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  1. LOL, as a kid I used to refer to him as "Mascara SANGRADA" (Bloody Mask), because he bleed so often that I tought it was part of the gimmick
  2. And Samoa Joe got a similar deal, but was promtly signed full time after the reactions he got/good sales for his merchandise
  3. Gedo's booking definitely creates a wide array of (at least) credible title contenders. But in hindsight Okada's dominance has created a backlog of people deserving the IWGP title. The time for a Goto reign has passed IMHO, I'd love a short feelgood one for Ishii at the very least and it's baffling that Naito has just gotten a short two month one. With the emergence of ZSJ, Ibushi, Sanada, EVIL & Jay White as upper midcard options, Tanahashi in the Fujinami role proving he can still go, Kenny's run with the title and Okada improving (feels weird typing this) it's safe to say not every favorite of this board it's gonna get a run. Question for everyone reading: If you had to choose between Goto, Naito or Ishii getting a title run, who would it be and why?
  4. Weird, I did catch up the TDN broadcast of the match and the announcer made explicit mention of the feud and the Aniversario. Confusing sings, but maybe is just due to the usual CMLL hands-off approach
  5. This "No Sleep Till' Brooklyn" rip-off always makes me smile
  6. Actually, the AJPW resurgence (along with Stardom) has gotten me back into non-NJPW puro. It's a good starting point for anyone looking to get back into it.
  7. I was gonna make the point that the Chile shows were intended for "hardcore fans" but realized they drew 7,000 people with a mix of ex-WWE guys and indie All-Stars. The same formula failed in Mexico a few years before (including a canceled show in my city). And yeah, Archibald makes a good point on how there's a certain "AAA crowd", "CMLL crowd" and so forth, pretty much like Japan, were people identify themselves with the companies as a whole.
  8. I second that. Not exactly sure where it places at the moment but definitely worth checking-out. Aichner & Barthel are just on fire right now.
  9. What would you consider muste see non-NJPW matches from 2018? I'm a little out of the loop on puro and looking to get back on track in 2019
  10. And actually had Greg Norton as his mouthpiece ..
  11. And just as The Wall came close he was met with an eye poke, following by a Flair strut ....
  12. 11 out of 12 if you count in Austin and Easy E
  13. This. Austin comes off as such a sweet and inteligent guy everytime I listen; he really enjoys wrestling in every possible way and always has a compliment for whoever of his peers is being discussed. I gotta say that attitude it's really refreshing when it comes to the wrestling business.
  14. That would've been a sweet alternate reality. The business probably never takes off as it did in the late 90s but WCW might still be around if they had cultivated their niche as a Southern promotion and never tried to directly compete with Vince. I wouldn't go as far as to say the whole Atttitude Era boom would've never happened, but probably everything would've been delayed. WWE with aging talent would've downscaled a little bit, and WCW with young guys would've grown steadily until you got two national promotions of about the same size willing to compete with each other over ratings and live gates.
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