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  1. Reasons why some dislike Octagon will vary here. He's not very good. He's a hypocrite and a jerk too. I'd say those are my reasons for not liking him.
  2. Lakers been fun this season which I don't think I've said in like 5 years! Kinda strange seeing Swaggy P starting on this team & playing pretty well. Think everyone thought he was gonna get cut by the Lakers during the summer and kept waiting for it to happen. Young guys on the team are fun. Randle looks like he's improved. Also think Luke won me over by playing Tarik Black a bit more than Byron ever did just to keep everyone from asking, "Why isn't he playing Tarik Black?" on my twitter timeline. Sucks that Anthony Davis is on the Pelicans with that 0-6 start.
  3. That's very impressive! When does he hit free agency, so we can steal him from the Pistons? (kidding Brian!)
  4. I would mark out if they made a vignette and it was Charly Manson escaping prison thru one of El Chapo's tunnels in order to reunite the original HellBrothers.
  5. down to 3 teams that haven't won a game (New Orleans, Philly & Brooklyn) and 1 undefeated team (Golden St.). Lakers won! Byron changed the rotation by taking out Kelly/Bass/Huertas for MWP/Black/Nance Jr. How Tarik Black wasn't in the rotation to start the season, I dunno....Must have missed preseason games or something. I know they play Kelly based on him being a "stretch-4", but his 3-pt shooting hasn't been very good much of his pro career & he's not good on D. Team needs a little more hustle and Black brings that.
  6. that sucks. Wish they'd have added him there already.
  7. Has ESPN.com added Zach Lowe yet or is he gone? Haven't seen him post anything. Lakers - Nets tonight! Can the Lakers actually defend a team...Stay tuned.
  8. RIDICULOUS! If you really want to keep up with CMLL, the show to watch is Informa, you'll get build-up for the 3rd match on a Saturday Arena Coliseo show, along with some random people talking about upcoming shows, followed by either Ultimo Guerrero giving you a recap of his feuds which tend to be the focus of the promotion. When UG's out, you get the Ingobernables refusing to answer fans dumb questions or Volador Jr. nearly breaking kayfabe. That's really the only show you need to watch to keep up with what's going on in CMLL, unless you want to watch actual wrestling matches.
  9. That probably explains his start. LOL! Guessing anyone the Lakers drafted would have been linked to one of the Jenner sisters. Not sure playing Ryan Kelly or Bass ahead of Tarik Black is a good idea. Not that it would make a big difference but it might help the second unit a bit.
  10. Like I wrote, Lakers have a really weird mix of really young players, older players and crazy guys. That Nash trade really hurt this team, but trouble has always been that the Buss family and most of the fans can't accept rebuilding. They should just role the dice, play the young players and take the hits now. The roster is filled with so many bad defenders its going to be really bad before it gets any better.
  11. That should be the next lucha documentary instead of doing the same stuff, someone should just see what it takes to run lucha shows at different levels. Would have been great to have someone film AAA backstage the last 6-9 months. Throw in a scene of a CMLL programming dept. meeting where they pull names out of a hat to fill out a week's worth of shows. I'd definitely watch this.
  12. Ricky Rubio looked great. Lakers went cold in the 2nd half. They ISO'ed a lot when in the first half they were doing well with pick & rolls. Think TWolves switched to PnRs more in the 2nd half. Kelly-Bass is a really small frontline. Would have liked Black instead of one of those two especially when Byron decided to keep them in against Towns. Thought they were letting TWolves get to the paint a little too easily and fouling a lot. Kobe looked good in the first half, but everyone deferred to him and it hurt them in the 2nd half. I liked Randle & Clarkson in the game, but again they just kept going to Kobe too much. Reminds me of the post-Shaq team but with an older Kobe and younger players. Fun game though.
  13. Looking forward to seeing the Randle, Russell & Clarkson trio w/ the Lakers and Towns w/ TWolves. I'm just hoping for a reasonably healthy season for the Lakers. Last couple of years, they've had so many injuries. At least last year they had Clarkson playing, so hopefully this year there will be more to offer. Still see them near the bottom of the league. Hibbert might be able to help a bit on D, but its asking a lot from 1 player to cover for everyone else on the roster. Heard Byron was thinking of putting Russell on the bench and I think that's a bad idea. He hasn't shot well, but he passes well and he moves well without the ball and really I'd like to see Huertas be the point guard for the bench. He's the only other pass-first guard. Better team than last year, but still likely going to be one of the 4-5 worst teams in the league. I'll be shocked if they aren't in that group.
  14. I agree. Starting lineup is a mix of 3 young players who should be running and 2 older guys who will want to slow down the pace. The bench looks like fun though with Huertas/Lou/Swaggy/R.Kelly (or Black)/Bass. Some scoring, but those 5 can't guard anyone. Kelly played out of position most of last season at SF and looked lost. This year he's going to play more at 4, so he should do a lot better. I like the Lou, Huertas & Bass signings. Team's better than last season, but still has some holes, lacks defense and not good enough out West. The injury bug already started w/ Kobe and Clarkson possibly missing opening night.
  15. Guessing the top matches from Tuesday get moved to the LATV/ClaroSports TV shows should C3 close and w/ this news of Lucha Elite running Arena Mexico on Sunday.
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