal which was in a way similar to Shinya Hashimoto leaving New Japan to form ZERO-ONE in 2001 as even though they weren't with the main promotion anymore there was some backing from the promotion. Of course like Z1 though there was a breakup and PdM would become full independents running shows around Mexico City before he made his return home to AAA on June 6, 2010 at Triplemania XVIII where he lead an invasion by Perros del Mal aligning with Konnan & Dorian Roldan to form La Sociedad who still reign as the lead rudos in the promotion to this day. Perrito though would start having injury issues as a knee injury would sideline him for a few months at the end of 2010 and on April 8, 2011 which I reported at the time April 14, 2011 April 16, 2011 April 17, 2011 May 2, 2011 Perrito would return to the ring 6 days later where he would work a show in Cancun but had to pull out of his scheduled match at Triplemania XIX due to having an adverse reaction to the medication that he was taking for the treatment of his tumor but would return a month later. Perrito would go on business as usual feuding with all the top tecnicos even winning the Rey de Reyes for the only time on March 18, 2012 defeating Jack Evans in the finals where he would also earn a shot against El Mesias for the AAA Mega Heavyweight Title which he would fall in his challenge at Triplemania XX on August 5, 2012 and it wasn't long after that where Perrito started a big rivalry against Cibernetico which lasted for almost a year with Perrito coming out victorious in the end as he took Ciber's hair at Triplemania XXI on June 16, 2013. Two months later though they bitter rivals would form a partnership and it seemed like Perrito was going to go back to the tecnico side of things but it was all a ruse as he along with his Perros brethren would attack Ciber on the Guerra de Titanes show on December 8, 2013. A new rival would come on the scene on August 17, 2014 at Triplemania XXII as Alberto el Patron made his return to AAA and when he was cutting his return promo with his father Dos Caras in the ring, La Sociedad came down and Perrito attacked both of them with Alberto vowing revenge and in the main event after Perrito won the Copa Triplemania XXII, Alberto would attack Perrito but again like the Santo & Mistico feuds in EMLL, we never got the definitive singles match between these two because Mytzeziz would make his debut in AAA to rekindle his rivalry with Perrito picking up where they left off 6 years earlier. You could tell there were plans moving forward between these two for Triplemania XXIII where we would finally get that definitive singles match between the two as they became the main focus of last Wednesday's main event at the Rey de Reyes show in Zapopan even over the return of Rey Mysterio Jr. after being away from the promotion for 19 years but sadly we were robbed of it last night in Tijuana. Perrito was born 17 days before I was (July 23, 1979) and his death has really hit me close to home...I watched him grow up as a man and as a performer at the same time I was growing up as a man myself. This is a tremendous loss not just for Lucha Libre but for the world in general. I hope now that Perrito and Hector Garza are fouling each other in the sky. Descanse en Paz....El Perrito
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    It's all about the game of human chess, and how you play it It's all about control of the queen, if you can take it
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    Man, it's ESPN. Their journalistic integrity went out the window at least a decade ago.
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    Frankly it isn't really that difficult. I mean chances are 90% of the people at the Jersey All Pro show including the wrestlers have no clue who he is. if you want to impress me, try doing that shit at a lucha libre show with a slightly different ethnicity than at JAPW and let me know if you live to see tomorrow
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    CHOPPY CHOPPY YOUR PEE PEE Also "Reek" seems such a classic "Vince McMahon makes backstage rib into on-air gimmick" re-packaging of a guy.
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    To be fair, that's what he thinks War Games is too.
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    I had to, descansa en paz, idolo.
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    Arrow needs less Thea and Laurel's emotions and more Ollie and Diggle punching dudes in the face
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    Zbyszko was AWA World Champion and married Verne's daughter. I imagine that this came up in his phone call with Triple H.
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    LaFlare should probably be fighting the Sean Spencers of the world. It is what it is.
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    That would mean Brock goes over.
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    People throw this "Vince's limo driver" line out all the time, but don't realize that James Dudley also was one of the first (THE first?) black promoters of wrestling back in the day and that the "limo driver" job was just Vince giving this guy some job security in his twilight years.
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    For another Vince time warp possibility, Vader could have been paired with Mike Halac (Mantaur) as a trucker tag team. They would have been BJ and the Bear.
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    Based on the pop culture time warp Vince is stuck in this would've been around the time he heard CW McCall's Convoy. Vader could have been a long-haul trucker. Vince, misunderstanding the lyrics, brings in an actual bear for Vader to feud with. Much better than his actual WWF run.
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    Bundesliga dangerzone shaped up quite interestingly. Hannover, losing their home game to Dortmund after a second yellow for Bittencourt after a reckless challenge and two quick BVB goals from Kagawa and Aubameyang. Hannover looked alive, though and like they could be able to turn things around. Paderborn got a goalless draw against Hoffenheim at home, still managed to enter direct relegation zone for the first time this season because Freiburg managed a 2-0 win at home against Augsburg. Hamburg finds themselves at 16th place, one point ahead of Paderborn, two points ahead of Stuttgart who managed their first win in 2015, Augsburg and Schalke both losing means and interesting twist for the top 6 spots, since even Dortmund has a vague chance now to salvage a poor season with a Euro League spot now. Bayer winning against Schalke at home, aswell as Gladbach meeting Bayern in their away game means they pull ahead of other contenders, even if those might not be the final words in the quest for CL spots. Bayern´s loss still sees them 10 points ahead of Wolfsburg. On a positive note, they will take to at least mid-April to win the championship because of this loss. So, time to switch the attention to the EURO qualifiers, where Germany has to make up some ground ...
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    If I had an extra 7 grand, I wouldn't spend it on a pistol.
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    If Dusty had become president, we'd all have mullets like Champion's. Literally. The Atomic Mullet Registration Act would have been one of the most important pieces of legislation to come out of his presidency.
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    "No teeth, CJ! No teeth!!!"
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    I decided to prowl around in Freemode a bit, laying (mostly) low, seeing how the new stuff's changing things. That armored SUV (the one without the gun) just plain sucks in the wrong hands. It's like everything everyone hates about the Zentorno dudes times 1,000. It doesn't go down with one RPG shot or Allah Akbar, and if you do manage to bring it down, you're out $16,000 plus, have racked up bad sport points and the enemies can get it redelivered to their feet in a phone call. Not cool. Two dudes were in one just wrecking the map - they were clearly BMOCs. I decided something needed to be done, so I aimed to take them out. I aimed and missed. They racked up about 5 straight on me before I managed to put two RPGs in that armored bastard and finally blew it up. I headed into another room and finally decided to be the shitstain I am when two dudes near me were scrapping (just about the only two scrapping in the room) when I notice they've started a one-on-one deathmatch against each other. So that means I'm off their radar. So I introduced myself to one with an Allah Akbar and proceeded to kill both of them about 8 times apiece before their deathmatch mercifully ended and I popped back up on their radar. One immediately left.
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    I now badly want to see this show.
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    It's still fucking Vader.
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    Trailer Park Boys is some low-brow awesomeness. No need to feel ashamed at all for enjoying the show.
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    It's web wire story that one lowly employee put together based on what someone else gave them. It's not exactly Outside the Lines. The stuff on ESPN Deportes is fine and has been useful. It's a big company.
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    No problem. Thanks for clearing it up. Hopefully if they do go thru with an investigation into the cause of death they can finally give us a definitive answer. Though even that I'm not sure about.
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    Katamari Damacy is on that sale as a PS2 classic and is worth every single cent.
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    Good haul tonight. Hit rank 4 in the Iron Banner, which is as far as i intend to go. Picked up my chest armor, and a Jolder's Hammer just because. Also got a second Gheleon's Demise as a random drop at the end of the last game i played. I re-rolled it 5 times until i got firefly so now all 3 characters have a scout rifle that pops heads (my weapon of choice). Then hit up a Crota run with my alternate Warlock. Just my luck i got a second raid chest piece, kind of making the Iron Banner pointless but i do like having a change of clothes. Plus its a lot easier to upgrade the Iron Banner piece and i can break one of the raid ones down for much needed shards. The luck continued, in a good way this time, and finally got an exotic from the Deathsinger. I'm now sitting on a brand new Thunderlord.
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    I can't wait until Dana White brings in Kevin Nash to attack Punk after his debut fight.
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    There are -- but they are mostly niche Japanese waifu games. Which means I'll get them and they aren't games you admit to liking in public.
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    If Vince had pushed Vader the way every other promoter who ever employed Vader did, they way every promoter figured out was the best way to get the most out of Vader... it wouldn't have mattered if he'd changed his gimmick or not. But he blew the push, and Vader was unsuccessful. But obviously that's Vader's fault because I must hate Vince or something.
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    Suzuki looks to be in amazing shape, or is that just the shot? That's not Suziki. That's his stunt double, Suzukidow.
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    Sami died many deaths this year. None greater than: VOTE ZAYN
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    You know what's PRO WRESTLING? Face falls for heel's handshake spots.
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    That's what's gonna happen pal!
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    http://www.fangoria.com/new/ring-of-horror-2-the-brawl-for-all-aka-the-final-destination-of-pro-wrestling/ Interesting article about the Brawl For All, from Fangoria of all sources. I had no idea they paid Dr. Death the win bonus ahead of time!
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    I know one or two of you watched the animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns on the old board and I want to talk it up on the new one. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1. Bruce Wayne, ten years after retiring as Batman returns to action as Batman in a crime filled Gotham City. The media and citizens debate Batman’s involvement, for and against. This is another quality addition to the DC Animated Universe, its high up on the list. I really enjoyed this film for the story, the animation, the voice cast with Peter Weller as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Ariel Winter as Carrie Kelly/Robin and the score, one of the best in a DC animated film. The film ends on a great cliffhanger. Actually one of the best endings to any film I’ve seen. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2. Batman has to deal with opposition to his return from The Joker reawaken from dormancy by Batman’s return, locally by the Gotham City police force under a new anti vigilante Commissioner and nationally by the US Government who Superman answers to. There are those who aren’t against Batman and are inspired by him. The quality doesn't dip in the second and final part, its high up on the Best Animated DC Universe films for the story, the animation, the voice cast with Peter Weller as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Ariel Winter as Carrie Kelly/Robin, Mark Valley as Clark Kent/Superman, Michael Emerson as The Joker and the score. The score for this film is one of the best in a DC animated film. The two sequences I was looking forward to more than delivered: Which part did I prefer? I probably prefer the first for the smaller scale. Both are two of the best Batman films I’ve watched with Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman: Year One, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. After watching both parts, I’d like to go back and read The Dark Knight Returns again which I’ve only ever read once years ago. The film has certainly made me appreciate the book more. Actually I might prefer this to the original source material.
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    He must not have taken his alpha brain before the show.
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    After all my years watching wrestling, I'll be seeing my first wrestling event in person, WWE next month via tickets my Sister got me for my 30th birthday. Tickets done for Avengers: Age of Ultron opening night as well. Think I'll be picking the latter up tomorrow.
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    Broad City might have even been funnier than the previous one last night. Johnny from The Wire shows up playing an angry teenager! There's a guy dressed up like an Ent! Ilana wears a wig that makes her look even sexier! "Stop, I'm with the FBI!"
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    That footage of Sting rescuing DDP still gives me goosebumps. Sting's appearances were legitimately my main reason for tuning into WCW back then Likewise for me. I've always loved Sting vs. the n.W.o from September 1996-December 1997. That time is my favourite from Sting's career. Is it weird that the best time period in a person's career they only wrestled one match? WCW actually did an adaptation of classic hero's journey mythology and did it pretty well. The hero is banished/exiled, the kingdom withers and suffers in his absence and under the thumb of the usurper, he goes to the underworld and back, and finally he makes his triumphant return and sets right what has been wrong. The land is healed and he is vindicated. He went from Achilles sulking in his tent ("all of you that did doubt the Stinger, you can stick it") to Odysseus clearing his house of the squatting suitors. Implicitly grafting on the plot of The Crow without overtly drawing the parallel, just planting the association in people's minds by having Sting co-opt the look was a nice touch too. They do nothing, thus they cannot screw it up with bad wrestling company writing, the work is all done for them in the fans' heads. Except they completely fucked up the ending, of course.
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    Those five would bitch incessantly about Necro's misuse.
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    "How much do you weigh?" ?" "We'll I can't escape do let's die together!" [picks guy up and dives into a sea of soldiers holding up spears]
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    This is the "If you don't like America, go live somewhere else" of wrestling arguments. Oh sure, you wanna come here and take our Cesaro matches and NXT shows, but you don't wanna stand up and salute Roman Reigns... Fuckin' ingrates, go back to TNA!
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    I'm sure we were all waiting with anticipation to hear your thoughts.
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    Max Landis is insane and this video is no different. But he obviously loves at least the idea of wrestling, which is very cool. Try to count all the cameos in this thing.
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