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  1. Destiny 2

    Finished off the strike milestone, another week without the Titan being max light unless i can be bothered with A Call To Arms over the weekend to see if that drops a mark for me. Not all wasted though, I cashed in with FWC and have a full set of gear from them now. That additional vault space can't come soon enough, though i'm not sure 50 slots will be enough. I think i have a problem with hoarding. I also finished collecting all the verses for Vance and was pleasantly surprised at the reward you get for completing it. I thought the discord thing was largely for PC players since there was no in game way of communicating. Maybe it's spread to the console versions as well.
  2. Destiny 2

    As long as they still plan on scrapping the Nightfall timer and going back to the old scoring method at the end of the month i'm fine. The pessimist in me thinks a lot of these updates will be delayed until the next expansion to make it feel more complete. Another tip for your Sparrow skills for the Nightfall, or just in general, you can completely negate the fall damage you receive on your Sparrow from dropping off a high ledge by using the side thrusters just before you hit the ground. Boosting to the left or right seems to reset the height the game thinks the Sparrow fell from and you take no damage. If you're after more bight dust J.T and have no plans on using all the shaders that get dumped on you from bright engrams, dismantling them gives you bright dust too. But only the ones from bight engrams, not regular shaders. I've found weapon ornaments seem to have a fairly high chance of dropping from bright engrams anyway. So you might just get lucky and have the only you're after drop for you eventually anyway.
  3. Destiny 2

    Those Rigs are game breakingly OP in the right situation! In a congested enough area you get your super back instantly after using it. If you're a team of RNG blessed, well equipped Hunters you can burn Nightfall bosses. Have one wear the Rigs, the other 2 with the 6x Golden Gun helm. Wait for everyone to have a charged super and let the adds gather close together, tether them with the rigs, get your super back instantly, and make a crap ton of orbs. Have the 2 Golden Gun Hunters shoot the boss, grab the orbs you just made to get their supers back and shoot again. You can take off massive chunks of health doing this either forcing the boss into the next stage of the fight, or with enough damage, completely skipping a stage of the fight. I've seen videos of an Orpheus Rig user and 5 6x Golden Guns burn through the Raid Lair final boss in it's first stage. I think the record is 30 seconds or something with the right prep work.
  4. Destiny 2

    Tips for the Nightfall if you're still chasing that Rat King. The time bonus this week is Rings. Going through a ring extends the time. Once you go through a ring in an area though you only have a limited time to get the rest. They won't start disappearing until you collect one. The best strategy is to clear out the enemies first before starting your ring run so you can collect as many as possibly without having to worry about fighting and dying. The other modifier is Momentum. It's terrible. Bungie are anti fun. Basically your health only regains while sprinting. I've read that if you stack maximum mobility along the mini tool and multi tool to max out the stat you can activate the health regen by just walking instead of sprinting. I've never tried this and it limits your weapon load out. Once you've got past the two Cabal commanders and cleared out the round room of enemies and made the jump to where the Vex are fighting the Cabal near the giant drill you can Sparrow your way through that entire area past the drill and into the boss room if you're confident in your driving abilities. Only one of you needs to make it to the boss room and it will drag the other 2, dead or alive, through to join you. Risk/Reward. It's much faster if you make it but you waist a ton of time if you all die.
  5. Destiny 2

    Hope your dads doing ok J.T. 2 max light characters in one week! After finally hitting it on the Warlock earlier on i finished off the Hunters clan XP and once again, Louis had my back, he dropped me a max light The Took Offence cloak. I did not take offence! Just have the Titan to work on now who's lacking a chest and mark. For future reference on themed crucible events, someone mentioned above they didn't think they counted towards the crucible milestone. they do stack with A Call to Arms. Both Iron Banner and Crimson Doubles has so far. We knocked out both the CD and ACTA milestones in 5 crimson matches.

    After falling back in love with Bloodborne and finishing a BL4 run i got over confident. I tried an all bosses no death run. I died to Darkbeast Paarl twice and the Orphan of Kos once. While i'm damn happy with the outcome that shit is too stressful and not at all fun. I'm not built for those sorts of challenge runs, i'll go back to playing video games for fun thank you very much.
  7. Destiny 2

    It's another good Nightfall week for the Rat King J.T. Same modifiers as last week, this time on The Pyramidion. It's a little tougher than last weeks since there's more you have to kill but we 2 manned it with about 2.20 left on the clock so a full team of 3 should be good for 5 mins remaining. 3 hunters with the invisibility evade and the Orpheus Rigs is a good combination. You can go invisible at pretty much any time thanks to the torrent modifier and the Rigs mean your super recharges pretty much straight away since there's so many enemies to tether.
  8. Destiny 2

    MAX LIGHT! After being stuck on 334 on all 3 characters for over a month my main finally hit 335. Louis dropped me a pair of 335 boots for my crucible clan engram. I'll not hear a bad word said about that glitchy bird, hes awesome. Speaking of crucible, it's the return of my favourite game mode, Crimson Doubles. It's the only 2 man game mode they do. It seems this year's event is a grenade fest with them recharging insanely fast if you are in close proximity to your team mate. We knocked out the quest which also stacks with A Call to Arms. I scored the exotic sparrow which looks pretty awesome and flowery. It seems they've learnt from their mistakes from The Dawning. Crimson Engrams drop from any activity when levelling up along with the normal Bright Engrams and the rewards don't repeat until you've got everything so it's possible to get all of the Crimson Days items with enough grinding and not spending any money.
  9. Destiny 2

    You get an aura from the Prestige Nightfall still I believe. It's a higher light level and a shorter time limit. If you're looking to do the Rat King this weeks Nightfall is perfect for 3 Void Hunters with invisibility grenades. Torrent is the modifier and you're grenades recharge as fast as it takes for the invisibility to wear off. On top of that there's only 4 (I think) enemies you have to kill during the entire strike. You can just run through it all and get to the boss room with 15+ mins left. We 2 manned it with around 3 left on the clock so you should be able to smash it with a full team. Alternatively, any Nightfall with the Anomaly time extender is a good pick for the Rat King since you can run between corridors and the anomalies resporn. You can stack the time to the full 30 mins and have an easier go of it.
  10. Destiny 2

    The gear that drops from Ikora for completing her meditations and cashing in tokens is a legendary version of the armour set you start off Destiny 2 in. So if you liked the look of that gear do the meditations, if you don't want it there's not much point in doing them. The Tractor Cannon is fun but not really a viable, useful weapon. Unless you just want to mess about with it, or are a collector, shard it. Prometheus Lens was broken and was the most fun I've had in the Crucible for the weekend it was over powered. Bungie then nurfed it into the ground until they could come up with a balanced way to use the gun. It was addressed in the last patch but i haven't tried it yet. I'm hoping this is the week i finally get a max light character. RNG is really screwing me over. My Warlock and Hunter have both been one piece of gear short of 335 for 3 or 4 weeks now and my Titan is catching up only needing 2 pieces. Come on RNG.... On the flip side of RNG, i think i got the last droppable exotic i was missing from Xurs engram over the weekend. I'll have to check properly but i think the only one i am missing is the raid exotic.

    I actually platinumed this back when i first played it a couple of years ago. It was my first platinum and worth every minute i put into it! This run was just to see how far i could get sticking at BL4 and not levelling up. Never expected to be able to beat the game like that. Probably the hardest thing I've done in a video game.
  12. Destiny 2

    Tremendous, only Bungie could leave out the part that could make them money from an update.

    The hunt is over. Nightmare Slain. Somehow I actually managed to beat all of the mandatory bosses and several optional bosses in Bloodborne without levelling up! Once the Shadows of Yharnam fell it got a lot easier. I've never really had a problem with Rom, Micolash or the Wet Nurse and i played The One Reborn incredibly cautiously and got it second try. While I didn't kill every boss, I killed all 8 required to beat the main game, 3 optional bosses and 5 chalice dungeon bosses. I purposely didn't progress the game to NG+ so I can always go back and fight the optional bosses if i am ever feeling crazy enough to do so. Never really thought i would get that far on this run so i'm pretty happy with my self.
  14. Destiny 2

    Went on somewhat of a tear in the Iron Banner today, in 9 games across 3 characters i accumulated 79 tokens thanks to the daily milestones and actually getting matched with some decent people. It was enough to hit rank 10 on the Titan and get all of the gear aside from the mark which i need 4 more tokens to buy. One more win or 2 losses will do it. I might jump on after the reset tonight and tomorrow to make a start on the Hunter gear. And hopefully get the new scout rifle to drop. Bungie have also released a road map for their next few updates. The things that stand out to me are the changes to the Nightfall on the 27th. They are going back to a scoring system like Rise of Iron rather than the tedious timer. Heroic Strike modifiers and 6v6 Iron Banner in the March 27th update. And exotic Masterworks and vault space increase in season 3 starting May. Eater of Worlds prestige dropping in May also pretty much confirms that the second DLC wont be released until season 4. That would put it almost a year, maybe even a year if it's September, since the base game was released. At this point in Destiny 1 lifespan that was The Taken King. I can't see the second season pass DLC being TTK sized so Bungie could have a lack of content problem on their hands like they did in Year 2 of Destiny.
  15. Destiny 2

    Just a tip if you plan on buying the Fated Engram from Xur J.T. It's a special engram that guarantees a drop of an exotic you don't have. So make sure you finish up any weekly milestones you plan on doing first in case they drop an exotic for you. This is Destiny. It will screw you over and probably drop the exotic you just spent 97 shards on from Xur. I've been slacking with my Iron Banner commitments this week. I hit rank 5 with the Titan a few days ago but he needs to be rank 10 if i want to buy the rest of the gear (unless RNG favours me and it drops from packages). I plan on grinding out a bunch tomorrow. I'm hoping the daily challenges are somewhat simple and not the tedious double kills or kill someone on a super.