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  1. Destiny 2

    Put in a good session this afternoon to really try out the DLC. More time than I'd like to admit! About 6 hours! But it's snowing outside and the drive way was covered again almost as fast as I could clear it so why not! Spent the first half doing various quests and milestones. Loot seems a lot more plentiful but that might just be luck. I'm sitting on level 317 right now. Might be able to hit 18 or 19 with mods though. By the time I was finished I was getting blue engrams stronger than the old max light. At least from Vance and Zavala there are set paths to their loot. Vance involves collecting special materials from public events/chests/crucibles/strikes that you use to forge weapons. Zavala involves completing certain tasks involving the heroic strike play lists. I'm not sure if the rest of the vanguard have their own rewards too. The new strike? Very cheap, I'm pretty sure it's just the same as one of the missions with the difficulty ramped up. On the plus side, there are a decent amount of missions and a fairly sizeable quest. That tracer rifle Xur is selling? Broken! It's the best I've done in the Crucible since pre nerfed Thorn! I was regularly getting 2.0-3.0 ratios. Everyone is using it though. I imagine Trials this weekend must be hell. Hopefully when they inevitabley balance it, it doesn't effect PVE because it's damn fun to use. I got several pieces of new exotic armour for the Warlock but no other weapons yet. I've not looked at what's actually been added though. We tried the new raid. There's not enough of us left now for a full team so we joined up with 4 random Americans and went in blind. Took us about 2 hours to figure out and get to the last boss. And about an hour of attempts before calling it a night. Nothing in there seems impossible. The first 2 encounters are pretty much jumping puzzles. The 3rd took a bit of figuring but it's very manageable once you know what to do. There is a bit of RNG involved in the spawns that can screw you over though. We figured out the mechanics for the final boss but couldn't get the job done. Again, doesn't feel unfair, there's a lot of coordination but it feels doable with some practice. Maybe next week. Bungie and getting some (deserved) flack for micro transactions, and how they are handling old content now the DLC is out but the DLC is fine. A decent story, a reasonably long quest, a bunch of quality of life improvements and more on the way and a fun raid. It could be better but it's hardly as bad as people are making out. I've spent more on DLC for other games and felt like I got less content. The game still isn't as polished as Destiny was by the end of Rise of Iron, which really shouldn't be the case, but it's definitely moving in the right direction faster than the original did.
  2. Destiny 2

    I think Bright Engrams are fine, free cosmetic stuff you get just by playing the game. My problem is when it comes to buying them. Don't get me wrong, I've never brought any cosmetic items in Destiny or Destiny 2, but in Destiny you could spend real money to purchase whatever emote etc you wanted. In Destiny 2 it's a gamble. You spend real money to buy the same bright engrams you can get by playing, the content is still random. If i am spending real money i want to choose what i get. At least so far there's no Pay to Win aspect to it. You can get armour from Bright Engrams but it's light level is 10 so you need better gear to infuse it and it's stats are no better than any other legendary. What are peoples complaints with the light level system? It's the easiest one they've had so far. I hit max light on 2 of my characters and was 1 point away on my 3rd before the DLC and I've barley played (compared to how much time i put into the original). I've still not done the raid yet and i don't think there's been a single week where i completed all the milestones. Some weeks I've just done the flashpoint on one character and no other play time. For me, Destiny 2 problems aren't the loot boxes and light levels. It's just not hooking me in. We played the first to death, and when there was nothing left to do we'd still knock out the nightfalls/Crota/VoG each week for fun. There's nothing in Destiny 2 that keeps me coming back. I'll jump on on a Tuesday with a buddy to knock out the flashpoint and maybe a spot of crucible, more for the social side/out of habit rather than playing the game. I'm pretty sure at this point i was putting more time in Destiny in a week than I've put in on my alts in the past 3 months. There's just something 'missing' from Destiny 2.
  3. Destiny 2

    I've been slacking in my Destiny playing lately but we jumped on for the new DLC. Took us about 3 hours to complete the story missions so it's definitely bigger than the old The Dark Below/House of Wolves expansions. Ended up at level 23 and power 308. I've not really looked into much of it other than the new story but it looks like the raid scales with the new DLC now rather than being left behind like VoG and CE. Leviathan is now 300 for normal and 330 for hard. There's also heroic strikes again and a powerful engram reward for completing 3 each week. I'm pretty sleepy so i'll look more into it during the week.

    94 is out of my league! I'm sitting on 3 Platinums, Bloodborne, Destiny and Life is Strange and 3 100% that don't give out a Platinum if we include DLC in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Sky Force Anniversary and Destiny: The Taken King. I'm tempted to go back and Platinum Niar: Automata just because of how close i was to getting there. I appreciate the vote of confidence but the problem with some of Sine Mora EX trophies is the same i have with a lot of games. They are a grind for the sake of a grind. One of them involves playing for 24 hours. It's a fun game and it will definitely get my attention for a bit longer. Even if it is fairly short there's a bunch to do. But there's not 24 hours worth of content in it for me and so at that point i'm playing it for hours just for the sake of it. Still, i'll probably push on and get a couple more of the trophies just because of so few people actually completing them. I'm pretty close to one, and another doesn't seem unachievable.

    Ended up buying Sine Mora EX in the PS sale to continue on that shoot em up kick. The basic story mode on normal difficulty is fairly easy, i completed it in one sitting and it's less than 2 hours. Anything past that though and it can get insanely tough. The health and time mechanic is pretty good. You get more time for killing enemies, you loose time for getting hit, timer reaches zero and you die. Doesn't sound too hard but on some of the later levels and bosses on higher difficulty things get incredibly tight. You can also slow down time for a limited amount too. I took a look at some of the trophies, holy hell! It's only got 12 and no platinum but 8 of those 12 trophies has a 1% or less completion rate. They range from massively grindy to the damn near impossible at my current skill level.
  6. Destiny 2

    There are no dead ghosts to collect in Destiny 2 like there was in the original. There are scanable objects hidden around the world but you don't get any gear or rewards from them, it's just story. No hidden quests either. Unless i'm blanking on something everything is achievable just buy playing the game.
  7. Destiny 2

    I got a bag of dicks out of the factions this time. Last months netted me a full set of Warlock Dead Orbit gear. This time around i hit max level for New Monarchy on the Hunter and Future War Cult on the Titan. Multiple pieces of everything except no chest for the Hunter and no Mark for the Titan. As i understand it, this is the last time this set of gear is on offer and there will be a new set for season 2. Crazy that Bungie don't let you keep farming gear, it's not like it's max light so it's useless for infusion, i just wanted a complete set. The only saving grace is i did get a full set of the Playstation exclusive Titan gear from all the engrams.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Might have to grab a couple of those that i haven't played for years. Any experience with Sine Mora EX? It looks like it might scratch that itch too and it's on sale on the UK PS Store at the moment.

    I 100%ed something! Ok, so it didn't have a platinum trophy but it counts anyway, right? I'm not much of a trophy hunter and i rarely hit 100% in anything. It was Sky Force Anniversary which was free on PS+ for October. I love a good old fashioned vertical or side scrolling shoot em up so gave it a shot when it went free. Anyway, by the time i beat it i was only missing 2 (somewhat grindy) trophies so i stuck with it to get them. Any other decent PS4 games along those lines to continue re-living my childhood arcade days? It's a shame R-Type that's free this month isn't compatible on the PS4 or i'd go back and play that.
  10. Destiny 2

    We got disconnected from the Crucible 3 games in a row. And it was taking a while to find teams. I can be 305 on my Titan now once I've equipped some mods and i'm just missing a 305 cloak on the Hunter. I might actually hit max light on all 3 characters before the expansion with RNGs blessing.
  11. Destiny 2

    My biggest problem with 4v4 is that games are lasting soooo long. I can probably count on one hand how many matches actually reach the score limit before the time limit. Fortunately Bungie announced in the next patch (this week? I forget) that they are adjusting the scores and times in versions crucible game modes to speed things up a bit. I hated 4v4 in the beta but now the games here I don't mind it. It probably helps that for whatever reasons, I'm a lot better at Destiny 2 crucible than I was at Destiny. Whether that's because there's less people shooting at me or the changes to weapons and abilities, or a combination of both, I don't know. The biggest complaints I see are about how limited it is right now. Only 2 playlists, no custom games and no end game light enabled modes. Everything Destiny had is gone at the moment in Destiny 2. As for the Reddit comment The Vile One posted, that seems to be a complaint people have game wide generally and not just about the Crucible. Strikes and patrols and 3 man, crucible is 4 and the raid is 6. There's no consistency. You can't jump from one activity to another without either recruiting more people or splitting up your group. Also, the Osiris trailer looks awesome. I'm hoping they've learned their lessons from The Dark Below and House of Wolves and this is more extensive than 4 missions, a strike and a raid. I'm not expecting The Taken King or Rise of Iron sized yearly expansions for this but a little more to do wouldn't hurt.
  12. Destiny 2

    Wild speculation but I'm calling it now, season 2 will be on Dec 12. Destiny 2 first expansion is coming in December. The Dark Below was released on the 9th for Destiny and this is the closest Tuesday to it. Season 2 is called The Dawning which was the Christmas event last year I believe. Plus that's 3 months after Destiny 2 dropped. 4 seasons, one every 3 months makes sense. I'm guessing we get one more faction rally and one more Iron Banner in November. Unless they change the drop rates I'm thinking there will be a lot of angry people again unable to complete a set of gear if it's changed when season 2 starts. With seasons being handled by the live team we should at least get some good quality of life improvements since they were responsible for the bulk of them towards the end of the original Destiny. Correct me if I'm wrong but 'The Taken Spring' as people called it and Rise of Iron were all down to the live team and probably the best year Destiny had. I'm not expecting huge things for the next few season since they will be very much tied down by the next 2 expansions though.
  13. Destiny 2

    The Trials cheating is people DDoSing members on the other team. It's pretty easy to detect even without Bungie. If you look at someones profile on a site like destinytracker or something and a teams gone flawless without any kills, or only a couple of kills per game, they cheated. I'm sure Bungie have a more technical way of detecting it. They've banned the offenders for 2 weeks but then cancelled Trials for two weeks anyway and people are understandably annoyed since the ban means nothing then. I'd guess Bungie will probably just extend the bans for 2 weeks after Trials returns. But people like to complain so until they confirm something, people will continue to moan about it. As for glitches, as far as i know they cant detect when people glitch. The 2 biggest ones in Destiny 2 have been the bureaucratic walk emote that was sold last week. You could use it to step back and glitch through a wall and shoot out of it but people couldn't shoot you. The other was during week two of Trials where you could go out of bounds on the map and kill people, but again, they couldn't kill you. To deal with the people going out of bounds they just changed the map that week. I guess the emote is a bigger problem so they've cancelled Trials for 2 weeks until they fix it.
  14. Destiny 2

    And Bungie being Bungie, they banned Trails cheaters for 2 weeks a few days ago and now they are taking Trials away for two weeks. That'll teach those dastardly cheaters!
  15. Destiny 2

    Yeah they really mishandled the Iron Banner this time. I'm not sure what they consider 'end game' anymore. Because the tokens you get from former end game content like the raid/trials/banner don't improve you. Weirdly, on the first day and last day of the Iron Banner if you were already 300 without mods saladins gear dropped at 300 so you could farm it for infusion fodder but the rest of the week it was the typical 296ish drops which were completely pointless. And on my alts who are below max light the drops were always lower than my level making it a waist of time playing on those characters unless i really wanted a shot at that ridiculously low chance of armour. There's nothing wrong with the token system as a support to main drops, but it's crazy that it's replaced it. I think they need to fix a few things if they want people to come back for season 2. Guaranteed items for sale at Saladin below your light, 2 pieces of armour, 2 guns, just like the old Banner. Maybe charge 40 tokens and 40 shards for them. Keep the token system in place so you can grind other gear if you want below your level. Then add maybe 2 luminous engrams in there. One for rank 5 and one for rank 10. With those few changes, no one can power level from it (Bungie seems to not want people to do that). You''re guaranteed some gear like the old Banners. And your guaranteed a limited amount of high light gear like old Banners. And if you still want to grind for stuff at that point the token system is in place instead of end match rewards.