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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out and how soon it has an affect on the game. Most people are quick to blame Activision when there’s a bad decision made in Destiny. With Bungies ‘hands being tied’ with Microsoft for Halo and Activision with Destiny will this be their first major attempt at a solo project this large? I’m unfamiliar with their history outside of those 2 titles. I’m guessing nothing drastically changes until at least the September DLC. Possibly not until Destiny 3. I’d think the current plan for the annual pass continues as is. Whether that’s a good thing or not is debatable. I’m torn on the Black Armoury, ridiculous puzzle aside, for the cost it’s a decent amount of content. But it’s not the content I’d have liked. We’ll see how the next season goes down
  2. The idea behind it is fine, and like you say it worked before. But i think they took it too far this time. As far as I remember the content in Forsaken that was locked behind the raid was a new mission and strike. The thing there is it was additional, unannounced extras unlocked from an activity (the new raid) that is aimed at a larg part of the player base. Granted it’s nearly always going to be a big streamer clan that beats it but any well organised team can make progress. With Black Armoury they announced the date the forth Forge was coming, then locked it behind an unannounced puzzle. A puzzle with no check points that wipes you after each failed attempt and you have to start from the beginning again. And unlike the raid the puzzle was clearly aimed at streamers. They hyped it up as a ‘worlds first’ attempt and linked to twitch so you could choose what streamer you watched attempt it. They never had any intention of casual players beating that thing, yet it blocked those majority of players from doing an activity that was announced for that day. I think these extra puzzles and challenges they put in are great. The original Sleeper Stimulant quest, The SIVA exotic from Wrath of Machines etc. Just the execution of it this time was way off. Add more of this stuff, it’s interesting to watch it unfold and figured out. But don’t lock 25% of the content of an expansion behind it next time.
  3. So after 27 hours of failed attempts Bungie just acknowledged that locking the last forge behind a puzzle was a bad idea. They will be unlocking it for everyone at 2pm pacific time today. The puzzle still remains for anyone (streamers) crazy enough to want to endure it but the forge is now available for everyone who had already paid for it.
  4. Yeah it absolutely is. From the looks of it some people have been streaming 20+ hours now trying to figure it out. It’s still not been beaten. It’s kind of crappy of Bungie to lock content, that we’ve already paid for, behind something clearly not designed for the normal player. And while they are not sitting there holding a gun to the streamers heads and forcing them to play you’ve got to think this is what they intended to happen. At some point it’s just not healthy for these people to still be playing after all these hours.
  5. So in an uncharacteristic show of generosity RNG blessed me with both pieces of 650 gear i needed in the first 2 powerful engrams i opened. For the first time in Destiny 2 i am max light. I fired up the Titan and knocked out the first mission. Once he hits level 50 and has access to the 650 guns it shouldn't take too long to hit max light on him too. In other news, it looks like there's some sort of words first race going on right now to unlock a new force. I've not really looked into it much but it seems there's some sort of puzzle challenge that needs to be figured out before the new forge becomes available. Once a team has beaten it the forge will be available for everyone, much like what happened with new content after the Forsaken raid was beaten.
  6. I've ended the week on 649 just needing boots and a bond to hit 650. This is Destiny after all so i expect that those 2 items will take weeks.... Hopefully this means i'll be starting on one of the alts at some point this week. Am i right in thinking tomorrow is Shattered Thrown week too? Looking forward to doing that again.
  7. Purchased my first Ada mod today, and got the Dragonfly spec. The hunt continues for that god roll of a weapon. I will settle for nothing less than a scout rifle or hand cannon with outlaw and dragonfly now! I'll look into it later to see what weapons can actually drop with those rolls to narrow down the chase. In other news, i'm sitting on 646 and i got my first 650 piece of gear from a Prime Engram. I've still got a bunch of powerful rewards to do on my Warlock over the weekend. I still need to finish unlocking the 3rd forge since i want a crack at that pulse rifle this week too.
  8. Fair enough, I’ll be happy with what I got then! I need to take a look sometime at what rolls are available on things so I know what to be chasing.
  9. Got a pretty decent roll on the forge hand cannon today, dropped at 649 with Outlaw and Explosive Payload. Not the Outlaw/Dragonfly i dream of but maybe a close runner up. Aside from that i knocked out a bunch of powerful rewards that left me sitting on 645.5. I've still got maybe another 8 or so powerful rewards to complete this week too so i should be pretty close to max light by the end of the week, with RNGs blessing. Then it's time to actually start sorting through all the crap I've kept and find rolls on armour i want to infuse up. And start on the alts. Should go a little easier once i do actually start on them, once they hit level 50 i can start using all the 645+ weapons on them and drag their total light up to a respectable level.
  10. Played a little yesterday morning and completed the forge hand cannon (with a terrible roll). I did get the forge exotic bow to drop though, it’s pretty fun although not as over powered as Thorn used to be. Haven't had chance to play since the weekly reset but I got a lot more in last week than usual so I’ve already got enough bounties finished to complete Ikori and the clans weekly milestone. Along with almost enough to do one the dreaming city and forge weekly bounties. I’m sitting on 641 now, inching ever closer to max light.
  11. Ah, so you don't have to go through the whole process again once you've unlocked the initial frame for a weapon? That's not too bad. I got a half decent scout drop from the end of a forge earlier, triple tap and explosive rounds. Still not my dream role on anything. I guess it wouldn't be Destiny if it wasn't super grindy. Finished off the Dawning sparrow quest now and took a quick look at what my highest light could be, i'm sitting at 640 now. Although most of that is with gear i wouldn't really use. Once i hit 650 it's time to decide if i start grinding for perfect gear to infuse or dust off one of the alts.
  12. Am i missing something with the forges? I've unlocked the forge on Neesus now and working on unlocking wherever this Vex quest is taking me but i'm not really seeing much return from all this effort. For a couple extra Powerful Rewards each week the weapon frame quests are real grindy and I've not really got anything good from them apart from a fancy paint scheme on a few guns. Am i just having bad luck with the ol' RNG or is there something specific i'm meant to be looking out for here? Aide from that, i'm sitting at around 634 now. I've gone up about 50 levels in a month and with RNGs blessing it wont be too long before i hit max light for the first time in Destiny 2 i believe. I'm about 20 gifts away from finishing the Dawning sparrow quest too so i'll probably try and find some time to finish that up. I have put together a full set of Dawning gear for my Warlock now, to go along with last years set and the other Eververse warlock armour. I collect too much crap.
  13. I'm still hunting that elusive Dragonfly/Outlaw roll on a scout rifle, the Firefly/Outlaw combo was always my go to weapon in Destiny 1. I did get a god roll of a rocket launcher the other day. Dropping with Tracking and Cluster Bombs. It's basically a Hunger of Crota and the closest thing i'll probably ever get to a Gjallarhorn in Destiny 2.
  14. So i am so far behind with this game it's insane. There's so much shit to do now it feels a bit overwhelming. After beating the Forsaken story and finally beating the Whisper of the Worm mission we kind of stopped playing for a while aside from the odd session to knock out a few weekly things for a bit of gear. Jumped back on when the new expansion dropped only to find that we basically couldn't play it due to the light level requirement of the Forge. I think this is the first time Bungie have set a level requirement higher than what normal people with casual playing could reach for an expansion. A dick move Bungie. So over the past 2 weeks we power levelled the hell out of our mains. I've gone from around 570 to 621 now. The 600 light kinetic from the Halloween event helped a lot since it dragged up the average light of gear quite a bit. Aside from the standard weekly and daily powerful gear rewards from stuff like strikes and gambit we jumped into our first Well. It's not as much fun as Escalation Protocol, feels a lot more repetitive but it's also a hell of a lot easier to do undermanned. Even the heroic level 3 wasn't that hard. Though i imagine that was a different story when it first dropped and everyone was underlevelled. Along the way we discovered something called The Shattered Throne that we've been missing out on. This might be my new favourite Destiny thing! sucks that it's time gated to once every 3 weeks because it's finally what we wanted since Prison and Challenge of the Eldars was a thing. End game content you don't need 6 people for. As a 2 man team at around high 590s/low 600s it was challenging enough with the high level enemies and mechanics but never really feeling like we needed a 3rd. I also like that all the mechanics in there are a gear check and more skill based than the normal 'stand 6 people in 6 different places, shoot boss' mechanics that most of the raids seem to have become. The first run took us about 90mins to figure out and get through. I'd love if each expansion came with something like this. Leave it time gated to once every 3 weeks but give each expansion one so there's 1 for each week. Give solo and small group players challenging end game content that doesn't require playing with randoms. Anyway, after beating it for the first time and getting a new quest we jumped back in to get it done a second time before the reset locking us out for 3 weeks. This time we had to google the mechanics for the quest. Who's figuring this stuff out! it's insane. The second encounter with the new quest mechanics seriously jumped up the difficulty level but we still (barely) managed to beat it with the 2 of us. After all of the power levelling i was sitting at around 615 with gear i'd actually use and 620 as my highest. Turns out that's just enough to beat the first forge. So I've now unlocked even more stuff to do on top of all the old stuff i haven't yet done.
  15. A little late to the party since we couldn't jump on until Friday. We then proceeded to drop about 15 hours into this over 2 days and haven't even finished the story yet. So much stuff to do. I'm sitting on level 507 at the moment. We got about half way into the story then started doing a bunch of milestones since we wont get chance to do them before the reset so might as well take advantage of the while we can. There seems to be a near endless supply of activities for 'powerful gear'. I hit 500 pretty quick which seems to be a soft cap, i'm guessing there's several more along the way or it would be way to easy to hit 600. The collections is a real good idea. I can basically purge my entire vault and fill it with new gear with random rolls that i will obsess over and be afraid to delete in case it one day becomes relevant. Gambit is a ton of fun. I imagine it's pure hell as a solo player going up against a full team but all 3 games we played were against teams of randoms. Were undefeated so far, haven't event dropped a round! Exotics seem to be incredibly rare? Not a single drop yet and as i understand it, Xur wont be having Forsaken exotics in his Fated Engrams. Feels like Destiny 1 again when you were actually excited for one to drop, event he bad ones. We didn't play much during the last expansion and never got a chance to do a full Escalation Protocol. We knocked out 2 level 7 in a row with a bunch of randoms that jumped in. Absolute insanity and one of my favourite parts of the game now. Played 2 of the new strikes while doing bounties and milestones. The one based in the prison is great fun. Loved all the call backs to to PoE and CoE. House of Wolves was always one of my favourites because it was 3 man end game content instead of 6, Much easier to put a team together. Am i being blind or cant you access old raids? I'm guessing they unlock again when you finish the Forsaken story? Or have them moved them on the Director and i just cant find them? I'll be trying to finish off the story when i get chance over the next few days. Then the grind begins!
  16. Goddamn it i'm back in the game. Me and a friend grinded the crap out of the 400 light gear quest over the past week or so, complaining all the way, then dropped £80 on the expansion and annual pass like good little Bungie fanboys. We're part of the problem! In other news, Destiny 2 base game is now free on PS Plus. It's Septembers game but already available. That's some super villain level genius on Bungies part. Anyone that gets hooked has potentially £115 worth of DLC available to buy.
  17. I am massively behind with this game. I've not played in about a month and even then it was just logging on, knocking out a milestone or two and logging off. I've still not completed an Escalation Protocol or any raid in Destiny 2, i'm not max light yet, i think i've done 1 Iron Banner and 1 Faction event this season and now there's a new expansion coming in a month. On top of that this whisper stuff pops up. Anyway, we jumped on to give it a try. A public event was about to start on IO so we jumped in, and pretty much got straight into the portal. Spent our first attempt working out the jumping puzzle. Figured it out but ran out of time. Attempt 2 has better results, we get through the maze, take out the first wave and almost the second but run out of time. Aaaaand then not a single eligible public event for the rest of the night. Who thought that was a good idea? Granted it's better than the randomness of the original Black Spindle quest, having to wait for a daily heroic, but a timed event, locked behind a random event, to unlock a timed event is not my idea of fun and isn't really going to draw me back into the game..
  18. Shadows Die Twice and a free Life is Strange game? i'm loving this so far.
  19. So it took me 33 hours across 2 weeks but i beat Dark Souls: Remastered. For a mostly blind play through i'm pretty happy with that. I'd previously played through the first few areas ages ago, and i had to google how to access the DLC (because why would that be straight forward!) but other than that, it was just good old fashioned exploring. I'm sure i missed a whole bunch of quests and after looking it up post game i missed 2 optional bosses but other than that, it was a good playthrough. Having already beat Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 multiple times, and Dark Souls 2 once, i actually found the combat fairly easy to get into (by Dark Souls standards). It's a lot slower than BB and DS3 giving you a lot more thinking time. There were a few bosses that i thought where a little unfair or badly designed (i'm looking at you Bed of Chaos) but on the whole the main game bosses and combat was easy to step back into after spending so many hours in the other games. The DLC on the other hand was suitably brutal as all FromSoft DLC seems to be. The final 2 bosses kicked my ass for a good long while before finally going down. On the whole, i'd say it's got the easiest combat of the series but the hardest world. If that makes sense? The later games tend to hold your hand a little more and aim you in the right directing. This one has so many different ways to go, so many different types of upgrade materiel and items that playing the game itself is a lot harder than the later games. The remaster it's self? i know it's getting some hate because of how similar it is to the original but it's a remaster not a remake. It's just a prettier looking version of the original with a higher, stable, frame rate.
  20. I've not really enjoyed a raid/end game since PoE. From King's Fall onward they've just gotten more and more mechanic heavy. I'm fine with a challenge and team work but the final bosses for the last few raids have just gotten to the point where unless you have a perfect run you cant beat them. Crota might be a bad example since you could cheese pretty much the entire raid and solo Crota himself fairly simply. Plus with the way melee and swords worked in Destiny 1 the higher light you were the more damage you did to him. Still, i enjoyed being able to knock out a 2 man of Crota in about 15-20 mins. Skolas gets a lot of hate but it i enjoyed it mainly because it was 3 player instead of 6. We have 3 good players and never really struggled with it. But when we tried to carry a different person through it became a nightmare. I can only imagine the hell LFGs went through. King's Fall was fine up until the Oryx fight. That was the start of Bungies decent into insisting the final raid boss was needlessly complicated. Wraith of the Machines i only played 3 times and beat twice. It was a fun raid up until the last boss. Beating it twice was enough to know i didn't really want to go through it again even though the whole thing only took about an hour. I've not beaten any of the Destiny 2 raids yet. I played the Leviathan the week it came out and we did the first encounter massively under levelled before deciding we needed to gear up. The second is the closest I've come to beat, played it twice and got to the final boss twice. But it's another example of an overly complicated final boss only this time it's got a crap tone of health on top. I've not tried the new one yet. Vault of Glass is still my favourite raid. It was mechanic heavy but it didn't require a full team for every encounter. A good team could make up for a lack of players. The newer raids almost force mechanics on you that need a minimum of 4/5/6 people. VoG is still the perfect level of difficulty and mechanics for me. I would play the crap out of Escalation Protocol if it was a self contained thing like Prison of Elders rather than a public event requiring complete luck to not only get a team of people but to get a decent team of people. I love hoard modes, another reason why i liked Skolas, but like you say, Bungie managed to screw it up. Just make it like they did the Prison. An easy version with matchmaking and a harder version where you need your own team.
  21. Power levelled the hell out of my Titan. In 2 sessions he's gone from 335 to completing the Warmind DLC and being 358. I dumped all the 360ish weapons from my main on him, brought my way to 345ish armour using tokens on various vendors then popped a few milestones for powerful engrams. All 3 of my characters are of similar level now ranging from 358-362. So even weapons dropping on my alts should be half decent light. I finished off the Sleeper Simulant quest and collected all the memory fragments to finish off another exotic quest. Aside from part 5 of the Nascent Dawn quest and a couple of adventures it's on to the max light grind.
  22. Got a solid session in yesterday. My Warlock is 362 now and my Hunter is 359. We did our first Prestige Nightfall and it was surprisingly easy. We set it to Solar Burn and Heavyweight and everything in there just got melted. The boss on it's 3rd stage went down in about 5 seconds. The whole thing took less time than the regular Nightfalls usually do. Finished Nascent Dawn 4/5 after a bit of a grind. Did a whole crap load of Escalation Protocols. We got to level 5 a few times but couldn't get it done. At least it was burning through the steps for some quests i had active. Level 4 is absolutely insane. We had 2 Hunters with bows in there and with so many enemies constantly spawning and making orbs the entire round was just people firing off supers. Weirdly level 2 still feels the hardest. That damn Wizard just has so much health unless you've got 6 people in there it just seems impossible to do the DPS. I think if we were higher light we'd have had a shot at the level 5 but at that point the enemy level jumps up too and we just couldn't take or deal out enough damage. Interestingly, and i'd never seen this happen before, if an Escalation Protocol starts the same time as a Public Event it merges the 2 activities and you have to complete the Heroic version of the public event, while fighting off Hive bosses within, i think, 4 mins. It happened to us twice yesterday, once for the drill and once for the warsat. Going to try and get the Titan through the story missions today and then work on some nodes to progress that quest.
  23. I'm back! I've missed the conversation since Warmind dropped so i'm a little behind! A few points and observations before we get back into this thing proper. The story mode, typical Bungie, it's enjoyable but too short. Kind of cheap making the 2 longer missions count as the 2 new strikes as well. Despite playing a bunch of Heroic Strikes the PS exclusive hasn't popped up yet. Speaking of strikes. The Heroics are now harder than the Nightfalls. They have modifiers and are light 350, the Nightfall is just a harder strike now with no modifiers and light 270. That seems like an unusual decision unless there's something i'm missing. Escalation Protocol, holy crap is that hard! we are massively under levelled for it at around 350, it's enemies are 370-380. We managed to get to the 3rd event once before failing, turns out there's 7 all together. I honestly didn't expect the new end game patrol content to actually be end game after how easy Court of Oryx and Archons Forge was. Looks like there's a bunch of collectables and quests this time around that have been rewarding new weapons. We tried a raid for the first time in forever! Not the new one but we went back to Eater of Worlds since we'd done a bit of it before. Didn't get it done but got to the final boss and actually got some half decent loot too. The raid grenade launcher and gauntlets. Along with a powerful engram. Not bad since we didn't kill the final boss. Our problem was we couldn't do enough damage, we were trying to 5 man it, but the gear seems to help. The gauntlets i got increase all damage by 20% in a raid after a melee kill. Other gear seems to have slimier perks. So if it stacks it should make damaging the boss, and the adds, so much easier. I don't like that they've reduced the amount of powerful engrams you can get each week making that grind to max light even worse. Clan engrams are no longer powerful, they are just regular legendaries, and exotic engrams don't drop at a higher light anymore, rather they just drop at the same level as a normal legendary. All in all though it's got me hooked again for a bit, especially if we can get a some what consistent raid group going again.
  24. My 2 month long Bloodborne binge is over so we jumped back on today to prepare for the coming DLC. 6v6 Iron Banner is a lot of fun. Despite not really playing for a few months i was consistently getting 20+ kills and finished top of the board quite a few times. I think i'll find i hard to go back to regular 4v4 crucible. All in all it feels like a much faster paced game. Multiple super uses in each match. More enemies so more engagements. The new heavy ammo economy works quite well, not as much ammo from the pick ups but enemies now drop their heavy if you kill them. Saladin is very trigger happy with the mercy rule now. We played maybe 7 or 8 games and 3 ended in a mercy. Before you could be quadrupling their score and Shaxx would let you keep on beating on people. Either way, i got the last 2 pieces of Hunter IB gear so if new armour drops in season 3 i'm not missing anything. We also knocked out a Nightfall. Not much to report on that side of things. I don't know if they've buffed Knights shields but they seemed to be popping them up and healing faster than i could kill them. Maybe i'm just out of practice. I've not really watched anything from the new DLC. This will be the first time since the original Destiny where i am going in nearly blind. Aside from the initial teaser trailer i don't know anything about it. Actually looking forward to playing on Tuesday for the first time in a long time!
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