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  1. I just bought a retro hasbro style ring. I plan to keep it in the box and sell it on eBay in a few years.
  2. @Hoarr that picture defines the internet and the things I love about America. It's meta.
  3. Ok I am going to ebay to buy a PS4 just so I can play free Fort Nite. I have heard nothing but good things about it. I think the building aspect is a clever gimmick.
  4. No, the missing gems are becase Ric Flair lost them in divorce court. He had to barter something to keep a rack full of bedazzled women's robes.
  5. About that instagram, In the immortal words of Ron Simmons.... "Damn!"
  6. Please do not start a title with Coah Died. It made me double take.
  7. I took the default guy and drew on him. We had a default avatar a few boards ago. I like zartan's av and all the comic book ones. one. I usually do a futurama av but that gimmick is already taken here lol.
  8. I'm going to download this shitshow as soon as it's over. A 50 man battle royal? Yes please. I don't care if they are performing for an oil billionaire king. It could be worse, it could be in North Korea.
  9. If.there is a 30 woman rumble without Foxy that will be a crime.
  10. Aiden English is the prototypical Medieval Times entertainer. His next job should be playing the green knight if wrestling does not work out.
  11. I hope we get some story progression and it's not just filler. Then again the Rumble is weeks away so it will probably be filler. I hope they do something good with the 205ers and the women tonight. Maybe give them time to have a great match. Every week I hope for a Neville comeback and also that Enzo is featured less.
  12. Theres only about 20 women on Raw and SD, I guess the others will come from NXT?
  13. The day of a Raw ppv is always exciting. The day of a SD ppv is always me thinking of things to do to get out of watching the show. I think I have some socks that need folding.
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